Mae Haad Beach Restaurants, What and Where to Eat in Mae Haad Beach
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Mae Haad Beach Restaurants

What and Where to Eat in Haad Mae Haad Beach

Mae Haad Beach Restaurants, What and Where to Eat in Mae Haad Beach An unfulfilled appetite has never been an issue in Mae Haad. The beach area despite the excess of space is not rich with beachfront restaurants but those that are not to disappoint you. Most of what is on menu offer covers Thai cuisine, seafood as well as international dishes.

Browse from the Island View Cabana and Wangsai restaurant to plan your own journey, and don’t hesitate to explore Mae Haad village, next to Maehaad Bay resort where local residents dish up surprisingly tasty fare.
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Island View Cabana

Island View Cabana restaurant Haad Mae Haad beach Island View Cabana restaurant features a comfortable interior with open air seatings facing Koh Ma island, offering Thai and favorite Western dishes, including a large pizzas, salads, pastas, desserts, sandwiches and burgers selection. The Island View is famous for its Thai soups, including Tom Yam Goong and Tom Ka Gai, spring rolls, beef scallops, fish steak and the thin spicy curries with vegan and meat options by reasonable prices.

There is a BBQ in the beachside dinind venue from 16:00-22:00. The range and quality of their fresh seafood goes through grilling, barbecuing or frying making a for a dining experience worth lingering over. Try their fillet of a barracuda or mackerel with ships, vegetable choice and sauce is 300 Bath. The Tiger Prawn - 150 Bath/100gr. T-bone steak with baked potato and steamed vegetable salad is 450 Bath. It also stocks a few wine selection from Australia and South America, as well as local Thai wine. The beautiful surrounding view and great food make Island View Cabana highly recommended spot to enjoy a relaxed meal.

Opening hours: 07:00 - 22:00
location: right on the beach at Island View Cabana
menu: Thai and International, BBQ, Seafood

Wang Sai Restaurant

Wangsai Restaurant With riverside location, Wangsai is a big teakwood restaurant in the middle of Mae Haad, face to the beach and connected to it by way of a small bridge. The shade eatery has two entrances and in both cases you should remove your shoes, however...what about the menu. Wang Sai serves what it refers to as 'tropical comfort food' through Thai and vegetarian specialties to international favorites, as well as European breakfast options. Try their famous Tom Yam soup or grilled fish where the herbs and spices used vary from most Thai seafood recipes, and the soup is clear yet rich and tasteful, a surreal possibility.

For your information: Wang Sai has an other outlet with roadside location when you leave Mae Haad beach (left hand side)
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Location: central part of Haad Mae Haad Beach at Wang Sai Resort
menu: Thai, Seafood and Western

Sun Shine Restaurant

Sun Shine Restaurant Sun Shine is all about home made pasta and pizza serving in an open-side, roadside, fan-cooled restaurant just outside Mae Haad beach. A some pages of the menu show nothing but the Italian dish, but don't worry it also serves Thai food and at cheap prices, too.

Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Location: 180 metres from Haad Mae Haad Beach
Tel: +66 (0)77 374 119
menu: Italian (pasta & pizza) and Thai

Wun Restaurant

Wun Restaurant A good alternative to beachfront dining when it comes value for money. A cozy Wun restaurant is located on the village main street and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offers Italian style spagetti as well a Phad Thai, fried rice, green curry, massaman and BBQ seafood by ridiculous sum. The drinks menu features mango, banana, coconut, pineaple, orange shakes and also ice tea, coffee and of course cold Thai beer.

