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Koh Phangan Kiteboarding

Koh Phangan Activities

Koh Phangan Kiteboarding, Koh Phangan ActivitiesKiteboarding, or kitesurfing on Koh Phanan is one of the most fashionable, vibrant and progressive currents in kiting! In Koh Phangan riding on surf boards with kites - now one of the most popular sports activity! In kiteboarding included such sports as surfing and windsurfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding, skateboarding and mountainboarding! The Kite was the heavenly bridge, which combines the hitherto irreconcilable, thus allowing to create a completely different sport-iconic generation of "people of the wind" by combining them all in one cherished word kiteboarding!

Kiteboarding in Koh Phangan is evolving very quickly, and if a couple of years ago was considered impossible riding with the waves as do the classic surfers now and this relic surf consciousness in the past. There is a number of kitesurfing schools on Koh Phangan, and while most are based in Baan Tai area, at special seasons depending on the wind everyone relocates to Ao Chaloklum or Wok Tum/Hin Kong bays for its ideal Kiteboarding condtions.
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Kiteboarding: What is It?

Koh Phangan Kiteboarding, Koh Phangan ActivitiesThe kite is a kite with the help of which you can move on water, on snow, on the ground, using additional tools: Board, snowboard, surf, mountainboard and further, on what your imagination, just to be safe. In kiting many directions, is the most popular - kiteboarding ( kitesurfing ). Kite surfing can be enjoyed at any time of the year - most importantly the wind. You can always ride and enjoy the feeling of true freedom. For anyone kiting sports, to whom just a hobby, but for every active person kiting becomes a lifestyle. The choice is yours - the kite completely obedient to Your will! After training in the kite school , and making their first steps under the kite, You will feel the power and appeal of kiting. Kiting unites young and energetic people, its philosophy and mobility. Kiteboarding managed to generate not only brand new trends and directions, incredible in its features and beauty, but also helped to create a completely unique variety of styles school, with incredibly complex and diverse stunts.

Where to Learn Kiteboarding in Koh Phangan

Where to Learn Kiteboarding in Koh PhanganIf you dream to be learned kiteboarding (fly surfing), the beautiful Koh Phangan with it's tropical climate, shallow, warm water and consistent wind which gives the perfect conditions to teach kitesurfing is an ideal island for watersport adventure. The island has a some kiting schools with a professional Instructors whose approach to teaching kitesurfing is based on safety and includes fun and efficiency, with a great sense of humor. KBA and KiteSurf Asia are the best kiteboarding schools in Koh Phangan and KiteSurf Asia is the only Kiteschool in Thailand using FLYSURFER Kites. The both Kitesurfing Centers offering lessons for all kite levels (beginners, refreshers and advanced riders) are based in Baan Tai beach area known for it's 'Moon' Parties and Music Festivals as well as a great selection of hotels, resorts and villas.

As an absolute beginner you normally need about 10 hours of lessons to control the kite, do the first water-start attempts and ride the first meters so that you can then go into rental and continue to practice on your own under our supervision. The first part of the course will take through the theoretical part of kiteboarding and later you'll practice with the kite in the water. You will receive knowledge of the wind directions, obstacles on the kitesurfing spot and the wind-window.

The lessons for refreshers or advanced riders fully depend on the individual level of the kiter. Training are run in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and at the end of the course you will be issued with an IKO (International Kite Boarding Organisation) Identification card which allows you to rent kite boarding equipment from other schools all over the world. Also the both schools have a well stocked kite-shops at Baan Tai sell high quality brands at some of the best prices in the world. KBA shop offer top brands such as Cabrinha, Airush, North, Slingshot, Naish,, Mystic, Nobile, Ozone, Peter Lynn, Best, Blokart, Crazyfly, Gath, Sea specs & Maelstorm and develop also kite-accessories.

The Best Time for Kiteserfing in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan roughly has two tidal seasons: April to November (low) and November to April (high). The best time to visit Koh Phangan for kitesurfing is from November to mid March, when both the sea and wind/weather conditions are usually at their best.
January February March April May June July August September October November December
26C-30C 27C-30C 28C-30C 28C-32C 28C-32C 28C-30C 28C-30C 28C-30C 28C-30C 28C-30C 28C-30C 28C-30C
big waves
high tide
strong N wind
high tide
high tide
no wind
mid tide
go SUP
little wind
low tide
storm riding

OK wind
low tide
storm riding

OK wind
low tide
storm riding
good wind
low tide
storm riding
good wind
low tide
ok wind
mid tide
some rain
Not much wind
high tide
rainny season
big wave
high tide
strong N wind

Where is it

Kitesurf Asia

Ban Tai Road, 100/46 moo 1, A, Koh Phangan 84280 Thailand
tel: +66 (0)80 692 6812
e-mail: info@kitesurfing-kohphangan

KBA Koh Phangan

KBA office is located in the south of Koh Pha Ngan on Baan tai main road between Haad Rin ( Full moon party beach) and Thongsala (main town), just in front of the blue PTT Gas station and the well known Milky bay resort.
tel: +66 80 6000573

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