Ao Nai Wok Beach, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide
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Ao Nai Wok Beach

Koh Phangan Beaches Guide

Ao Nai Wok Beach, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide With a picturesque views of Koh Tae Nai & Noi islands, Ao Nai Wok is the nearest beach located just to the North from Thong Sala. The beach has beautifully clear water, lots of greenery with plenty of shade and features lovely sandy stretch and good snorkeling spots off the neighboring islets.

Backed by hotels, a handful of restaurants and bars, it also hosts of watersport operator (sailing is especially popular) but its chief attraction is that there are no big waves, rocks or corals and form south the beach are protected by sandy spit, so it's ideal for families.
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How to Get Nai Wok beach

How to Get Nai Wok beachAo Nai Wok Beach is situated between Ao Plaay Laem and Thongsala, some 500 metres north of ferry port. You have to have sharp eyes to spot the beach through the structures and trees that line the road but there are two places that lend access to the beach. If coming from the south (Thongsala), pass Chinnarat Thai Boxing and turn to the left.

Taxi fare should be 50 baht/per one way. Around the beach you also can rent a motorbike or car.

Nai Wok Beach Facilities

Haad Son Beach Facilities There are a sun chairs and hammocks at beachside bars and restaurants in Ao Nai Wok for use by guests. The toilets can be found at the same places.


Nai Wok Beach Restaurants & Food

Haad Yao Beach Restaurants & Food Never crowded and often deserted, Ao Nai Wok beach has a some beachside restaurants sitting under the trees and serve Thai, seafood and Western titbits with friendly and laid back atmosphere. Prices are not higher than usual in Thogsalas's restaurants and it's a great spots to have a snack or watch the sunset.

A pleasant outdoor Kokomo Bar and Restaurant at Baan Manali which has a reputation for good food has a some salas right o the beach as dining places. Nice and clean family atmosphere with affordable prices. They also offer coffee, drinks and cakes.

Beck's Beach bar is the most popular dining venue in Nai Wok. With a few a thatched roofs, great tropical design and alfresco dining spots this restaurant and bar serving authentic Thai cusine, BBQ Haad Yao Beach Restaurants & Food seafood, sunset cocktail and international food, Beck's is an experience in itself. A great place to spend a night time with friends, as well as neighboring The Heartbreak beach bar and restaurant located at Joon Bungalows.

If it's not enough this choice for you head to Thongsala town, 5 min drive, where no doubt, you'll find your favourite meal as well as grilled chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad and fun nightlife.


Nai Wok Beach Activities

Haad Yao beach Activities Swimming is available in the most part of year. There is good snorkeling around Koh Tae Nai island a few hundred metres out and many people hire a kayak (100Bath/hour) and paddle there. There is a Sailing Sport club at Beck's resort where you can rent a catamaran for journey. Beach Thai Massage is available at reasonable prices in Ao Nai Wok.

Beside water and beach activities, there are a some Muay Thai boxing schools next to the main road right behind Baan Manali resort. The most popular is Chinnarat (Chinnarach) Thai boxing.
The Muay Thai courses are broken down into group classes which run twice a day and beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Trainers are also available for private lessons.


Hotels Right on The Beach

- Grand Sea Beach Resort
- Beck's Resort
- Baan Manali Resort

All Hotels in Nai Wok beach

All Hotels in Haad YuanOn the way back down to Thongsala port from Ao Plai Laem, you’ll pass by Ao Nai Wok Beach, this strip is the first real shoreline near the Island's capital that’s worth a stopover. A few steps from the town centre, it’s not as pristine as Haad Yao (Long) beach and the waters are not ideal for swimming but it has its appeal. Further down the road is Thong Sala, with a great selections of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and Pantip Night Food Market. If you choose to go budget you'll find that there is no shortage of choices of one-, two- and three-star hotels made to fit your budget and wallet.


Ao Nai Wok Beach Video

Ao Nai Wok Beach Video Ao Nai Wok is a seaside suburb located between Ao Plai Laen beach and Thong Sala, about 5 min ride from ferry pier. It has risen in popularity over the years to become one of Koh Phangan’s beach destinations. Watersports activities are most popular in Ao Nai Wok, with Sailing Sports Centre based here. Built amongst its spectacular natural landscape are hotels and resorts, offering guests the real comfort in an idyllic location.


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