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Klong Dao Beach

Koh Lanta Beaches Guide

Klong Dao Beach - Koh Lanta Beaches GuideKlong Dao is 3 km of soft powder white sand and incredibly calm waters. All in full make this place the most popular beach on Koh Lanta. The beach known in Thailand due to it unsurpassed sunsets this place has attracted the highest number of luxurious hotels and resorts and has the largest number restaurants, bars and services than any other beaches on Koh Lanta.

Despite its popularity Klong Dao not overly developed and some of the hotels remain modest and simple, keeping themselves around an isolated atmosphere and often built into jungle gardens. At the southern end of the beach local fishermen use natural stone harbor as pier, parked unusually beautiful long-tailed boats.
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How to Get to Klong Dao beach

How to Get to Klong Dao beach Klong Dao beach is only 2 km from the main centre of the island - Ban Saladan village and a few steps from Lanta's main road where you will find most restaurants and bars, as well as numerous diving centres, shops and major market on Koh Lanta.

Ferries arriving in Koh Lanta come to the main ferry pier surrounded by ATMs, restaurants, Internet cafes and travel agencies. Taxi to Klong Dao beach will not cost you dearly.


Klong Dao beach

Klong Dao beach Bend smooth сrescent of the beautiful Klong Dao beach stretching from North to South rests at the southern end of a rocky cape where long-tailed boats of local fishermens are usually parked. Klong Dao has its own unique atmosphere and never feels very cramped and crowded. The beach is wide and covered with soft sand and plenty of trees along its length, creating a picturesque landscape on the background of high green hills.

In the northern part of Klong Dao the beach covered with casuarinas grove, where a refuge for the most luxurious hotels. Due to the shape of the bay there is always quiet and calm sea and clear waters are not deep - allowing to swim as adults and young kids, creating the perfect place for a family holiday. If you want to explore the underwater world of Klong Dao - try to look it nearby south end of the beach. Klong Dao is also the perfect location to enjoy the fantastic Koh Lanta's sunsets.


Klong Dao beach Activities

Klong Dao beach Activities In fact every hotel in Klong Dao has everything you need for a beach holiday of its guests is a swimming pool, loungers, sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and toilets. Some of the restaurants along the beach rent sun loungers for a small fee and many shady trees will replace your beach umbrella. Toilets can be found in the beachfront restaurants and bars.

Along the beach there are several massage pavilions and facilities for water activities have in many resorts. Families will be happy to know that the sea is completely safe for kids and is usually very calm at this sheltered end of the beach. If you need more - the main road of Koh Lanta is steps away from the beach.


Klong Dao beach Restaurants

Klong Dao beach Restaurants You will never die from hunger in Klong Dao beach! The beachline has a great collection of restaurants and bars, most of which are owned by hotels and resorts. Menu of Thai and international food, pizza, BBQ seafood, ice cream, drinks and fresh fruit.

If you go to the main road you will find here an even greater choice of Thai and international restaurants , pizzerias, cafes, bakeries, eateries and street food sellers. Just go to the local market where you can enjoy a tasty feast inexpensive local food, buy Thai desserts and exotic tropical fruits. The market is open all day, but gaining the maximum speed in the evening.


Klong Dao beach Hotels

Klong Dao beach Hotels Klong Dao beach with the best development on Ko Lanta island can offer a great choice of hotels and resorts are able to satisfy all tastes and purses, including luxury, budget travelers, and everything in between.

Follow the link below to check availability of rooms in hotels, and read reviews from previous guests...

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