Ao Chaloklum Beach, Travel Guide for Ao Chaloklum Beach
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Ao Chaloklum Beach Overview

Koh Phangan Beaches Guide

Ao Chaloklum Beach Overview, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide Ao Chaloklum beach was once very quiet area with a small fishing village and was considered to be underdeveloped and left out. However, since rumours about its beautiful beaches and nature-carved hills spread among surfers and hippies, Ao Chaloklum became very popular among tourists looking for a private break, away from the city rush.

Located on a sand spit at the western end of Chaloklum bay, The Malibu beach is a dazzling white sand star in the collections of Ao Chaloklum's beaches. Compared to other Koh Phangan beaches, this beach really sparkles in the sun its clean and powdery sand delightfully contrasting with the turquoise waters that are an ideal for swimming for kids and adult travelers alike. The sand in this area of Ao Chaloklum is stark white and powdery and The Malibu itself is the best beach to relax on the sand and hang out you will not find on the island. If you are a water sports enthusiast, The Malibu beach has excellent choice of activities such as kayaking, kiteboardind and wakeboarding on offer.

In the Eastern part of Ao Chaloklum has a sandy beach too, although there are many fishing boats near the shore. Here you will find many cheap hotels and bungalows, as well as beachfront restaurants and bars.

The sea around Ao Chaloklum area can be quite choppy, especially when strong winds suddenly burst into the Gulf of Siam changes its direction, bumping into a mountain in the middle of the island. A large part of the coral reef in the waters has died because of intense fishing. But the waves are perfect for kite-surfing and Wake boarding.

Wat Chaloklum with several Buddha statues in the heart of the village, as well as a colorful Chinese temple and small Paradise waterfall off the road to Thongsala are handful of sights worth to visit.
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Getting to Ao Chaloklum beach

Getting to Ao Chaloklum beachAo Chaloklum bay is located in the Northern part of Koh Phangan between Haad Mae Haad и Haa Khom (Bottle) beach and lnk with Thong Sala port and other beaches of the island by good paved roads. Some hotels in Haad Mae Haad offer a free pick-up service from/to Thong Sala pier. Otherwise taxi fare should be 200 baht/per one way. In Chaloklum village you also can rent a motorbike or car. You can also get to/from Chaloklum by boat taxi from Thong Nai Pan beach or Bottle beach.

There are two ways to ride Ao Chaloklum village:
- from Thonsala along Koh Phangan west coast. This way is more long and tiresome;
- the road starts near Thai Inter Clinic in Thongsals is the most short and comfortable;

Ao Chaloklum beach Facilities

Ao Chaloklum beach Facilities Sunbeds and beach chairs are available in a few beachfront resorts and bars. In the same places, including restaurants can be found toilets usually allow you to use it for a small fee.

There are ATMs, money exchange, laundry service and tours/ticket assistance in Chaloklum village.


Ao Chaloklum Restaurants & Food

Ao Chaloklum Restaurants & Food It's not hard to guess what the most popular cuisine in the fishing village of Chaloklum is. Still, seafood comes in many forms and combinations so variety can still be the spice of your culinary adventures here.

Chaloklum Fishing Village is home to countless numbers beachside bars and restaurants mainly serving Thai-style seafood and ant Thai fare for any budgets. Nevertheless you will find in these places international menu with popular Western dishes including English and Continental breakfasts, pizzas, burgers, steaks, sandwiches and vegetarian options. There is fresh fruit market there.

If relax and unwind on beautiful and white sand Malibu beach is your thing, there is the restaurant serves a range of Thai and International food, with beers and cocktails available throughout the day and night.


Ao Chaloklum Attractions

The Kuan Yin Chinese TempleChaloklum has the alluring combination of being pleasant on the eye, inexpensive and culturally interesting so there is a lot to see in and around this village. In Ao Chaloklum area you can see stunning Malibu beach, tropical forest, waterfall, viewpoint, buddhist and сhinese temples.

The dazzlingly white Wat Chaloklum with its magnificent gold painted windows and roof top contrasting against the white walls stands in the centre of the village and will certainly catch your eye. The temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon.

The Kuan Yin Chinese Temple stands on hillside near the road The Paradise waterfall to Thongsala south from Chaloklum village. This attractive temple is made up of seven different structures – each delightful and with extensive views out over the surroundings and nearby Ao Chaloklum Bay.

