Ao Chaloklum Beach Restaurants, What and Where to Eat in Ao Chaloklum Beach
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Ao Chaloklum Beach Restaurants

What and Where to Eat in Ao Chaloklum Beach

Ao Chaloklum Beach Restaurants, What and Where to Eat in Ao Chaloklum BeachBeach restaurants the main temptation in Koh Phangan North coast and Ao Chaloklum beach has a long street of restaurants facing the sea. Seafood restaurants dominate this part of the island, with a surface knowledge of Italian, French and English menu is available at the hotels and independent dining places.

Ao Chaloklum is a fishing village so You should have no shortage of seafood that filled the beachroad, street stretching from the pier to the West. Also in the village and around it you can discover many small Thai restaurants, most of them with beachfront location serve fresh seafood with excellent sea views.

Lively during the high season and yet never crowded, Ao Chaloklum in the rest of the year will be all yours, offering acres of empty space where you can comfortably sit and eat out. You can eat in hotels, but don't expect standards for foodies here, and is actually more wise move to order Thai food, as Western dishes are likely to be not original.

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Aunjai Seafood

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND With concrete floors and plain appearance, Aunjai Seafood which at first glance makes a positive impression, but the restaurant offers some of the warmest service in the area, as well as a large selection of fresh seafood.

hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: Thai / seafoods

The Beach cafe

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND Adoption write under the roof of a private "Sala" (a small gazebo made of bamboo and straw) in The Beach - the usual deal. Also has a comfortable bar and whole dining area of the restaurant offers sea views of the Eastern end of the beach. Nicely lit establishment with a friendly atmosphere.

Place: Ao Chaloklum, east part
Cuisine: western/Thai


Donut restaurant chaloklum Donut is a lovely place to sit and enjoy Thai and European meals, from all-day breakfast to dinner; its great advantage is its location, just a few steps from the beach and 7-eleven minimart.

hours: 07:00-22:00
Place: center of Chaloklum village, near 7-eleven
menu: European/Thai

Texas Restaurant & Bar

Texas Restaurant & Bar Texas Restaurant & Bar offers traditional Thai cuisine, pizzas and an extensive selection of European food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices.

hours: 08:00-22:00
Place: center of Chaloklum village, near Donut restaurant
menu: Thai and International, pizza

The Noshery

Texas Restaurant & Bar Located in the heart of Chaloklum village, The Nosheryt is a cafe, eatery and takeaway - all in one. With inside (AC) and outside sitting, the cafe serves international & Thai fare, all day breakfast, lunch and dinner, burgers, fries, kebabs, desserts, ground coffee, cold drinks and ice cream at low prices. Fresh & tasty The food is always really delicious! The owner is very friendly and obliging.

hours: 08:00-21:00
Place: the center of Chaloklum village
menu: Thai and International

Viva On The Beach Restaurant

On The Beach Restaurant Part of On The Beach hotel and a few steps from Chaloklum village centre, open-air and with sea views, On The Beach restaurant offers a good variety of food including steaks, pizzas, and seafood as well as Western and Thai options.

hours: 07:00-22:00
Place: at Viva On The Beach Hotel
menu: Thai and International

Fruit Shake & Smoothies

Fruit Shake & Smoothies This bamboo stall is where you can get daily a fresh pinapple, banana, mango, strawberry, kiwi, orange shake and smoothie for under 40 baht. They offer many more of drinks.

hours: from rise till down
Place: in front of On The Beach Hotel
menu: delicious fruit drinks

Rose Villa

Rose Villa Rose Villa Restaurant is also seaside. It has a reputation for good seafood and is open for lunch and dinner. This beachfront resort's restaurant has a very good reputation for good fare at reasonable prices.

hours: 07:00 - 22:00
Place: beachroad, right hand side from On The Beach Hotel
menu: Thai, seafood and international

