Koh Phangan Waterfalls, Koh Phangan Attractions
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Koh Phangan Waterfalls

Koh Phangan Attractions

Koh Phangan Waterfalls, Koh Phangan AttractionsKoh Phangan is famous for its Moon Parties and Music Festivals, beautiful beaches and unique nature. Waterfalls (Nam-Tok in Thai), as a part of virgin tropical forest have always been one of the excellent natural sightseeing attractions for locals and travelers in Koh Phangan.

The five best-known waterfalls in Koh Phangan are Than Sadet, Wang Sai, Than Prawet, Phaeng and Sramonora Waterfall. A lesser-known one is just by Thong Nai Pan Beach on the island's east coast. Some popular waterfalls are easily accessible, while others need a little more effort and determination, usually to climb a steep, often difficult path, before being rewarded by the unmatched beauty of the cascades and crystal clear pools.

Popular with locals for picnicking and often great for cooling off after a hike, Koh Phangan's waterfalls are both scenic and interesting natural venues for visitors to really cool off and experience on their holiday in the Island, Thai-style. When visiting the waterfalls bring good shoes and forget flip flops!
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Than Sadet Waterfall

Than Sadet Waterfall Surrounded with a pristine jungle and mountains, Than Sadet waterfall is located on Koh Phangan east coast near Haad Than Sadet not far from the road leading to the beach. In 1888 he was visited by the Thai Royal family headed by King Rama V who left his commemorative inscription on a huge granite boulder. Later important royals visited this place about 10 times. The current monarch, King Bhumibol Aduljadet just visiting the waterfall and took water from it for Royal ceremonies. These sacred sources in Thailand and one of only a few of them in Koh Phangan.

The waterfall consists of a series of huge, flat granite boulders are connected with each other by natural pools that feature a chain of small water cascades and stretching for about three kilometers. Than Sadet Waterfall Drop of water similar to the amphitheater stage, accessible from Haad Than Sadet beach or from the road leading to this beach. There is a small Thai restaurant near the waterfall serves food and drinks. Thansadet Waterfall– stunning place on Koh Phangan, which certainly need to visit for all adventure seekers and lovers of unforgettable views and scenery. Be careful - the road is very dangerous for ride, only for experienced riders!


Phaeng Waterfalls

Phaeng WaterfallsPhaeng waterfall consists of two waterfalls Phaeng Noi (small) and Phaeng Yai (big) close to each other. Belonging to to the Thansadej - Koh Phangan National Park this is the largest waterfall in Koh Phangan and it looks stunnigly beautiful in the monsoon season. The waterfalls are located near Baan Madua Wan village near the main road from Thongsala to Ao Chaloklum. It is a beautiful place with picturesque and an impressive waterfalls, but be prepared for the difficult way, to reach them is not easy. From the village you will need to overcome the jungle path uphill about 300 meters. Expect to find the lower level with natural pond with falling water into. Well, if you still got you will have a great opportunity to wash off the sweat in a wide pool of fresh water, before heading to the next level located 200 metres above, where spectacular views of Koh Phangan island set among a lush green and blue haze.
Phaeng Waterfalls
More adventurous and experienced hikers can try not a difficult hike in the jungle, next to the fantastic Dom Sila viewpoint. On the way to the view-point expect to discover other small waterfalls such as: Than Nam Rak fall, Than Song Preng and Than Klouy Mai waterfall as weel as great Dipterocarpus forest. If you feel enough power keep going through the jungle to the top of Khao Ra, the highest mountain in Koh Phangan. There is a signposted trail with a ramp rope to help you climb from Phaeng waterfall to there. There is a camping site Baan Domsila, for those who would like to spend the night near the waterfall.


Wang Sai Waterfall

Wang Sai WaterfallWith natural pools and full of abundant verdant plants, Wang Sai waterfall is located on the northwest coast of the island near Haad Mae Haad beach. To visit the place better after heavy rains when the waterfall forms the wide ponds are suitable for swimming. It's certainly not the largest waterfall in Koh Phangan but here the picturesque nature that would like to swim in fresh water and in a fairly beautiful surroundings.
What makes Wang Sai is so beautiful? Moreover, the waterfall is surrounded by boulders and colorful tropical plants, Wang Sai perfect for jumping into the water from a top! Limestone pools at the base of the waterfall form a niche shaped like a blooming Lotus, and as the water fills the pool in bright sunlight creates deep shades of water, mostly blue and green colors. The area around the waterfall is a lovely nature spot for picnic and attracts a numerous local families.


Paradise Waterfall

Than Prawet Waterfall This waterfall you will find next to Phangan Safari near main road from Thong Sala to Ao Chaloklum . Surrounded by high hills, Paradise waterfall not quite Paradise but is popular because of easy accessibility. In the summer months the waterfall dries up and before you visit, ask your locals - is there water in it ? If there is water falls from several stone ledges, forming a few pools suitable for bathing . Near the entrance to Paradise waterfall is a small restaurant serving food and drinks.


Than Prawet Waterfall

Than Prawet Waterfall Than Prawet Waterfall is considered sluminum place among backpackers and hikers. On Koh Phangan there are many waterfalls, but the Than Prawet Waterfall most popular. Why, you ask? Yes, because this place is one of the most dense and beautiful in Thailand, and to get here is the dream of many trekkers. The waterfall consists of a series of waterfalls, stretched a 1 km each other and flowing one into the other. Than Prawet is surrounded by huge granite boulders, bizarre rock formations and pristine jungle. There are many picturesque places to enjoy a picnic after a hard hike.
To get to the waterfall from the main road to Thong Nai Pan beach by foot along forest trail for about 2 km. The waterfall flows all year round but is at its best in the rainy months. It is advisable to travel before night, and together with the friends!


Wang Thong Waterfall

Located nearby Yoga Studio in Thong Nai Pan area, Wang Thong Waterfall is seasonal thing. It can only be seen in the rainy season. Wang Thong is a high waterfall hidden away in a quiet forest. While the waterfall is not spectacular the scenery makes it worth a visit.

Sramanora Waterfall

Sramanora Waterfall Known for night moon parties, Sramanora waterfall is located in Baan Kai area near to the main road from Haad Rin beach to Thong Sala. You must follow the sign "river on stone" that will lead you to the waterfall and natural pool with fresh water where you can swim for a fee of 20 Bath. If you stay in Bancha Sramanora resort, swimming is free.

The advantage Sramonora Waterfall that you can stay the night in small houses and see the waterfall at night. This is possible infrequently, because waterfalls are better in the daytime so as not to get lost in the jungle after sunset. Surrounded by houses, there is a restaurant serves a delicious dinner and breakfast. Though a couple of times a month are held near the DJ of the moon party, so lovers of peace should clarify the timing of the party.

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