Get back to nature and its peaceful surroundings having visited The Paradise waterfall is located next Phangan Safari & Elephant trekking. The Paradise waterfall is a seasonal sight, but is popular because of easy accessibility. During the summer months the waterfall dries up and before you go, ask the locals - is there water in it?



Ao Chaloklum Beach Activities

traditional Thai massage The best place for swimming and water activities is Malibu beach located in the western end of Ao Chaloklum. There is a volleyball net here. Mental liberation in a hammock under the shade of a tree with a good book is also popular beach activity.

There are no snorkeling sites in Ao Chaloklum bay, but the village has few dive shops including Chaloklum Diving school. Thanks to its geographic location and the boat pier, Ao Chaloklum is the ideal starting point on Koh Phangan for popular dive sites like Chumpon Pinnacle and Sail rock, two of the most popular dive sites in the Gulf of Siam. Students looking for certification will find that the value for money here is superb, with PADI open water courses available with full equipment rental for as little as US$300-$400. A two-dive boat trip with equipment rental and snacks can be had for between US$70-$80.
Chaloklum Diving school
Keep in shape your body and visit The Press in Chaloklum. The Gym provides you with an excellent workout space, equipped with high quality fitness gear.

Go trekking on an elephant in the hills above Ao Chaloklum with panoramic views over the north side of Koh Phangan Island. The experience of riding on an elephant through the jungle is unforgettable as these giant creatures are unbelievably gentle and graceful as they make their way across difficult terrain. Phangan Safari & Elephant Trekking camp is located on the road to Thong Sala south of the village near Paradise waterfall. Across the road you'll find Koh Phangan Archery. Archery is something that the whole family can try! It’s really easy.

Phangan Safari & Elephant TrekkingNo holiday is complete without a good long session relaxing, enjoying an oil or traditional Thai massage and other luxurious treatments. There is a good range of massage services in Ao Chaloklum, both in hotels and in the village.

If scuba diving, wake-boarding, water-skiing and kitesurfing as well as elephant trekking are not your thing, what about a fishing tour? Some fishing trips go out with longtail boats and you can hire fishing boat in the village for groups, or you can also just get on the boat as an individual fishing fan.

Boats can be easily rented for day trips, and long tail taxi boats link Koh Phangan North Coast with Bottle Beach and Thong Nai Pan daily.


Ao Chaloklum History

Ao Chaloklum History
The first settler in Ao Chaloklum bay was a man named Boh Tha. There is no information where he came from but Boh Tha and his wife were the first people who settled in Chaloklum. Childless family decided to erect a small Shrine in honor of their spirits, to remind you after death. This Shrine was originally located in front of Chalokum school and then was moved to another place located in the heart of the Bay. Later, several Chinese fishermen have also decided to settle in this part of the island and gave the Bay the name of Chaloklum. The fishermen found the Shrine, and since then, worship and giving this place for good luck, prosperity, calm sea and a rich catch of fish. After a few years near the main Shrine has built another, smaller structure is dedicated to the female spirit. The Shrine has many secrets and is respected by every here. When the villagers fishing village asked the spirits about the fulfillment of their wishes and doing the giving, the spirit of this site really helps them to happen, and protects Chaloklum village and people from troubles and misfortunes.


Ao Chaloklum Water Sports

Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach Water SportsChaloklam’s reliably sheltered bay makes it an perfect place on Koh Phangan for water sports, with kiteboarding, kite surfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing available on a seasonal basis.

Learn kiteboarding, or kitesurfing easy with KiteboardingAsia that uses 3 main locations on the island and one of them is Ao Chaloklum (north-eastern winds, October to January). This school offers high quality equipment rental and sales, kitesurfing courses with professional experienced instructors for all kite levels (beginners, refreshers and advanced riders).

Wakeboarding is just some of the watersports on Koh Phangan and Ao Chaloklum has WAKE UP wakeboarding school to enjoy this activity. The low season is the best time for wakeboarding to be on the island. The waters of Ao Chaloklum is flat and warm giving the some of the best wakeboarding conditions in the year and wakeboarders enjoy the session with plenty of breaks inbetween so you can use your strength and energy to maximum affect.


Hotels Right on The Beach

- Malibu Beach Bungalows
- Viva On The Beach Hotel

All Hotels in Ao Chaloklum

All Hotels in Ao ChaloklumIn recent years sustainable tourism development brought to these shores a great range of hotels, ranging from simple and understated bungalows to more sophisticated resorts the following rule is "less is better", like Mandalai Hotel is located in central part of Chaloklum beach...


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Hotels in Ao Chaloklum

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