Best Places for Snorkeling in Koh Phangan, Koh Phangan Activities
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Best Places for Snorkeling in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Activities

Best Places for Snorkeling in Koh Phangan, Koh Phangan ActivitiesThe best places for snorkeling in Koh Phangan are often found a short distance from some of the island’s fantastic beaches, making them conveniently accessible and making snorkelling an exciting addition to an active holiday by the sea. A perfect clear waters and marvellous marine habitats do not mean that all beaches are the great spots to enjoy snorkelling in Koh Phangan.

Here for you some a wonderful snorkelling destination around the isalnd from December to May (low tide is the best time) where you can drift past various types of colourful corals, anemones, angelfish, clown fish and the dancing shafts of golden sunlight. With minimum equipment and preparation requirements, snorkeling especially can be enjoyed all family as all you need are fins and a mask to play with the amazing undersea world.
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Haad Mae Haad Beach - Koh Maa island

Haad Mae Haad Beach - Koh Maa island The true heavens for diving and snorkeling lovers, Haad Mae Haad is the number one snorkelling beach in Koh Phangan thanks to quite impressive coral reefs around Koh Ma island that is linked to the beach by sandy spit. In this part of Koh Phangan begins extensive coral reef stretching up to Ao Srithanu beach.

The best place to snorkel is located along the West side of Koh Maa island. A shallow waters are home to a wondrous variety of marine life including anemones and fish clowns, green and tubular corals, Longfin bannerfish, blue spotted rays, redcoat fish, parrotfish and much more.


Haad Yao (Long) Beach

Haad Yao (Long) BeachA long white-sand Haad Yao beach, as well as some of the other Phangan's west coast beaches is protected by a impressive coral reef, which helps to make for calm waters. In spite of the many vendors, massage salas, restaurants and swimmers you’ll still find that the central and southern ends of the beach are wonderful for snorkelling. You can rent fins and masks here but sometimes don’t expect good quality gear.


Haad Gruad Beach

Haad Gruad BeachSnuggled into the headland south of Haad Salad, Haad Gruad beach is an ideal spot to get away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet swim and amazing sunsets. With its tiny-beach, hulking granite boulders, rough sand and great fishing and snorkelling, Haad Gruad is an attractive place to spend your holiday.

Snorkeling here is any seasons. One of Koh Phangan's most beautiful sites, the sea here absolutely defines the colour turquoise, especially arount the rocky tip in front of Lucky Resort where marine life is the most interesting.


Ao Sri Thanu Beach

Ao Sri Thanu Beach Ao Sri Thanu beach offering unrivalled seaside escape is located on Koh Phangan west coast between Haad Chao Phao and Hin Kong beach. The beach is a popular spot to swim, relax and watch the beautiful sunsets of Koh Phangan. Sri Thanu has many interesting places worth your visitings, including fishing village and Laem Son lake.

The snorkeling sites off Ao Sri Thanu beach display an incredible density and diversity of marine life that somtimes seem to almost boil with fish.


Ao Plai Laem Beach

Ao Plai Laem BeachAo Plai Laem beach is located on southwest coast of Koh Phangan not far from Thong Sala town, in the basis of Khao Hin Nok granite mountain that is dominating and creating a fantastic landscape with most of the area still undeveloped. When relax on the beach you can overlook the two islands Koh Tae Nok and Koh Tae Noi and even as far as Ang Thong Marine National Park when the air is clear.

Just in front of 5 star Kupu Kupu Beach Villas & Spa at the northern end is the place to be at around midday as visibility here is at premium and there’s so much to see, including vivid corals but do not attempt this is you are a weak swimmer as it is a little ways out from the shore. Snorkel here only in the high season.


Haad Khom (Coral) Beach

Haad Khom (Coral) BeachLocated on Koh Phangan's north coast, Haad Khom beach also known as Coral Bay is an ideal spot for those who wish to soak up a little sun while on holiday. With its pristine white sand beach and unspoiled natural beauty, Haad Khom is an ideal leisure destination. Haad Khom is home to an extensive coral reef that's protects the bay from the incoming seas, and for this reason swimming here is available only at high tide season time (November - March).


Koh Phangan Snorkeling Tips

- Use thick sunscreen or wear a T-shirt; the sun’s rays are magnified by sea
- Make sure that your equipment fits you;
- Be wary of fishing boats and make yourself as visible as possible while snorkelling
- Snorkel with good visibility.Only snorkel in clear water. Phangan’s waters is generally pretty clear all year round. Make sure to check the conditions before you head to the beach.
- Always defog your mask before diving. No use snorkeling amongst colourful tropical fish if you can’t see them
- Kicking from the hip is the most effective way to use your fins
- Please try not to touch the coral under any circumstances. Remember that coral is a living thing. Touching it and stepping on it actually kills it. Respect the coral and sealife!

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