Koh Lanta's Southwest Beaches Restaurants, Where to Eat on Koh Lanta's Southwest Beaches
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Koh Lanta's Southwest Beaches Restaurants

Where to Eat on Koh Lanta's Southwest Beaches

Koh Lanta's Southwest Beaches Restaurants, Where to Eat on Koh Lanta's Southwest Beaches Koh Lanta's southwest beaches is one of the most peaceful places in southern Thailand. The location of some five star resorts, these beaches still retains its bucolic charm and here in the midst of unspoilt nature, visitors can really get an unforgettable holiday.

In this part of Ko Lanta you'll quickly find new friends and one of the easiest ways to do this is to eat outside the hotel, in a friendly informal and inexpensive restaurants.
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Klong Nin cafe

Klong Nin cafe Modest Thai cafe in the centre of Klong Nin is actually no real names are extremely popular among locals and foreigners because of its delightful shakers, BBQ chicken and sticky rice with mango.

Excellent food for your money and the perfect place to cool down after lunch.
Opening hours: Daily 08:00 - 22:00
Location: After the right turn towards Klong Nin, next left, follow the road along the beach, this small cafe is the fourth building on the left

Cook Kai Restaurant

Cook Kai Restaurant Large outdoor Thai restaurant under a roof of palm leaves, with heavy furniture and clean floors (the shoes at the entrance you need to remove), widely known among tourists in Klong Nin and sometimes it can be difficult to find a free place. Do not think that there will have to wait long for your order the more they have a great selection of imported and local beers. Fresh components make Cook Kai to stand out compared to other restaurants, especially geng som (spicy yellow curry seafood) and nam prik goong seab (shrimp cold vacation). These two dishes are favorites of the locals.

A lot of seafood here is much cheaper than in other Klongnin's places, and there are a lot of parking space.
Opening hours: Daily 08:00 - 22:00
menu: Thai/seafood/Western/pizza
Location: the road along the Klong Nin beach, opposite Peace Paradise Beach Resort

Roi Thai

Roi Thai Founded many years ago in Chiang Mai, now this restaurant has moved to Klong Nin beach on Koh Lanta. In the preparation of their dishes the chef says that he does not use any preservatives and other flavor enhancers based on fresh products. Serving an extensive Thai menu, and a reasonable selection of Western food this restaurant has something for everyone.

It features free Wi-Fi, and finally try their signature spicy cocktail Tom Yum Martini.
Opening hours: Daily 07:00 - 23:00
Location: go south of Klong Nin, Roi Thai will be right in front of the two statues of tribal men!
Phone: +66 (0) 75 662 549

Diamond Cliff Beach Restaurant & Bar

Diamond Cliff Beach Restaurant & Bar This wonderful restaurant is hard to miss moving to the south from Klong Nin beach. A wall of red brick decorated with slogans promising you the best sea views, best sunsets, and delicious food and drinks. There is big parking space, free wifi and really all of the above described. Views from Diamond Cliff is really stunning (including Nui beach), as well as food and comfortable furniture. To enjoy the food you sitting along the perimeter of restaurant, or for wide tables feeling yourself actually in heaven.

Of the recommended dishes I advise you to try numerous curry flavored fried egg and mango with sticky rice. There is also a dial menu from 5 dishes for just 180 Bath.
Opening hours: every day from 12:00 - 23:00
menu: Thai/Western
Location: on the main road between Klong Nin and Klong Nui beaches

Coconut Bar and Restaurant

Coconut Bar and Restaurant At the southern end of Klong Hin beach near the homonymous village, right on the beach is a typical Thai restaurant and bar by name Coconut popular with local residents. The owner is simultaneously experienced local fisherman feeds into this place with fresh seafood. White sandy beach, shady trees, the quiet sound of the waves - everything in general contributes to a pleasant meal. Eating here made sitting on mats, directly along the beach under the canopies of palm leaves.

The prices are very reasonable, considering the freshness of the food and the environment. The menu focuses curry, seafood, soups and rice dishes. Here you can negotiate with the owner about fishing around Koh Lanta and Koh Ha island.
Opening hours: every day, from morning till evening
menu: Thai/seafood
Location: southern end of Klong Hin right on the beach

Auntie Mae's Bakery

Auntie Mae's Bakery As part of Rawi Warin Resort and Spa and has an entrance from the outside, this bakery will make you instantly hungry as soon as you will come here. Rates in Auntie Mae's higher than in other cafes, but delicious cheesecake, ice cream, cakes and sherbets looking at you from behind the glass are worth the money. Daily boards advertise sandwiches, pasta, pizza and cakes.

