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Travel Around Koh Phangan

Taxi, Motorbike and Boat Information for Koh Phangan

Travel Around Koh Phangan, Taxi, Motorbike, Boat Information for Koh Phangan Getting Around in Koh Phangan is fairly easy. Most of the beach resorts are small enough to travel around and most hotels are located close to the beach, restaurants and nightlife areas. If you'd rather not walk, or if your hotel is not on one of the main beaches, your hotel can arrange for a taxi or long tail boat.

If you want to go exploring the island on your own, there are plenty of places to hire motorbike/cars or you can take the local songtaews taxi. Songtaew is an open-air pick-up that run between Thonsala port and the main beaches and minibus taxis that run directly from Haad Rin Pier.

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Taxis (Songtaews) in Koh Phangan

Taxis (Songtaews) in Koh PhanganAn excellent transportation system, Songthaew is pick-up, covered truck taxis with benches in the back that serve as taxi routes around the island. Usually Songtheows stand near the ferry pier in Thongsala port or run around the island in search of passengers. There is also a taxi stand in Hat Rin near the police station. After disembarking at Thongsala or Haad Rin you will be invited by taxi drivers offering to transport you to your destination. The fare depends on the distance and time of day and start from 50 baht for short trip. Usaully the taxi starts when full and prices are considerably higher if there is no one to share the songtaew with. If you are alone expect to wait for the driver to find other passengers before moving on to the next location, particularly if that destination is far away. They drive throughout the day and night on the main tourist roads and you simply wave them down from the side of the road. Make sure with the driver is going your way and always check how much.

Prices for taxi trips from Thongsala to:
- Ao Chalok Lam - 200 baht/person
- Haad Rin - 150 baht/person
- Haad Yao or Haad Salad - 200 baht/person
- Mae Haad - 250 baht/person
- Thong Nai Pan or Than Sadet - 250-300 baht/person
- Thongsala to Baan Tai: 100 baht/person
- To go immediately the fare may be up to 500 Baht per person.

Micro (Mini) Buses in Koh Phangan

A new and more expensive air-conditioned taxi services that run directly from Haad Rin Pier. This minibuses have now the exclusivity for taking people to and from Haad Rin Pier. If you prefer a budget option walk through the town (from the pier go left, then right, pass "Purple Haze" then "Drop In Resort and Spa" follow the road down) until you catch a songtaew. These service can be booked by the majority of hotels, guesthouses or tour operators if you want to leave a particular beach and head back to the port. Also, you can hire a minibus with air-con for 800-1,500 Baht a day.

Travel Around by Motorbike

Koh Phangan Motorbike Rent & Hire & TipsRenting a motorbike is the most popular form of transport on the Islands and Thailand. Riding around Koh Phangan on a motorbike is wonderful - but it's also extremely risky as insurance is usually not included - regardless of what you are told. While the roads are dangerous, rental shops have been known to scam visitors, and motorbike accidents are frequent, motorbikes are still one of the most popular ways to get around Koh Phangan. If you have an accident you may be liable for damages and medical bills or worse, if you are not insured. To make sure, you must have a Thai or an International motorbike licence for make a successful claim on insurance in case of an accident. For around 200 baht/day, 100-125cc motorbikes can be hired, while larger bikes cost upwards of 1000 baht/day. It's probably better if you're an inexperienced rider to forget the bike and go for the safety of a car or jeep.

Read more about Motorbike hire in Koh Phangan...

Rent a Car

One of the best ways to see Koh Phangan and its surrounding scenery is to rent a car. There are many scenic roads, particularly on the island's West Coast. It's fun, easy and best of all - safely. Highly advisable to rent small Suzuki Samurai jeeps, which are considerably safer to drive than motorbikes, though not without difficulty as some of the roads on the island are still a challenge to navigate. Also You can rent most types of vehicles here from 4?4, automatics and a standard car. You will need to produce a drivers licenses for the person who will drive the car.


Koh Phangan Motorbike Rent & Hire & TipsThe traditional long-tail boats operate as taxis between some of the more remote beaches. Some shores such as Bottle Beach and Haad Yuan can only be reached by long tail boat. The boats takes you quickly and convenient to all snorkeling or fishing spots as well as leisure trips. The prices for a long tail depends on the amount of passangers. Usually the boat taxis operate on Phangan's north and east coastes but you can privately hire a long-tail boat in other beaches for a half-day or full day trip to take you beach hopping around the island. From Haad Rin to Haad Thian East (the Sanctuary) usually costs around 200 baht although prices vary depending on the size of the waves and the number of riders. A taxi boat including speedboats and long tail boats for journey to Anthong Marine National Park or to the neighbouring islands also can be chartered by contacting the hotel or resort.

Luxury Speed-boat

An unique and unforgettable day in the Golf of Thailand with your friends and family chartered to Koh Tao or Ang Thon Marine Park. Contact to any tour operators on Koh Phangan or your hotel. Speed boat private charters for guest in highest standart of services for reasonable prices. Average prices for rent of a speed boat:
- around Koh Phangan 12,000 Bath
- Koh Phangan to Koh Tao 19,000 Bath
- Koh Phangan to Ang Thong Marine Park 17,000 Bath
- Phangan to Koh Samui (close to airport) 7,000 Bath
- fee renting is 3,000 Bath/hour


Motorcycle taxis on Koh Phangan

Motorbike taxis are great and cheap for short distances and available at virtually all hours of the day and night. Look out for "motorbike taxi stands" - groups of motorcyclists near popular spots in Thong Sala town or on street corners, outside shopping centres or department stores, or just cruising the island. They will take you anywhere but always ensure that you are provided with a helmet. Do negotiate the price before you get on. Fares depend on the distance and time of the day, and your bargaining skills. Not the safest mode of transport but convenient.


Haad Yao beach ActivitiesThe great thing to using a bicycle is you can stop anywhere you like to appreciate the beautiful views and scenery around Koh Phangan. The cyclists can rent a bike from 50 Baht per day available from shops in Ban Tai and Thongsala aw well as many hotels provide a bicycles free for their guests. Both, geared mountain bikes and city bikes are readily available across the island. Some roads of Koh Phangan, such as Ao Srithanu, Hin Kong, Baan Tai and Thongsala are flat and make for easy riding. Always take plenty of drinking water with you and try to avoid a sleeping dogs.

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