North Beach

North Beach bungalows restaurant North Beach at the eastern end of Chaloklum bay features cozy yet relaxed beachfront dining where you can watch the sun set while enjoying your food. The menu serves traditional Thai and Western dishes.

hours: 07:00 - 22:00
Place: beachfront, right hand side from On The Beach Hotel
menu: Thai and seafood

Belvedere Restaurant

Belvedere Restaurant  Chaloklum For those who like dining with a view there is the Belvedere Restaurant (viewpoint) with its vista of Ao Chaloklum beach. If move along the road to the East from the village to Coral beach after a short time you will find Belvedere that is an ideal viewpoint for observe Ao Chaloklum bay especially at sunset time. Reasonably priced, this restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy the cool evening air along with a great view. Big parking space.

hours: from 11:00 – 22:00
Place: the road side, between Ao Chaloklum and Coral beach
menu: Thai and Western

L'Oasi Italian Restaurant

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND Possibly one of the best Italian restaurants on the island, L'oasi chose a place at the curb, in front of Chaloklum village, close to the elephant camp. Managed by an Italian, L'oasi has two good things for which you should go here: children's Playground and Chang draught beer. Of course there's much more including a superb spaghetti Bolognese, a wide range of Thai dishes (the chef is Thai) and the usual burgers seasoned with a wonderful selection of salads and desserts with authentic and recommended espresso coffee.

hours: from 11:00 – 21:30
Place: the main road, on the right side, before southern entrance to village

Lost Dog Cafe

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND This place can be pretty easy looks, but the Lost Dog Cafe is actually one of Chaloklum village hotspots. Converted from a former shop house, this pub with food, or a restaurant with a bar will be your best choice.

hours: 14:00 – 02:00
Place: Chaloklum village main street
menu: Thai / western

Two Brothers restaurant

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND Seafood serves with views of Ao Chaloklum bay. Dinner at bamboo furniture, with sand between your toes, this cleverly-lit restaurant. If the weather suddenly becomes nasty, you will always have the opportunity to move into this diner.

hours: 10:00-22:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: seafood / Thai

Hai-Thong Seafood

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND Strange and with old tables and chairs, Haithong Seafood can offer a choice of several dining places, indoors or outdoors, on the roadside or on the beach. Instead of conventional concrete, Haithong flickers polished dark wooden floors, nice lighting reflecting. Quite incredibly, Haithong opens at 05:30 in the morning!

hours: 06:00-22:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: seafood / Thai


Pa Eang Restaurant

Pa Eang Restaurant A big, open-air and family-run Pa Eang restaurant with lots of seating is situated at the end of Chaloklum beachroad and offers Thai and European food along with sea-views. Prices are affordable.

hours: 08:00-22:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: seafood / Thai


North Coast Bakery

North Coast Bakery North Coast Bakery is a bistro & coffee shop on Chaloklum beachroad, not far from the pier. It offers continental brekfast, sandwiches, coffees and warm pastries as well as homemade yogurt, german bread, real coffee, Italian espresso, cappuccino, biscuits and croissants, and glutenfree vegetarian options.
You can order also a birthdaycake here.

hours: 09:00-19:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: cafe /bakery


Sea Side Restaurant

Sea Side Restaurant Sea Side is a beachfront restaurant with elegant décor. With comfortable outdoor seating and friendly service, it serves fresh seafood obtained directly from local fishermen as well as Thai and western cuisine. From its extensive menu, try specialties such as coconut steamed prawns or grilled prawns with chili salt. The Sea Side restaurant is right on Ao Chaloklum Beach. To get there just head along the Beach Road to the west from the main pier.

hours: 08:00-22:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: seafood / Thai and Western


Cucina Italiana (Caffe Della Moca)

Cucina Italiana With an Italian menu, some recommended dishes at Caffe Della Moca are homemade pizzas, lasagne, cannelloni, ravioli, gnocchi are prepared by a talented chef from fresh ingredients at very fair prices. Open daily from 05:00 throughout the day.