Cakes can be made to your order, and this cafe has an extensive wine cellar, including sparkling wines, the contents of which you can use or place or to take with you.
Opening hours: Daily 11:00 - 20:00
Location: on the road, to the right of the entrance to Rawi Warin Resort
Phone: +66 (0) 75 607 400

Jungle View restaurant

Jungle View restaurant Nestled on top of a hill with fantastic views of the bay and Andaman sea, Jungle View restaurant as part of Ban Kan Tiand Villa Resort is designed for fine dining. The menu is modern and elegant featured Thai and Italian dishes, BBQ seafood and numerous desserts, flavoured with fresh breezes and sea views, as well as Thai folk dancing and music every Monday and Friday. Order to start the Spedini Di Gamberoni, brushetta and real Italian pizza, and for dessert Bualo Kai van, or bananas in coconut milk with syrup.

Expect high prices. There is a large selection of wines and free wifi.
Opening hours: Daily 12:00 - 23:00
menu: Italian/Thai/dessert
Location: right before Kantiang beach in Ban Kan Tiand Villa Resort
tel: 089 587 3575 or 075 665052

Luang Uan (Fat Uncle)

остров Ко Ланта, Краби, Южный Таиланд,Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель в Ко Ланта, отели Ко Ланта, отдых на Ланте, фото ко ланта, туры в Ко Ланту, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Ко Ланты, ресторан, ланта фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Ланте, медовый месяц, на Ланте Don't miss this tiny traditional Thai restaurant at the curb, with plastic chairs and tables; it serves sophisticated cuisine of northeastern Thailand, and very cheap. The owner is very friendly and all the food is prepared on demand.

We definitely recommend Som Tam (green papaya salad), larb gai (finely chopped chicken, cooked with garlic, pepper and herbs) and yam nuea (sour and spicy salad of beef).
Opening hours: Daily 12:00 - 23:00
Location: approximately 150 metres towards the south, on the left hand side, after 7/11, Kang Tiang village

Drunken Sailors

Drunken Sailors With this little café in the heart of Kan Tiang beach, there is really a big problem - every time I do not want to leave. With bean bags, hammocks, Wi-Fi, nice staff and a truly wonderful chill-out around these mini-jungle, you feel like the trees put here the roots. On top of the advantages that the owner is the average cook who prepares delicious food at very low prices for this area of the island.

We recommend to try Thai omelette breakfast, burger for lunch, and Tom Yum + Khau Pad Tale for dinner. Rinse all this fruit shaker or seal banana pancake with chocolate cream, and You are completely satisfied!
Opening hours: Daily 08:30 - 21:00
Location: before the entrance to Kan tiang Bay, the cafe is on the right side, at the foot of the hill
Phone: +66 (0) 75 665 076

Alama restaurant

Alama restaurant A new face in Kantiang beach, Alama cafe looks like a European Chalet than a restaurant. Behind the façade of glass and wood, aircon room with comfortable modern furniture and free wifi, you will find delicious food presented popular western and Thai dishes as well as pizzas, pastas, burgers, seafood and many more. In the rear set Junggabo bar with darts, pool table and a delicious drink.

Prices are reasonable considering the location and here it is better to go in the afternoon while to cool off from the hot sun. In high season, reservations in advance are recommended.
Opening hours: Daily 09:00 - 23:30
Location: 160 metres to the south from 7/11, left at the main road, Kan Tiang village
menu: Thai/Western
Phone: 081-1130909 or 086 - 2710345

Same Same but Different

Same Same but Different Same Same is great beachfront restaurant in the southern part of Kantiang bay. Created in harmony with the surrounding tropical environment and built of bamboo and driftwood, this restaurant serves high-quality Thai dishes, while your toes picking soft sand. To get away from this gastronomic paradise well-fed and happy, order a few Thai dishes, along with a small amount of rice and then drink down all that delicious cocktails.

In the day of reckoning expect that the score here may be higher than you would normally pay in other places Ko Lanta, but do not forget that you also pay for the surrounding views and the location.
Opening hours: Daily 11:00 - 22:00
Location: south end of Kan Tiang beach right on the shore, to the right of Pimalai Resort
Phone: +66 (0) 75 665 037

Noon Bar & Restaurant

Noon Bar & Restaurant With unprecedented views of Ko Lanta's Southwest beaches this modern restaurant with cocktail bar built of wood, perched on top of a cliff, offering a wide range of Thai and Western food, and all, despite the high quality and generous portions - at surprisingly reasonable prices. Most western tourists appreciate their steaks, together ordering additional pitcher of beer.

Most nights there is live acoustic music. A good place for dinner or just a cocktail at sunset.
Opening hours: Daily 09:00 - 22:00
Location: follow to south from Kantiang bay, and the next hill is well marked, the restaurant will be on the right hand side

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