Koh Phangan Temples & Shrines - Koh Phangan Attractions
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Koh Phangan Temples & Shrines

Koh Phangan Attractions

Koh Phangan Temples & Shrines - Koh Phangan AttractionsForeign influences may come and go but Koh Phangan's Temples and Shrines represent a touchstone, both religiously and culturally. The centres of the Thai community, locals frequent them to maintain ties with their past as each of the island's temples has a story to tell about Koh Phangan's history.

Wats (temples in Thai) in the island are always worth a visit, from the one hidden in a forest to the huge Chinese Temple, a visit to Koh Phangan would not be complete without exploring few of these sacred refuges. Most temples and shrines can be found around south coast of Koh Phanan, but some are difficult to find or have very little touristic interest unless you are a Buddhist.

Undoubtedly you already know that you have to dress respectfully and remove your shoes (and cap) before stepping into and making a donation even small is a nice gesture and ultimately, it is good for you. The best way to see most of the temples and shrines of Koh Phangan it is just rent a motorbike and ride around the island, you will surely find many interesting Wats.
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Wat Phu Khao Noi
Wat Samai Kongka Temple
Wat Phu Khao Noi Wat Phu Khao Noi (or Small Mountain Temple) is primarily known due to the fact that it is the oldest temple and the Buddhist Meditation Centre in Koh Phangan. Located on a small hill not far from Wat Ampawa, North of Thongsala Read more... Wat Samai Kongka TempleWat Samai Kongka is without doubt one of the most weirdly temples in Koh Phangan island. Located just past the Koh Phangan Hospital, it offers a journey through Buddhist Heaven and Hell. Wat Samai Kongka is indeed one-of-a-kind Read more...
The Chinese Temple
Wat Pha Sang Tham
Soi Krung ThaiThe Chinese Temple Guan Yin is the largest and most visited temple in Koh Phangan. You cannot miss the temple' complex set on the hill as you will drive by when arriving to Ao Chaloklum. This temple is dedicated to goddess of mercy Read more... Wat Pha Sang ThamWat Pha Sang Tham, also know as Pah Saeng Dhamma is located next to the Phangan's Chinese Temple is well worth a visit if only for this reason. Interesting for its Buddha statues and saints images, the temple set right Read more...
Wat Maduea Wan
Wat Srithanu
Wat Maduea WanWat Maduea Wan is very revered temle among ordinary residents. 'Maduea' is the leaf of special kind of tree. According to the legend, in this place many centuries ago Buddha left his footprint.
Wat SrithanuWat Srithanu, the only temple in Sri Thanu beach. One of the smaller but attractive temples on Koh Phangan, it is easily accessible from Srithanu village by walk and worth a visit, and a photo

Wat Pho and Herbal Sauna

Than Prawet Waterfall A very popular Buddhist landmark as both locals and foreigners, Wat Pho is a famous temple in Koh Phangan island. Located ten minutes ride from Thongsala in Baan Tai area, the temle has traditional Thai Herbal sauna where you can regenerate your body and mind after the moon parties. Locals and many tourists come here to improve their health, energy and positive emotions. To strengthen the result helps a traditional Thai massage.

Here you can feel the difference between West and East, and at the same time to enjoy a wonderful healing properties of Thai herbs. A herbs for this steamy monks are mixed according to ancient recipes of Thai medicine. These include lemongrass, turmeric, Jasmine and many other healing and relaxing components. Lemongrass, for example, has the ability Than Prawet Waterfall to nourish the skin, tamarind relieves itching and irritation, and tumeric prevents any skin infection. Traditional Herbal Sauna in Thailand used to treat diseases of the internal organs and skin, and created the aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on human health and uplifting.

The temle itself features a some old structures and Coral Pagoda made entirely of their corals. Today due to erosion it has only half. Very interesting architecture of religious buildings, made with a wood. This style is more typical for Burmese monasteries.

Opening hours: Wat Pho Temple in Koh Phangan is open to the public saunas from 15:00 to 18:00 daily
Price: 50 Baht for sauna. A Thai massage 150 baht/hour. These funds are a donation to the temple, which has a sauna. If desired, each person can donate a large sum, for which local monks will be very grateful
Location: Baan Tai beach area near the road leading to Thong Nai Pan

Wat Ampawan

Wat Ampawan is close to Wat Phu Khao Noi, halfway to Wok Tum beach. There are a lot of statues of monks, there is even the Buddha foot print in tempe. And this is different from other temples of Koh Phangan, where there are only statues of Buddha.
Location: Baan Wok Tum village

Chinese Shrine (Kwan U) in Thongsala

Chinese Shrine in Thongsala With dragons images, mythical birds, fishes and a colourful altar, a small Chinese shrine is located in east surburb of Thong Sala and it's features lots the colourful carved dragons, traditional Chinese pictures, plus a distinctive red, gold and green color theme. There is a colorful altar inside with artistic pictures of various Chinese deities and a relic is very popular with local Chinese community.

Location: the east side of Thon Sala town, near Siam Healing Centre

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