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Klong Nin Beach

Koh Lanta Beaches Guide

Klong Nin Beach, Koh Lanta Beaches Guide Lots of sun, sand, ancient beaches, clear waters of Andaman sea, charm of the local villages, several eco-attractions and convenient location (just 30 minutes south of Ban Saladan ferry pier) - main arguments of rapidly growing popularity of Klong Nin beach.

The area also boasts an abundance of restaurants serving a wide range of world cuisines from traditional Thai to international favorites.

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How to Get to Klong Nin beach

остров Ко Ланта, Краби, Южный Таиланд,Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель в Ко Ланта, отели Ко Ланта, отдых на Ланте, фото ко ланта, туры в Ко Ланту, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Ко Ланты, ресторан, ланта фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Ланте, медовый месяц, на ЛантеOn Koh Lanta than further south the greater the number of local residents and a pristine natural environment. Klong Nin beach is located in the central part of Koh Lanta and is 35 minutes by taxi from Ban Saladan ferry pier. Main road, decorated on both sides hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants, is within twenty metres from the sandy beach.

In the northern part of Klong Nin beach is the eponymous village where you will find a minimart 7/11, food vendors, beach wear shop, tailor, a pharmacy, a small market with rags, ATM and from this location you can quickly get to the East coast of Koh Lanta.


Klong Nin beach

Klong Nin beach For many people, Klong Nin beach - what the doctor ordered: a distant place focused exclusively on relax. Staying in this area of Koh Lanta expect to see sea views (though not necessarily from your room) and a large array of natural green environment, with well-deserved peace and quiet.

If you are an avid fan of beaches, preferring to enjoy classic holiday: sun, sea, sand and warm clear waters, Klong Nin beach you will try not to disappoint. Add to that a beautiful environment, a large number of restaurants and bars on the beach background greenery and you get a clearer picture of this place.


Klong Nin beach Activities

Klong Nin beach Activities Public facilities, like showers and toilets here don't exist. However, all this can be found in the resorts or beachfront restaurants along the shore, first of all is intended solely for the use of guests.

Essentially, people choose this part of the island due to its seclusion creates the perfect area to do nothing other than to worship the sun and laze among virgin nature, sipping Pino colada in the shade of beach umbrella.


Klong Nin beach Restaurants

Klong Nin beach Restaurants The number of places where you can have a good and tasty food in Klong Nin beach is growing rapidly. This burgeoning area of Koh Lanta has in it's bins not only good hotels and resorts, which will inevitably bring the restaurants, but also the increasing number of expatriates and locals who wish to set up on the beaches of your business.

Today the local dining scene is filled with a sufficient amount of restaurants, ready to please a wide variety of appetites and tastes, and in most places in Klong Nin beach, fresh seafood take first place...


Klong Nin beach Hotels

Klong Nin beach Hotels Klong Nin on Koh Lanta is the third most popular beach after Klong Dao beach and Phra Ae beach. Klong Nin hotels offer all shapes and sizes, prices, designs and flavors, including villas, bungalows and apartments.

Follow the link below to check availability of rooms in hotels, and read reviews from previous guests...


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