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Koh Phangan Diving

Koh Phangan Activities

Koh Phangan Diving, Koh Phangan ActivitiesThose Koh Phangan Scuba Diving should know that the activity and pastime on the island above the waterline are as varied as the sea creatures and coral formations underneath it. Directly in the heart of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan has strategically location for diving adventures. Impressive coral gardens surrounding the North-Western coast of Pha-Ngan island can boast a splendid marine life and it’s even possible to dive and snorkel not far from the beach.

There are many dive schools around Koh Phangan that's offer day trips and diving courses where you can learn to dive, or simply to upgrade your skills. Koh Phangan is a great place to achieve your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate. Diving day trips from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao's popular dive sites operate throughout the year.
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Dive Schools in Koh Phangan - Learn to Dive

Dive Schools in Koh PhanganPADI dive courses in Koh Phangan are available year round. Anyone diver from age 12 years old, in good health with a spirit of adventure can learn to dive! Chaloklum Diving, Sail Rock Divers, Haad Yao Divers, The Dive Inn, Pirate Divers and France Plongee are only a few of the prominent diving operators offering services of scuba diving on the island. For experienced divers there are a multitude of courses such as Rescue Diver, EFR, and even Nitrox Enriched Air for those who want to to explore down deep ocean.

The Gulf of Thailand offers great scuba diving, the water is warm, the visibility good, and the marine landscape fantastic. The perfect learning environment, whether you're a complete beginner, or an experienced diver upgrading your skills. Dive Schools in Koh PhanganCourses range from introductory sessions and basic certification, to more advanced courses. You can take a day course, one lasting several days, or expand your experience take daily ‘Fun Diving’ tours visiting all the best dive sites near Koh Tao island.

An average Dive Trips and PADI Course Prices in Koh Phangan:
- Discover SCUBA Diving (2 dives on boat trip) - 3,500 Bath;
- “Bubblemaker” (1 shallow dive) - 1,500 Bath
- DIVE TRIPS (for certified divers) from 2,700 Bath (2 dives);
- Advanced Open Water (2+ days) - 10,500 Bath
Boat dive trip prices also include breakfast and a delicious lunch, fruit and soft drinks, with a discount if you have your own diving equipment.

The best Seasons to Dive in Koh Phangan

The best time to Dive in Koh PhanganKoh Phangan, Thailand offers year round diving.The diving season starts in January with a lot of sun, calm seas and visibility of about 10-15 meters average. Then throughout February the visibility will increase to around 20 meters on average with nice calm seas. During March and April Koh Tao’s Whale shark season comes. This is mainly the best month to visit Thailand for diving aroung Koh Phangan.

During July , August and especially September the visibility can hit 30 meters plus. Plenty of big pelagic species out at Chumphon pinnacles and South west, with Whale sharksspotted fairly often. Again this period is arguably the best month to visit Thailand, as the Koh Phangan weather is fine.

Diving Sites around Koh Phangan

Diving Sites around Koh PhanganThe lower the Gulf of Thailand region - encompassing Koh Tao and Ang Thong islands - is justly regarded as one of the Thailands's best dive sites. Some of the best known sites such as Sail Rock and Chumphon Pinnacles will be familiar to most scuba enthusiasts but there are many more dive destinations, most within a few hours of Koh Phangan.

Sail Rock
is one of the best diving sites in the Gulf about 15m above the water and drops below to 40m in some places and houses a tunnel that divers can swim through. A daily favourite with experienced and technical divers and only one hour away by boat from Koh Phangan, Sail Rock features a dense variety of sea life, including whale sharks and giant baracuda.

Diving Sites around Koh PhanganChumphon Pinnacles is one of our favourite diving spots, visiting some of the finest pinnacle scuba dives in the Gulf of Thailand! Located northwest of Koh Tao, the site features several pinnacles and underwater boulders with fairytale marine life such as batfishes, barracudas, potato groupers, Leopard Sharks and all the usual the tropical reef fishes.

Koh Ma is a shore dive site off the Northwest corner of Koh Phangan with interesting scenery and hard coral. Expect to see a Schooling fish, bannerfish and big grouper, plus the hunters, especially barracuda and queenfish. Due to shallow depth, Koh Ma is a favourite for beginning divers.

Mu Ko Ang Thong park features a wide range of underwater wonders, plus lots of interesting scenery, on a good variety of quiet dive sites on the North tip of the Marine Archipelago. Probably the best destination for snorkellers too.

Haad Salad, Haad Yao and Ao Sri Thanu Reefs on the West coast is popular scuba dive destinations that's offer long relaxed coral reef scuba dives with a nice range of hard corals and a impressive variety of typical reef fish. Max depth is 15m.

Marine Life found in Koh Phangan

Marine Life found in Koh PhanganDivers expects a close acquaintance with an enormous schools of tropical fish, snappers, groupers, and colorful clown fish, along with larger game-fish like tuna and barracuda, and enjoy the occasional, but no doubt unforgettable, Whale Shark spotting passing by.

Groupers, Barracudas, Stingrays,Cuttlefish, Angelfish,Tuna, Mackerels, Clownfish and various small sharks are an other marine life found around Koh Phangan.

Scuba Diving is an unforgettable experience

Diving is an unforgettable experienceThe Gulf of Thailand is loaded with places for divers to explore some of the best sights the sea has to offer, but if you’re looking for a place in which you can undertake your own shore dives, or just a mellow day of snorkeling, Koh Phangan diving has unmatched possibilities. If you do want to get out deeper than a shore dive will take you, the island has a number of reputable dive operators to choose from, including dive-boats that will allow you to immerse yourself fully in your dive experience and enjoy the company of other divers from around the world.

For those that have never dipped further below the surface than a lungful of air will allow, Koh Phangn is the perfect place to introduce eligible-age children and adults to the world of SCUBA diving, as there are plenty of certification opportunities available here. So when you’re ready to take the plunge into an unforgettable Thailand experience, be sure to put Koh Phangan diving (after Full Moon Party) at the top of your list!

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