Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrines
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Wat Salak Phet Temple

Koh Chang Temples & Shrines

Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrines Wat Salak Phet is the most famous and most colorful Buddhist temple on Koh Chang island. Associated with his appearance in Salak Phet village to visit Koh Chang King Rama V more than 100 years ago, Wat Salak Phet historical and cultural landmark of the island.

Unlike other Buddhist temples (wat - mean temple) in Thailand the composition and architecture of Wat Salakphet markedly different presenting only a single ubosot (main hall) and a small museum.
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Attractions & Features

Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrines Nice temple, surrounded on the perimeter by a low fence of Naga mythological serpents stands majestically in Salak Phet village center in the south east part of Koh Chang. Having only one ubosot (bot - the main building where all the important Buddhist ceremony) the temple can offer visitors a tour into the world of mythological creatures Southeast Asia and visit a small Museum standing next to the temple.

The entrance to the temple is guarded by a giant mythical bird: Tanthima with the body of Garuda deity and with wings, and Sintu Puksee - creation with the appearance of a mixture of birds and fish. To the left is a statue north of the God of heaven - Thao-Wayt-Su-Wan - representing a creature with characteristics of the elephant Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrinesand birds. This God gives protection from evil spirits and brings good luck to people. Walking around the main buildings of the temple you will find many other colourful characters Buddhist mythology including Kunchorn Waree (the deity with the body of the elephant, fish and bird wings), being Mungkornvihok (dragon-bird-ox) had great power and could fly through the sky, deity Asura Mayura (half-human, half peacock), god Vishnu in his 11th reincarnation similar to the mermaid and many other colorful creatures.


Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrines The interior of the temple is amazing, it seems that the Buddha himself worked on his design. High ceiling red studded gold plated fixtures, against the far wall sits majestically big Buddha statue in the background of the stunning paintings illustrating images of the Ramayana. The Ubosot interior with frescoes show Buddha life and window shutters inlaid pieces of sea shells drawing beautiful mosaic pictures.

Wat Salak Phet Museum

Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrines A small museum across the road is a real treasure trove of historical artifacts and antiques. The place is a cultural landmark founded in honour of King Rama V visit to Koh Chang island. Reconstructed old Wat Salakphet ubosot which more than a hundred years, stores inside the collection of memorabilia, tools and equipment from the reign of Rama V (King Chulalongkorn the Great) including the crutch and badges presented to the chief monk Salak Phet monastery by king Rama V.

As you will see here perfectly executed frescoes depicting private visit of royalty on Koh Chang. Every visit of the King to the island marked as a separate exhibit, including a model of the Royal yacht and a trip to Thanmayom waterfall, where His Majesty had left on Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrinesthe stone his signature. The museum also shows vintage items, gifts, figurines of elephants and Buddha, pottery, weapons, tools of the islanders and religious artifacts.



Good to know - Information

Wat Salak Phet Temple - Koh Chang Temples & Shrines Wat Salak Phet ubosot construction began in 1996 and was completed on 6 January 2013. For the construction of a Buddhist temple was spent 14 million baht. The entrance fee for visit to the temple is 20 Bath, to museum entrance is free.

To get to Wat Salakphet you need to take Koh Chang main road via east coast. Follow till Salak Phet village and further use road signs.
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