Mae Haad Beach Overview, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide
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Haad Mae Haad Beach Overview

Koh Phangan Beaches Guide

Mae Haad Beach Overview, Koh Phangan Beaches Guide Koh Phangan's snorkeling and diving 'Mecca', the picturesque Haad Mae Haad beach is one of the best beaches that the island has to offer. Lots of sun, sand and a coral reef rich with marine life are daily attracted to this colorful tropical Paradise, where romantic chic blends blissfully with the beauty of nature large crowds of people.

A sandbar separates Mae Haad beach into two halves, where the East end is shorter and largely not used by tourists. At low tide here is quite dirty, and the local fishermen use this area to park their boats. Sandy beach with little coarse sand in several places on the western half is much longer and more beautiful, and this is the place where most happyly holidaymakers in quest of sun and beach activities.

The best time to visit Mae Haad beach from December to March, as in the other seasons during low tide swimming is difficult, although still possible to enjoy snorkeling in the midst of superb coral reef.
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How to Get to Mae Haad beach

How to Get to Mae Haad beach Mae Had beach is located in north-west part of Koh Phangan between Haad Salad and Ao Chaloklum and now the beach is connected to the main road of the island by a new driveway. Some hotels in Haad Mae Haad offer a free pick-up service from/to Thong Sala port. Otherwise taxi fare should be 200 baht/per one way. In Mae Haad beach you also can rent a motorbike or car.

There are three ways to ride Haad Mae Haad beach:
- from Thonsala along Koh Phangan west coast. This way is more long and tiresome;
- via Ao Chaloklum; riding this way, that starts near Thai Inter Clinic in Thongsals is the most short and comfortable;
- the road starts from Thong Sala's Tesco Lotus. Follow the road and after passing Crokodile & Elephant show ( on the left side) you'll go down to Mae Haad. This way is the more free traffic and the short too.

Mae Haad beach Facilities

Mae Haad beach Facilities A handful of beachfront hotels and restaurants have sunbeds and chairs for use by their guests. Toilets and showers can be found in bars and restaurants in Mae Haad beach usually allow you to use it for a small charge.

Mae Haad is one of the few Koh Phangan beaches is full of shady trees and all you need is a mat or beach towel to hide from the scorching sun.

The only ATM (Bangkok Bank) is outside Maehaad Bay Resort. There is a money exchange in the village.

Haad Mae Haad Beach Restaurants & Food

Haad Mae Haad Beach Restaurants & Food The main caterer of food and drinks in Mae Haad beach is the well-placed Island View Cabana restaurant firmly occupies the best position right on the beach with views of Koh Ma island. The eatery for all tastes and budgets serves popular Thai dishes, vegetarian food and Western favorites by reasonable prices. In addition, the beach and the nearby village have more restaurants and bars that will actively back your power for explore the underwater world of Mae Haad bay...


Snorkeling and Diving in Mae Haad Beach (Koh Ma island)

Snorkeling and Diving in Mae Haad Beach (Koh Ma island) Diving and snorkeling in Mae Haad is to be the best on Koh Phangan island. An impressive coral reef lies at a small depth of about 80 m off shore bordering the Eastern end of tiny Koh Ma island. To faster and safer to get this magical underwater kingdom you need to use a sand spit that connects Koh Ma with the beach. Although waters is best at low tide, you can get to Koh Ma at high tide time.

Expect to see below-the-waterline marine wonderland that is full of colorful hard corals, anemones with clown fish, parrot fish, moorish idol, longfin bannerfish, wrasse, longfin grupper, colonies of sea hedgehog and many other colorful tropical fish. You can rent fins and masks (80 Bath/hour) on the beach, but some time don’t expect great quality gear.

There are two dive shops in Mae Haad beach: The Dive-Inn and Chaloklum Diving. Diving centers offer snorkeling and scuba diving trips around Koh Ma island and to Koh Tao dive sites.


Mae Haad Beach Activities & Attractions

Haad Cao Phao Beach Activities After snorkeling and swimming in the warm and clear waters of the Mae Haad bay, the second most popular activity on this beach is the Thai Massage. Mae Haad has a few of salas set in shady places right on the beach where you can get a traditional Thai massage, oil massage, reflexology and other types of massages. The prices start from 200 Bath/hour.

Kayaking in Mae Haad is also a popular water activities allows you to explore remote beaches and to see the other side of Koh Ma island. Rent a kayak is 200 Bath\hour. Therу is volleybal net on the beach.

If you still have the energy after an exciting snorkeling visit Wang Sai waterfall is located amidst the forests in the southern part of Haad Mae Haad. The small waterfall looks better in the wet season.
Haad Cao Phao Beach Activities
Phangan Utopia view-point are also a spectacular sight in Mae Haad and excellent point for observing Haad Thong Lang beach and the sunsets over Koh Ma island and coral reef. The best way to get there is by motorbike.

There is an Elephant camp with snake, crocodile and monkey show located slightly west of Mae Haad beach right near the main road. This is a delightful and fun attraction for the whole family.

For yoga lovers. There are Mandala Yoga, Hatha and Ashtanga with individual approach, as well a Pranayama & Meditation classes hold in Mae Haad village near Om Bakery. Daily classes: 09:30-11:00 & 16:00-17:30

Hotels Right on The Beach

- Maehaad Bay Resort

All Hotels in Mae Haad Beach

All Hotels in Haad Chao Phao BeachFrom time to time, here are a noisy night parties ending only in the morning. However, most of the time 'snorkeling Mecca' Haad Mae Haad beach remains fairly quiet and peaceful beach. Hotels, resorts and bungalows here are inexpensive and principal places of residence, as for example Royal Orchid Resort in east part of the beach. If You are not on a budget it is best to stay in luxurious Maehaad Bay Resort...


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