Hours: 07:00 – 23:00
Location: the village main street, behind Maehaad Bay resort
menu: Thai

Pim Restaurant

Pim Restaurant You'll find Pim restaurant on the route connected Haad Mae Haad beach with the island's main road. With a traditional Thai seating, low tables and cusions (Mon), this restaurant presents menu created to cater to every Thai food lovers. Thai soups such as the Tom Yum Goong come as standard selection, while as hor mok thale (fish cake with curry), Phad Thai with shrimps and pla sam rod (crispy whole grouper fish with three local flavours, sweet, sour and spicy) are the special dishes.

hours: 08:00 - 23:00
menu: Thai
place: at Pim Bungalow
Tel: +66 (0)77 374 210

Om Bakery

Om Bakery Om Bakery serves healthy options including a fruit shakes, and sandwiches with the ‘Daily Bread’. The bakery is also a great yoga-doing-watching spot to relax at with a healthy fruit smoothie at hand.

hours: 10:00 - 18:00
location: tne village main street
menu: bakery/yoga
Tel: +66 (0)77 374 209

Royal Orchid (Sunset) Restaurant

Royal Orchid Restaurant The Royal Orchid is beachside restaurant with outside and inside seating serves Thai and international cuisine in a relaxing environment and with views of Koh Ma island and the ocean beyond. Highly recommended Thai menu includes popular dishes of rice and noodles, spicy soups, savoury curries and fresh seafood. The dining place with laid back vibe also offers European cuisine.

hours: 07:00 - 22:00
location: the northern end of the beach, at Royal Orchid Resort
menu: Thai, seafood and western

Maehaad Cove Restaurant

Maehaad Cove Restaurant A typical Thai beachside restaurant located in the southern end of the beach, Maehaad Cove will introduce you with the heady aromas of homemade Thai food consisting of a mix of ginger, lemongrass, chili and curry. A chilled beer and soft drinks are avaliable in bar.

: 08:00 - 22:00
location: tne southern end of Mae Haad beach at Maehaad Cove Resort
menu: Thai and Western

Maehaad View Restaurant

Maehaad View Restaurant A good place to eat if you are a budget traveler, Maehaad View restaurant is located in the southern end of the beach has on menu all popular in this part of Thailand Thai dishes, and some Western food at fairly reasonable prices which will not burn a hole in your wallet.

: 07:00 - 22:00
location: tne southern end of Mae Haad beach at Maehaad View Resort
menu: Thai and Western

Phangan Utopia Restaurant

Phangan Utopia Restaurant What about daily dining with a stunning view? No problem, if you are staying at the Phangan Utopia resort. The view from dining terrace of Utopia restaurant is one of the most breathtaking on Koh Phangan, and well worth the journey to this less visited corner of the island. Phangan Utopia resort sits on a hill above the beach with a sweeping view over lush green vegetation, down to the crecent Haad Thong Lang bay and out to the Gulf of Thailand. A cool sea breeze and relaxed atmosphere make this a most pleasant place to enjoy a memorable lunch or dinner.

The chef has extensive experience and uses local produce to create dishes with a classic Thai twist. The soups, thai curries, salads, BBQ seafood, sandwiches and Mediterranean foods an expert understanding of the importance of a good base to a dish. The food, ambiance, and view all combine to make an unforgettable dining experience. Finally, the food at Phangan Utopia is simply delicious and will have you coming back for more.

hours: 07:00 - 22:00
menu: Thai and Mediterranean
location: at Phangan Utopia Resort

description, reviews Three Sixty Bar View Point

Cookies Salad Restaurant and Bar Three Sixty Bar View Point is one of the best places on the island of Koh Phangan to enjoy sunset.
Set in a prominent position on the top of the hill bar gives a fantastic 360 degree view of sea scenery Koh Phangan's south-west coast, Koh Maa Island and Ang Thong Marine Park. Perfect view point, Three Sixty Bar (360 bar) offers the Sunset Session with some, deep house tech house techno music from international dj. The place has plenty of space and some levels, and a large bar with drinks, including beer and creative cocktails.

opening hours: 14:00 - 23:30
location: on the hill side at Haad Mae Had beach, near Phangan Utopia resort.
menu: drinks, snaks, music and the best view


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