Haad Rin Beach Nightlife, What to Do at Night in Haad Rin beach
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Haad Rin beach Nightlife

What to Do at Night in Haad Rin beach

Haad Rin Beach Nightlife, What to Do at Night in Haad Rin beach
The famous Full Moon Party in Haad Rin isn't everything! The entire southern part of Koh Phangan island is quite "bright" and the hottest place in this part of Thailand to enjoy fun parties, the dining of good food, walks on bars and dance until morning. If You are looking for a truly wild night, then head down into the small streets leading to the beach and wander through them until you find a fun group - the later the better.

While the Central Haad Rin quieter, I mean the music volume, but still crowded. Most bars and clubs are located on Haad Rin Nok (sunrise) beach, another name is "full moon party" beach, although here beside the beach you can find a lot more interesting hot night places.

Among the most popular nightlife hot spot in Haad Rin the most visited places:
- Paradise, a place where for the first time on the island held Full Moon Party;
- Zoom bar where visitors come fascinated by psy-trance;
- next, Drop In club and Cactus, both prefer to run more commercial music, just have a good time at Orchid that at the end of the beach, Big Boom bar is mostly popular with Thai visitors. This is an incomplete list of nightlife where to go since the enumeration of all the bars and clubs within a few pages. Many places are located along the beach, a few steps from each other so you will only need to leave one, and if the mood immediately to go to another.

For a full understanding about nightlife scene of the island step into the isthmus and look in Haad Rin Nai (sunset) beach, for example in a Purple Haze Bar located in front of ferry pier near the lake. Here offers delightful shakers that you will remember all your life. Inside Haad Rin town there are Same-Same restaurant and bar which is a favourite amongst partygoers, where instead of "techno" music. Outback bar and Warm Up bar is as popular attractions and is a good choice. At the beginning of soi leading to a Drop In, The Eclipseis a lounge bar where often invite international DJ and serve great cocktails and delicious food, all in a lively, relaxed atmosphere.
Anyway, in the city you can find the same thing as on the beach, there are so many places and you only have to check all around to find what you like and where you can spend the night.
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Haad Rin Full Moon Party Koh Phangan White sand Haad Rin Nok (sunrise) beach, just 800 m long. But at the Fuul Moon nights and New year time, 12 high-performance sound system lined along the beach attract by original dance music up to 30,000 partygoers to Haad Rin. In short, Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is the most famous and the most vibrant, cultural dance event in the world..


Cactus bar

Cactus bar Facing the sunrise (Nok beach), with entrance from soy leading from the town centre down to the beach, Cactus bar has an impressive facade with a fairly empty interior and stairs. But this place is not meant for aesthetes; this party-bar and at FMP nights you will receive in your ears this impressive musical impact, capable even to spill buckets with drinks. Coming ashore, You can choose a place for dancing, both inside or on the sand or on the terrace. Cactus bar is one of the largest players on Haad Rin night parties.

opening hours:
from 12:00 till very late
location: Central Haad Rin Nok (sunrise) beach

Reggae House bar

Reggae House bar Just down the road from the Haad Rin police office is Reggae House. Filled with the sounds of ethnic music, crafts, second-hand books, hammocks, Thai pillows "Mon", on raised wooden platforms is a typical Koh Phangan bar. Perhaps what distinguishes Reggae House from the other crowd, except for concrete head of a lion with the opened mouth, painted with oil paints, so it's...well, "You know what" - what it offers free consultations to get traditional bamboo tattoo.

opening hours:
12:00 - late
location: Central Haad Rin

Tommy bar

Tommy bar As part of adjacent medium-size Tommy Resort, the namesake bar located in the belly of an ancient ship. On deck, guests can enjoy dinner under the stars, while in the hold - a place to cill out, ideal for cocktails and people-watching. But none of these rules is not respected in a full moon night, when everything is dumped to outside and this is followed by musical mayhem.

opening hours
: 10:00 - late
location: Central Haad Rin Nok beach

Lazy House Restaurant & Bar

Lazy House restaurant-bar Owner John from Exeter runs Lazy House already since 1998 and his practical approach to business is noticeably reflected in the excellent food, generous portions and in the cosy bar, successfully mimicking atmosphere of Khao San road, having a few TV movies and daily menu. Extensive, with a soft atmosphere and Burmese English speaking staff, Lazy House - one of the best places in Haad Rin, and despite the fact that he was far enough away to a dance club, it is still worth your visit.

opening hours
: 08:00 - late
location: Central Haad Rin

Kangaroo bar

Kangaroo bar haad rin beach On the beach, built up granite blocks in the northern part of Haad Rin Nok, Kangaroo bar looks great and colorful - experience in itself. Climbing up the stairs, here you can try cool drinks, watching down the beach life or to find a safe haven from the madness Fuul Moon Party.

opening hours:
10:00 - till late
location: northern part of Haad Rin Nok beach

Outback Bar and Lounge

Outback Bar and Lounge Original Haad Rin hang out spot since before time, the Outback main distinctive feature is its facade, created from living vines and lush vegetation. In addition we can say that starting from noon on, You can get here ice cold drinks, including international beers and quality food by big portions, and yet, Outback offers a less hectic atmosphere than the other noisy beach bars. Every day the menu offers banger&mash, pork kebab in pita bread, Greek style salads, pizzas and roasts. There are live sports on the big TV screen and 2 pool tables. The daily sport program on a desk in front of the bar.

opening hours:
12:00 - till late
location: Central Haad Rin

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