Haad Rin Beach Shopping, What to Buy and Where to Shop in Haad Rin Beach
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Haad Rin beach Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Haad Rin beach

Haad Rin Beach Shopping, What to Buy and Where to Shop in Haad Rin BeachHaad Rin town is quite small and you only need one hour walk to explore all of its streets and alleys. The shops here are much cheaper than Samui, but packed with the same material. Nevertheless it is still nice, especially when you get down these prices even lower, as opposed to some expensive shops that have fixed prices. While staying here, you will find natural nonsense, which can only be found in Haad Rin beach. It turns out the prices of things, too can depend on the moon cycle as for example the tides.

The night before Full Moon Party prices are rising and are kept at a high level, while partygoers have the power to stay on their foot, and the shops this particular stay open whole night until last customer selling the drinks, clothes and everything else that is in demand that young people who buy things just for FMP. Everywhere in town you will find a large number of cabins and shops. Beachwear, sarongs, funny hats and t-shirts are the basic elements of sales, numerous shapes and designs, handcrafted jewelry, clothing and leather bags and even a shop with spicy lingerie, on the way down to Haad Rin Nok (sunrise) beach!
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Full Moon in Love Clothing Shop

Full Moon in Love Clothing Shop It is typical for the Haad Rin the shop beach and clothes for parties, where You can find untold wealth fluorescent bikinis, T-shirts, shorts and all that you can to wear at the night of the full moon. I want to warn that fluorescent beachwear is not cheap and those who are on the budget, will have quite a long time to bargain... and of course with a smile.

opening hours
: 10:00 - until late at FMP time
location: Central Haad Rin

Tatu galleries

Tatu galleries in Haad Rin Haad Rin is like a magnet as those who do tattoos and those who prefer to wear on her body. This souvenir (and sometimes not washable), in memory of a tropical island is not cheap (about 12 000 Bath for the picture on your hip) and enough people do not come here alone. For some strange reason, the ratio between the amount of alcohol drunk and the probability of getting a tattoo the same proportion (about this fact is evidenced by many tattoo studios in Haad Rin beach) - so don't be surprised when waking up in the morning with a hangover, finds on his shoulder graceful figure.

opening hours:
10:00 - till late
location: throughout the city

Workshop Silver

Workshop Silver Unique jewelry made of sterling silver presented by rings, bracelets, chains and exquisite accessories, sells Silver Workshop which also has a outlet in Thong Sala in front of the main ferry pier. The prices are quite reasonable and you can order the product by your design. In addition to this Workshop gives three-day courses, to learn how to create silver jewelry. The price of lessons 1500 Bath.

opening hours:
09:00 - 21:00
location: Green Peace Plaza, next to Chicken Corner restaurant
Tel - 0860961580 / 0890346036

Moonstone Jewerly

Moonstone Jewerly Exclusive jewelry from gold and silver. A large collection of precious stones and life-giving crystals. Natural and exotic leather handbags, belts and wallets from a French designer. All these items are featured in Moon Stones shop unique. In addition in the shop where can speak English they accept individual orders for individual designs.

opening hours:
09:00 - 21:00
place: Western Haad Rin, the junction near Corner Chiken
Tel: 077 375136

7- Eleven

7- Eleven Haad rin Find a 7-eleven in Thailand is not big problems. But what really makes it popular with farangs mini-market from the rest of it's peers located in other parts of the country - is that it is extremely crowded. Be prepared to stand in turn for some time.

opening hours:
location: Eastern part of the city, opposite Haad Rin Pharmacy

Nature Art gallery

Nature Art gallery  in Haad rin beach Nature Art Gallery is a stylish jewellery store and has in Haad Rin three branches, each cool, clean and full of precious treasures handmade, made to order in different trifles, semi and precious stones, Buddha statues, silver accessories, bright fans, wallets, bags and textile products. The bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings sold at Nature Art Gallery are designed and created on site so you could get custom-made jewels according to your taste, and the company even dispenses jewellery making courses. Fixed prices.

opening hours:
11:00 - 23:00
location: three outlets, all in Central Haad Rin
Tel: 077 375 246

Amazonas 1974

Amazonas1974 shop With 3 branches on Koh Phangan, Amazonas 1974 is located in the centre of Haad Rin Town and sells bikini, clothes, shoes, boots, fashion accessories, and jewellery. The items for sale at Amazonas are colourful and trendy in a chic-Bohemian sort of way; the clothes on display are of Asian and Indian inspiration and mostly for women.

opening hours:
10:00 - 22:00
location: soi Mae Boontham, Haad Rin town

Luna Lena Beach Wear

Luna Lena Beach Wear Part of an exclusive US swimwear brand, this stylish store has a wide range of ladies swimwear, bikinis and accessories inspired by nature and a lust for international adventures. The wares on offer have a great unique style and a very fashionable look, which the store’s own sun-bleached beach hut-style décor perfectly complements. All swimwear is for the trend-setting, beach loving, wanderlust-er looking to express her freedom, confidence, and style on beaches around the world. As you would expect, this level of quality does come at a not-inconsiderable cost.

opening hours:
10:00 - 22:00
location: soi Mae Boontham, Haad Rin town

Fusion shop

Fusion shop  in Haad rinFusion clothing shop with fresh interior and air-conditioned atmosphere, relies mainly on clothes for ladies, offering various clothes made by locally. If you suddenly find here on any thing known brand name most likely is a fake (but quite well).

opening hours
: 10:00 - until late in the night FMP
location: Central Haad Rin, on the street leading to the ferry pier to Koh Samui, two steps from Siam Commercial Bank

Local Supermarket

Local Supermarket in Haad Rin Nok beach Just this mini-market does not sell, anyway to buy it all. Bags for hippies and rastafarians, sunglasses, drinking, straw mats, sarongs, pants-fishermen, beach wear, souvenirs and gifts - the list is endless - all out by meaningless under the motto ‘No packages' that adorn the outside of the glass you want and understand.

opening hours
: 10:00 - 22:00
location: Central Haad Rin, near 7/11

Bitch Ware

B!tch Ware shop in haad rinThe last thing You would expect to see in this pristine, innocent, small town is shop of sexy lingerie, located all there all equally confident of success, and as shameless, offering lovely nightgowns, rubber dolls 'Christmas' gadgets, thongs, costumes for adults - and even sexy PVC is made under the skin, corsets. FYI, outside of Bangkok, you would've had to find this shop. Fixed prices.

opening hours:
11:00 - 23:00, in the days FMP almost until morning
location: Haad Rin East - alley leading to the beach of Haad Rin Nok beach

Pharmacies Haad Rin

ОСТРОВ КО ПАНГАН _ КОХ ПХАНГАН ТАИЛАНД _KOPANGAN_ KOH PHANGAN ISLAND THAILAND For your information: Thai pharmacy you are willing to sell imported drugs that are impossible to buy in Western countries without proper prescription. Also, typical qualified Thai farmacevt has a surprisingly broad knowledge when it comes to drugs and alternative medicine. Troubles arise when this person takes a vacation or he(she) will often be left in its place an unskilled person or his relative.

opening hours:
are different everywhere, but mostly from 09:00 - 22:00, with the later closing in the days of the FMP. The Southland hospital International Clinic is open 24 hours a day
location: around Haad Rin

Haad Rin Beach Shops on the Map of Koh Phangan

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