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Koh Phangan Fishing

Koh Phangan Activities

Koh Phangan Thai Massage & Spa, Koh Phangan ActivitiesFishing in Koh Phangan is the favorite holiday activity of most people. Fishing is loved by both adults and children, and provides a special pleasure catch a big fish. From ancient times fishing is considered the best pastime activities.

Around the coastal waters of Koh Phangan is found a large variety of fish. During the day during high tides on the rocky shores of the island you can observe sea fishing enthusiasts. In addition to coastal fishing on the island offers fishing boats for fishermen of all skill levels. Used fishing methods varied: spinning, jigging, trolling, bottom, underwater, etc.On the fishing trip you can completely relax and plunge into wonderful atmosphere of tranquility. A sense of unity with nature while fishing does not leave for a minute.

Fishing in Koh Phangan addicted to both locals and tourists. Fishing tackle from the most economical to the most expensive can be purchased at fishing tackle shops on the island. The main highlight of Phangan's fishing is the unpredictability of the result: the catch is always but what kinds of fish caught is a mystery. For bait usually acquire small pieces of shrimp (fresh or frozen), for larger fish caught crabs.
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Fishing from the shore in Koh Phangan

Рыбалка на Ко Панган Таиланд Koh Phangan fishing Despite the loud advertising that promises exciting fishing, fishing from the shore can bring excellent catch too. All you need is a spinning (test up to 60g), small baits elongated shape (no more than 10 cm) - preferably a light and silvery tones, and artificial baits-shrimp fishing squid which can be bought at any fishing shop. Personally, I bought in Thong Sala in Big M Fishing Shop (located at the Phangan Centerpoint Hotel & Plaza...pass under the main arch and continue straight, the store will be on your right after 100m). The owner is a friendly man, he is a local fisherman, all tell and show about fishing spots, and even tweak your gear under the desired option (fish or squid).

The best time for fishing squid from 14:00 to 21:00, although there were cases of morning trophies. Fishing spot is preferably in the locations of the coral reef. At successful coincidence of circumstances for a couple of hours to catch up to three kilogram and more. The squid Рыбалка на Ко Панган Таиланд Koh Phangan fishingrabs the bait without being hit, as if you stuck on something. At this point it is advisable to wait a while, not waver and slowly tighten the line. Once the squid out of steam, and you will feel it, you can safely, slowly dragged him to the shore, constantly, without stopping rotating the spool. At this point, the squid already does not resist, but may get off the hook if you give slack or too quickly to turn the reel. Before you take a squid in your hands, give him to release the ink, otherwise the black paint will appear on your clothing or on your face.



Рыбалка на Ко Панган Таиланд Koh Phangan fishing The best fishing spots are from the rocks outside the resort, where there are few tourists and lots of fish. From the shore it is also possible to catch the 'Pla-Krathong' and even a giant Barracuda. I witnessed how in Thong Sala pier using live squid as bait - fisherman fished Barracuda a metre long . 'Pla-Krathong' has a long elongated body in the shape of a silver sword, and this fish cathing is very simple. Use lures (top water layers), as described above, live bait or small pieces of fish, and use the fishing line is not less than 0.3 - his teeth are very sharp.

The Krathong fish better bites in the afternoon, and as noted in inclement and cloudly weather. To know the location of this fish by bursts at the surface of the water, Krathong will be chasing fry jumping out of the water. When fishing for live bait or fish meat just put on a hook (no sinkers...krathongs live in the upper layers) the bait and throw it away, and then slowly drag. To extract this strong fish is a pleasure, Krathong jumps out of the water, doing insane acrobatic stunts. You can catch the fish up to 1.2 meters.

Fishing Tours in Koh Phangan

Fishing trips are popular activity in Koh Phangan and there are many offerings can be found everywhere on the island especially in Ao Chaloklum village which is often a short trip by longtail boat out to a few local fishing spots. Drop-Shot is an unique method of fishing, suitable for all ages and even women and novice fishermen. This way you can catch Kingfish, job-fish and small reef fish. This technique is used suspended from a hook on which hung a small plastic fish. He abruptly thrown into the water and falls to the bottom, where fish lures. The normal fishing tackle is a handline on a basic trip, so if you are looking for something a bit more high-tech ask around or go to a tour operator. Trolling is posting bait behind a moving boat. As gear uses a powerful spinning rod, often with the multiplier, at least — with inertialess reel. This is the most common type of deep sea fishing are enjoyed by professionals and amateurs.

Fishing trips on the island all year round but the main season is from December to May. In this period particularly attractive fishing on Mackerel (20kg) or Barracuda (10 kg). From a large fish in season you can also catch king-fish, sea bass, shark-Mako, hammerheads, etc.

If you desire a truly authentic Thai experience then head to Chaloklum Pier and join a squid fishing boat for a day’s labour. Big Game Fishing (45/1-2 Moo1, Thong Sala, tel: +66 77 238 232, mobile: +66 81 538 2939, email:, website: are a professional outfit who know the island’s waters well.

Underwater Fishing (hunting)

Spearfishing is also a breathtaking kind of outdoor activity. But first, find everything you need for underwater hunting, it is advisable to take courses free-diving and you can get these trophies as tuna, giant mackerel, giant grouper or Yellow Queen (Yellow fish). Good luck with your fishing! Sorry for the inaccurate name fishing artifacts - I'm not a fisherman.
Рыбалка на Ко Панган Таиланд Koh Phangan fishing

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