Ao Wok Tum Beach, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide
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Ao Wok Tum Beach

Koh Phangan Beaches Guide

Ao Wok Tum Beach, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide Whith a charming and quaint village, Ao Wok Tum being the southern part of the wide bay on Koh Panagan's west coast is one of the more quiet beaches on the island. Located away from the moon parties and music festivals, Ao Wok Tum will give you a chance to experience the real Thailand with a more laid back and sleepy lifestyle in with stunning sunsets and views of the Angtong Marine park in the distance.

Merging with Ao Hin Kong on the North, most of Ao Wok Tum area remains largely undeveloped with a scattering of property, houses of local residents and holiday villas. The main road runs along the shore in 10 metres from the beach with mangrove and rare coconut trees that are giving the place a real untouched feel. Face directly to the West, the beach has a good dose of Thai restaurants and bars line the road are an ideal spots for sunset goers.

There are a number hotels and bungalows offer accommodations during any period in a bohemian and tranquil location, a some with direct beach access mainly at the southern end of Ao Wok Tum. A some expats have made their home in Wok Tum and there are a few luxury villas for sale or available to rent. Despite some of the resorts closed at low season, you can still find everything that you need in Wok Tum.
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How to Get to Ao Wok Tum

How to Get to Ao Wok TumAo Wok Tum Beach is situated between Ao Hin Kong and Ao Plai Laem beaches 10 min drive from Thong Sala port. If coming from the south (Thongsala), pass Tharathip resort and turn to the left.

Taxi fare should be 100 baht/per one way. Around the bay area you also can rent a motorbike or car.

Ao Wok Tum Beach Facilities

Ao Wok Tum Beach Facilities A major facilities including sunbeds, swimming pools, beach umbrellas, showers and toilets are located in a some beach hotels and resorts.

Several beachside restaurants and bars provide sun-chairs for their guests. There are ATMs, petrol station and hospital in Baan Wok Tum village as well as local minimarts.


Ao Wok Tum Beach Restaurants & Food

Haad Yao Beach Restaurants & Food Ao Wok Tum has an interesting location, especially when it comes to food. There are plenty of simple and small local restaurants here and there including on the seashore itself.

These beachfront restaurants are popular with visitors largely because of their superb location. Such restaurants include Happiness restaurant, Angel's Bay for fresh seafood, fish and wood fired pizzas lovers, or JJ restaurant which serves fresh smoothies and delicious Thai food. Also worth a visit The Jam Pub with life music.


Ao Wok Tum Activities & Attractions

Haad Yao beach Activities There is not much to do there. Rare to see people swimming in Ao Wok Tum. This is the working beach with a small fishing pier at southern end of the bay. The coral reef lies about 300 metres off the beach so forget about snorkeling. Renting a longtail boat for fishing squid is a very nice way to spend the day. If you enjoy long walks, set off towards the north end of the beach to explore the mangroves. Some resorts offer for a guests a range of recreational programs: highly recommended is Thai Massage and boat tours.

Relax and think about good. Spend your day basking in the sun and frolicking in the sand with friends and family; Even though there is very little by way of development here, there’s always the beautiful sunset to view from the beach.

If you are interested in Buddhism there are some Wats (temples) in Ao Wok Tum area. It's such temples as: Wat Phu Khao Noi, Wat Ampawa and Wat Samai Kongka, all of them worth to visit.



Hotels Right on The Beach

- Tharathip Resort Koh Phangan
- Sea Scene Resort
- OK Bungalows

All Hotels in Ao Wok Tum beach

All Hotels in Ao Wok Tum beach Ao Wok Tum is the perfect place where you can take a break
and enjoying the chilled tropical vibe with the nature. This part of the island primarily occupied by the houses of local residents and long-term travelers, so here it is problematic to find a place to stay meets all your needs, but in Wok Tum beach there are a handful of cheap hotels and bungalows, mainly as a below-average providing sufficient peace and quiet.


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