hours: 05:00-21:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: Italian


Mikee (Mickee’s) Bakery

Mikee Bakery Chaloklum Run by a frenchman, Mikee is a western-style bakery and pizzeria. With English-language menu, reasonable prices and friendly staff, Mikee bakery has good breakfast options and tasty german bread, burgers, sandwiches, baguettes, snacks, desserts and some vegetarian choice.

hours: 08:00-19:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road, opposite of Two Brothers restaurant and Zhaba Jazz Bar
menu: bakery / snakes/pizza
tel: 087 9947012


The World's End

The World's End chaloklum Located near Chaloklum pier, the World's End is a small international cafe, bar and restaurant with big TV screen and free wi-fi. It’s a nice meeting place to enjoy Thai food (including fried rice and pineapple rice) and an extensive selection of International fare. Reasonable prices and friendly service.

hours: 07:00-22:00
Place: Chaloklum village beach road, near Chaloklum Divers
menu: Thai and International


The Holly Grill

The Holly Grill A heaven for meat lovers, The Holly Grill is very busy in the evening. Many people like their typical dishes, including BBQ seafood, fish, chicken satay, kebabs, pork ribs, beef in hot pot style or grilled serve with salads. The bar with lots of drinks has free pool table and wi-fi.

hours: from midday till late
Place: Chaloklum village beach road
menu: BBQ, steaks, seafood, Thai and bar


Street Food in Chaloklum

Street Food in Chaloklum Cheap Thai eats with a basic local Thai standards are found at the food stalls on the main road in Chaloklum village on a diagonal opposite seven-eleven. Hed there to get the fried noodles, chicken and sticky rice, grilled pork, and som tam for no more than 50 baht.

hours: 05:00- till late
Place: in Chaloklum village main road, opposite 7-eleven
menu: Thai street food


Om Restaurant

Om Restaurant chaloklum Set back in a shady trees off the mai road, Om is restaurant with menu rich in macrobiotics, fresh enzymes, and ingenious modern takes on traditional Thai dishes. Om also serves fish and shrimp, along with tofu as proteins and the vegetable massaman curry there has to be tasted to be believed as it does not contain a drop of saturated fat-filled coconut milk.

hours: 07:00 - 22:00
Place: in Chaloklum village near Wake Up bar
menu: Thai and Vegetarian

Goe Gai

Goe Gai  Chaloklum This eatery with plastic tables and chairs offers simple, freshly-made Thai food, including phad thai, tom kha gai (coconut soup with chicken), green curry, chicken with rice, crispy pork, spisy salads, steaks (beef and pork), mash potatoes, spaghetti meat sause and much more. Try their special dessert - Banana Ball Choko Sause.

hours: 06:00 - 19:00
Place: in Chaloklum village main road, opposite 7-eleven
menu: Thai


Phorn Restaurant

Phorn Restaurant Ao Chaloklum Beach is packed with many small and inexpensive restaurants serving similar types of seafood. Phorn is a good example and offers delicious BBQ seafood and items like grilled chicken, spicy beef salad as well as som tam (spicy papaya salad) and some popular Western fare in the heart of the village overlooking the main pier. The menu features also hamburgers, salads, drinks and the English breakfast. Free wi-fi.

hours: 05:00- tilllate
Place: in Chaloklum village, opposite the pier
menu: Thai, seafood and western

Malibu Restaurant and Bar

Malibu Restaurant and Bar Chaloklum Located at the western part of Ao Chaloklum, this beachfront restaurant with superb location is popular with Malibu beach visitors where you can dine with the sand between your toes. The sea-breeze-cooled restaurant and bar maintains the usual cool Thai tropical touch and serves standard Thai dishes such as tom yam, phad tai, noodles and fried rice as well as some Western food. ‘Chilled-out’, ‘tranquil’, relaxing are words that best describe the Malibu.

hours: 08:00- till late
Place: right on the beach, at Malibu Beach Bungalows
menu: Thai and International

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