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Koh Phangan Weather Forecast

Koh Phangan Information

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND Due to its proximity to the equator, Koh Phangan has a tropical monsoon climate with an average temperature of 25° - 34° C. Humidity is high and the weather is generally good year round, and the one thing you will rarely feel is cold.

The recommended time to visit Koh Phangan has always been mid-December to late March; this is also peak season dropping into high season for Thailand. Peak season is a few weeks at Christmas and New Year's eve especially at the Full Moon Party time.
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The Dry Season

The dry season runs roughly from mid December - April when it is mostly dry and relatively cool. The latter month typically being the hottest month of the year throughout the whole of Thailand. In this period not much rain, but it might occur some refreshing wind or breeze at this time. The central highlands are typically cooler than the coasts. Great for windserfing and kiteboarding as well as diving aroung Koh Phangan. It is normally a lot of sunshine at this season.

The Hot Season

From May to September is perfect beach weather. The weather is still dry in this time, and it is usually very sunny and hot. From the end of April to May tends to be hot and humid and the conditions can be a little stifling at this time. In May it might rain a little more though. This is a great period to visit the islands if you can stand temperatures ranging from 30 degrees Celsius plus at daytime. July to August is a good time to visit to Koh Phangan because temperatures are comfy and warm and there are only moderate rainfall levels compared with some other months of the year. During July, August and especially September the visibility under water can hit 30 meters plus and it's time the best for diving.

The Rainy Season

Also known as the monsoon season, September through to November sees the heaviest rainfall, although even now it doesn’t fall everyday and the rain showers are often short. It's still hot and normally there are many sunny days in the monsoon period. Although still great for the beach holiday (less people, lower hotel rates), this is not the best time to come for diving, as visibility is reduced by around 30%. However, try to avoid this time if you are looking for a rain-free trip as this is when the southern monsoon rains hit Koh Phangan the hardest.

Koh Phangan Tidal Seasons

Another theme to think about is how the weather will affect any activities you are planning to do whilst on Koh Phangan. Period from March to November is the low tidal season in Koh Phangan. On beaches like Srithanu, Haad Chao phao, Haad Yuan and Haad Salad beach swimming is confined to the part of the day when the tide is high. These beaches are better to swim during the high tidal period from December to April. Beaches on Phangan's North and East coasts such as Bottle Beach, Ao Chaloklum, Thong Nai Pan Noi and Yai, Than Sadet, Haad Thian and Haad Yuan have little tidal difference throughout the year – there is not a coral reef there and are thus great for year round swimming but not snorkeling.
Average temperatures and rain on Koh Phangan
Month Aver.up Avr.low rain (mm)
jan 29.1 24.1 144.2
feb 29.5 25.2 33.3
mar 30.8 25.8 50
apr 32.1 26.2 85.8
may 32.5 25.8 157.5
jun 32.2 25.6 92.8
jul 31.9 25.1 130.9
aug 31.8 25.2 105.5
sep 31.5 24.9 113.2
oct 31.5 24.9 265.9
nov 29.5 24.1 526.1
dec 29.0 23.9 203.1

Actual weather and forecast Koh Phangan...

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