Thong Sala Shopping - What to Buy and Where to Shop in Thong Sala
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Thong Sala Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Thong Sala

Thong Sala Shopping - What to Buy and Where to Shop in Thong SalaThong Sala is really a shopping center on the island. With Tesco Lotus supermarket, crowded during the day and especially at night time Pantip food market, a bustling Central market and countless souvenir shops you will have the chance to stock up on almost everything you need while shopping in Thong Sala. The prices here are much cheaper than in many Western countries and the choice of items is largely integrated, creating the conditions for good shopping in Koh Phangan.

Items fo sale include: t-shirts, sunglasses, hammocks, jeans, shorts, music, CDs, DVDs, electronic devices and much more. But the most marketable commodity in Koh Phangan are the hammocks (look in the Hammock Home shop in Thongsala). The hammock is the most essential thing on the island - where else could you so comfortable to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, coconut trees and beautiful blue sea on the background? All the best views of Koh Phangan only visible from the hammock!

Shops in Thong Sala and Haad Rin largely offer something exclusive, but for the most part some items that you don't need at all. Here you can try to bargain, but in the real world prices are fixed everywhere. You can get from time to time a small discount, but this is the exception and not the rule. Remember that you are in a tourist area and that the prices are usually higher than on the mainland, say for example in Bangkok, but lower than in European countries. And don't forget about your main weapon while buying is smile!
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Thong Sala Walking Street

Thong Sala Walking Street Thongsala Walking Street is easily the most popular shopping experience in Koh Phangan. A vibrant spectrum of art, crafts, music and food Ц with handmade quality goods and souvenirs that echo the spirit of Southern Thailand every saturday afternoon from 4pm. The old high street not far Pantip Food Market and ferry pier, know in Thong Sala as Taladkao road becomes a bustling walking street bazaar and as one of the most popular locals and tourist attractions in the town, it does get busy.

Opening Hours: Best time to go is after 17:00
Location: Taladkao road, near the main ferry pier, Thong Sala town


Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus thongsala Most of the major supermarkets in Thailand, except for necessary products has a collection of satellite shops and Tesco Lotus in Thong Sala is no exception. Here you can test your eyesight and buy glasses in Top Charoen Optical, choose your favorite CD and DVD with music or movies in Media Network, to stock up on medicines and toiletries in the pharmacy, as well as to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack at a local cafe. Outside You'll find no less than six ATM-s and several shops selling clothing.

opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00
location: Thong Sala center

Indy Island Store

Indy Island Store How do you think, that you can buy in Koh Phangan paying 50Bath only? Handicrafts from all over Thailand, colorful and fashionable bags of mountain tribes, toys, fashion and bright accessories for FMP, t-shirts, candles and more, sold in the open in October 2010 INDY Island shop for 50 Baht. The shop owner adheres to the concept of providing visitors to the island of high quality products with low prices. "We want to offer everyone who visits Thailand, something special that can serve as a good reminder about the conduct of a great vacation on a tropical island," he says.

opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00
location: on Thongsala outskirts, the road towards Baan Tai beach, opposite 7/11
Tel: 08 5323 9311

Panthip Plaza market

Panthip Plaza market Panthip offers the best selection of handicrafts, jewelry, accessories, casual clothing, sunglasses, beachwear, fake clothes of famous brands, souvenirs, pants, fisherman-s, all for snorkeling and fluorescent beachwear for Full Moon Party (very significant). Prices are negotiable, so haggle with a smile. Remember that this is an ordinary market filled with lots of booths and stalls, competing with each other. You can first leisurely stroll, to examine the goods and to compare prices, find yourself the most juicy offer.

opening hours: 12:00 - 22:00
location: Thong Sala the main street

Hammock Lovers Gallery

Hammock Lovers Gallery Colourful, convenient and original - Gallery of fans of hammocks (Hammock Lovers Gallery) - experience in itself. The house - shop full of each size and forms, easy hammocks, unimaginable models, alongside with other accessories, such as clever bags for hippie and on sale even are available parachutes, and trailing chairs. У In our hammocks you will feel like, as on a cloud Ф, advertises the goods the friendly owner, Mr. Moon. Reflecting on it, there is a uncontrollable desire to get just in case a parachute...

hours: from 09:00 Ц 21:00
Place: main road to Baan Tai, before turn to Thong Nai Pan beach

Workshop Silver

Workshop Silver Unique jewelry made from silver, the highest standard presents rings, bracelets, chains and exquisite accessories offers Silver Workshop, which also has a branch in Haad Rin at Green Peace Plaza. The prices are quite reasonable and you can order the product by your design. In addition to this Workshop gives three-day courses, to learn how to create silver jewelry. The price of lessons 1500 Bath.

opening hours: 09:00 - 21:00
location: Thong Sala, opposite the main pier, on the left side.
Tel - 0860961580 / 0890346036

U Bookstore

U Bookstore Sale of books in several languages, as well as buy a used or exchange, U Bookstore shop has a stockpile of international journals, and sells DVD's and audio-book CD-s. Probably the best choice in Koh Phangan if you are not able to sunbathe on the beach without any literature in hand.

opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00
location: main street

No Name shop

No Name shop in thongsala Located on Talad Kao Road, branching from the main street, the store untitled and managed by Mr Pound selling wooden statues of the Buddha, with his heads and stuff. This charming shop and its price although not cheap, are reasonable given the perfectly matched to the sale of the material. The shop is surrounded by windows with sarongs and t-Shirts, which are also worth exploring.

opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
location: Talad Kao Rd

The Gold shop

Gold shop Typical Chinese gold shop, decorated in red and gold tones and filled with despicable metal. Bracelets, rings, brooches and chains, presented here in a large selection. Great assortment of jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
location: Thong Sala, at the end of main street

Siam Souvenir

Siam Souvenir Imperceptible shop, whose facade is decorated in Northern Thai style selling souvenirs, mostly made of wood and imported from the Northern Thailand. Elephants, statues, carvings, items for home design, paintings, Buddhist symbols and other items created by Thai craftsmen. If your plans do not visit Chiang Mai, look for them. Not expensive.

opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
location: at the end of main street, opposite Golden store

Thong Sala Fresh Market

Thong Sala Fresh Market Central Fresh market is located on both sides of soi Phupathana in the centre of Thong Sala. Here you will find daily fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, seafood, and a wide selection of local produce, including herbs and spices. Fresh market is very popular place for shopping among local people and foreign residents.

opening hours: 05:00 - 18:00
location: Soi Phupathana, in the centre of Thong Sala

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