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Kaw Kwang beach

Crown Lanta Resort and Spa

Kaw Kwang beach - Koh Lanta Beaches Guide Kaw Kwang beach is located near the north-western tip og Koh Lanta, approximately one kilometre from Ban Saladan and ferry pier. Today Kaw Кwang beach no less popular than its southern neighbors adopting its shores several hotels, including luxury 5-star Crown Lanta Resort and Spa, set in the heart of little tip.

This area of the island is known for its small size and crowded with tourists may be due to the location away from main roads or maybe due to the fact that tourism has had more development on other popular beaches such as Khlong Dao beach and Long beach.

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How to Get to Kaw Kwang beach

остров Ко Ланта, Краби, Южный Таиланд,Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель в Ко Ланта, отели Ко Ланта, отдых на Ланте, фото ко ланта, туры в Ко Ланту, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Ко Ланты, ресторан, ланта фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Ланте, медовый месяц, на Ланте Kaw Kwang beach is located near the northwestern cape of Koh Lanta island and is 10 minutes by taxi from the main ferry pier in Ban Saladan.

Asphalt road leading towards the beach, begins at the end of the village before Lanta Residence (you have to turn right after school).

Kaw Kwang beach

Kaw Kwang beachKlong Dao blends in Kaw Kwang beach and therefore it is difficult to say where begins one a beach and the other ends. In this place the island shore takes the maximum width of the opening spectacular views of Klong Dao and mountain peaks in the southern part of Koh Lanta. In fact, Laem Kaw Kwang is the name of the cape and short stretches of beaches surrounding a small rocky peninsula and also referred to as Ko Kwang. You will find sandy beaches in the north, the south and South-West of the tip, and the most popular places are located on the south side. Here under Casuarina trees many shady spots and this place is a favorite of locals who come here for family picnics. The north side of the cape is a small marsh where locals catch krabs.

It is also worth a private beach belonging to the Crown Lanta Resort and Spa. 50-meter strip of soft sand surrounded by lush hills and coral reef. Although the beach facing west - Crown Lanta is set on a hill giving its guests to admire the sunsets from various points of the resort, including room, restaurant and Crown Reggae beach cocktail bar .

Activities & Facilities

Twin Bay resort, Kaw Kwang beach All you need for a relaxing holiday in Kaw Kwang is a mat or beach towel, unless you are no guest of some resorts located in this part of the island. Toilets can be found in beach bars and restaurants.

Kaw Kwang has some excellent snorkelling and at the south end of the beach. If you want to stay in Twin Bay resort you can use outdoor swimming pool with sea view.


Kaw Kwang beach Restaurants

Kaw Kwang beach Restaurants The lack of real development in this area of Ko Lanta will not give you a picture of the shops, Internet cafes, restaurants and local amenities if you are just not going to Ban Saladan or to south in Klong Dao beach. However there are several beachfront restaurants in hotels + one good restaurant by name View Talay is located on a hillside with sea views. During the high season and on main holidays this beach is full by Thais and food vendors.


Kaw Kwang beach Hotels

Kaw Kwang beach Hotels Kaw Kwang is invisible beach on the North-Western tip of Koh Lanta in a few minutes from the island's capital - Ban Saladan. Accommodation in this place will give you peace and quiet, and everything else you can find in Ban Saladan or nearby Klong Dao beach. Choice of hotels in Kaw Kwang is limited from the luxurious Crown Lanta Resort and Spa resorts to budget resorts using nevertheless very popular.

Follow the link below to check availability of rooms in hotels and read reviews from previous guests...


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