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Koh Chang Festivals & Events

Koh Chang Travel Information

Koh Chang Festivals & Events, Koh Chang Travel Information Thais are very funny and sentimental people. Therefore annual festivals, memorial days and holidays play an important role in their lives. Many Thai festivals are fun and colorful and Thais always invite tourists to take part in them. Other events solemn and very starchy. Regardless of whether it's a dazzling procession of Buddhist religious ceremony, unbridled fun or exotic ritual all these holidays remain a pleasant memory for travellers and help them to understand the cultural heritage of Thailand's most exotic country in Asia.

Many colorful festivals associated with Buddhism, the harvest of rice and memorable dates in the life of Thailand Kings. Some celebrations are held on certain days, other mostly Buddhist associated with the lunar calendar. Also a lot of funny folk festivals.
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Koh Chang Yutthanavi Day is celebrated in late January about Chang Yutthanavi Memorial around Laem Ngop pier. Local people commemorate bravery of Royal Thai Navy in the battle against french on 17 January 1941. Festivities include a ceremony of remembrance, saluting sailors and review of Royal Thai Navy.


Chinese-Thai trade relationsChinese-Thai trade relations and cultural ties cover century. In the old days sailors, marine dealers and simply traders arrived by river boats loaded with precious goods, including Chinese tea, silk and fine China. As trade between the two countries flourished many centuries in Thailand began to appear permanent settlements of the Chinese peoples of different ethnic origin. While early settlers quickly adapted to a new way of life and adopted Thai culture they continued to maintain cultural ties, customs and traditions, carefully observed by their ancestors. Of these traditions, the celebration of the Chinese New Year in different regions of Thailand is the most important annual events. “Chinese New Year in Thailand's China towns usually take place in early february. The festivities consist of religious processions, fireworks and dancing lion and dragon walking on the streets are decorated with lights, smelling incense. Parades of costumed dragons can be seen on all main streets.


Trat ndependence day: Trat Memorial Day is celebrated on 23 March in honor of independence of the province from french invaders. Celebrations are held around the city municipality.

April - Songkran festival in Koh Chang

Thai new year - Songkran. Take place from 13-15 April. Songkran is the traditional Thai New year which is celebrated especially rapidly in Koh Chang. Thanks to several weekends fun lasts 3-5 days during which are good works, pilgrimages are made to the shrines are festive parades and performances, as well as traditional mutual pouring water and fireworks.


Buddha's birthday. Celebrated on 15 may at a local Buddhist temples in the form of religious processions with candles. Very popular among tourists.


Trat Fruit fair: it is the end of may till early june and features exhibitions and fairs of agricultural products, mainly fruits.


The day of dedication to the monks during the rainy season from mid to late july when young people take vows, and are prepared to stay in monasteries for three months


Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen: is celebrated on 12 August. Is a national holiday. Festive events are mainly concentrated in Bangkok. Public buildings decorated with colorful lights and state flags.


Loy Krathong: Held in november on the day of the full moon. This is one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand. At night by moonlight the Thais allowed on the rivers krathongs - small boats made in the shape of a Lotus flower or a banana leaf with burn little candles inside. Throw flowers into the water and coins. Thais believe that on this night the spirits of the water will wash away all the sins of the previous year.


Birthday of His Majesty the King: Noted on 5 December. Is a national holiday. On 3 December colourful and exciting ceremony on the square, the Royal Plaza in Bangkok elite part of the Royal Guard solemnly reaffirm their oath to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On 5 December the celebration is held throughout Thailand . By tradition, all government buildings are decorated with colorful lights. At night Royal Grand Palace and Ratchadamnoen Avenue in Bangkok turns into a fairyland of color lights.

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