Koh Chang Waterfalls, Koh Chang Attractions, where to find waterfalls in Koh Chang island
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Koh Chang Waterfalls

Koh Chang Attractions

Koh Chang Waterfalls, Koh Chang Attractions, where to find waterfalls in Koh Chang island Koh Chang island has five waterfalls. The most popular and easily accessible is Klong Phlu Waterfall and Than Mauam waterfall, both located in Klong Prao beach area. The most popular Klong Plu Waterfall is the only waterfall on Koh Chang's west coast and can be easily reached by motorbike from the White Sand beach and Kai Bae beach. This three-tiered waterfall is located about 400 meters from the headquarters of the Mu Koh Chang Marine National park.

All the waterfalls on the island are located within National Park, so be prepared to pay for visiting 200 Bath. The ticket is valid during the day and if you have enough free time, you can use this ticket is visiting other sights in Mu Koh Chang National Park.
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Than Мayom Waterfall

Than Мayom Waterfall Also known as Khlong Prao is the most famous waterfall on Koh Chang. It is located next to Than Mayom pier on the island's east coast. From Dan Kao pier head south along the east coast, past the Ban Klong Nonsi village, hospital, Koh Chang sub district office to National park entrance. Approximately 400 metres through a nature trail and durian garden, will lead you to the waterfall.

Than Mayom waterfall is medium size, with four levels, located in the tropical rain forest. Water rushes all year, forming the bottom of a large pool. Visitors usually stay on the first two levels, since the third and fourth levels are very far away (3km) and are not recommended to visit. If you still will want to look - it is better to hire a guide. The waterfall is also a source of drinking water for local people.

Their Majesties the Kings: King Rama V and King Rama VII visited waterfall in 1876 and 1927 and left their signatures in the form of engravings on the first level stones. Near the waterfall there is camping and you can supply your own tent or rent at the park office, priced from 200 to 500 Bath, depending on size. The campsite has a shower and toilets and food outlets. Here you can swim and especially wonderful to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain ledge which rushes down the waterfall.

opening hours: 08:00 - 17:00
location: Koh Chang east coast

Klong Phlu Waterfall

Klong Phlu Waterfall One of the most famous and most visited waterfalls on Koh Chang, thanks to its close location to popular the island's west coast beaches. Klong Phlu waterfall is located between Ban Khlong Prao village and the north end of Khlong Prao Beach. Following south Khlong Prao beach towards Kai Bae, after about 3 km you will see the sign on the left side. Concrete road 2 km long will bring you to the National park office. Entrance fee is 200 Bath. Around the office you will also find restaurants and souvenir shops. 20 min journey along the trail through the rainforest will take you to the waterfall. Along the way expect to see countless varieties of plants, birds and giant trees.

Klong Phlu Waterfall consists of three levels, about 20m in height. For a long time it is a source of fresh water for local residents. Klong Phlu got its name from Phu Pha Mek Sawan mountain where King Chulalongkorn The Great (Rama V) was wont to rest. Most visitors remains at the first level, watching breathtaking, 10 meter water falling. The following two levels to get very difficult, as the stones around are very slippery. Cool water falls all year round, forming a large pool. It is an ideal place for swimming especially in hot weather. To the right of the pool is unremarkable track, following which you can for 15 minutes to get to the top, where you can find many small pools and a nice view of the island.

location: Klong Prao beach

Khiri Phet waterfall

Khiri Phet waterfall Khiri Phet Waterfall is located 2 km from Salak Peth bay on the South of Koh Chang island. Falls are medium in size, but during the dry season it looks like a small water stream flowing over the rocks. On the first level there is a small pool where you can take a bath.

Travelers should wear shoes and avoid lifting upward on the levels during the rainy season, because the rocks are very slippery. Salak Peth Forestryis office is not too far away and the rangers can help. If you get by car, you can park your car at the rubber plantation near the waterfall, and after 15 min walk you will be at goal.

location: Salak Phet bay

Klong Nueng Waterfall

Klong Nueng Waterfall This is the highest waterfall on Koh Chang island. Klong Nueng is located in Salak Peth bay area near Khiri Peth waterfall. On a forest path, you need to go approximately 3.5 km. In the place of falling water is deep enough pool which is great for swimming and where you can refresh yourself after a long walk through the rain forest.

A huge boulder is between you and the waterfall with the help of which you can climb to the top of the waterfall. From the top of the well to observe how the foaming stream falls on the bottom of the gorge, with a crash breaking on the rocks.

location: Salak Phet bay

Nang Yom Waterfall

Nang Yom Waterfall Nang Yom waterfall is located in Klong Son bay area close to Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp. Keep moving past the Jungle Way, the only guest house located in the deep of the island, past the elephant camp and then head to Nang Yom Waterfall.

In fact, by motorbike here you can ride at any time of the year and at the end cross the river, will pay 10 Bath to the owner of the land and head to waterfall. The trail follows through the broad and beautiful valley, and ends at the place where some large stones rushes down the flow of fresh water.

location: Ao Sapparod bay

Klong Nonsi Waterfall

Located in the heart of the jungle on Koh Chang island, approximately 4 km to the west of Mu Koh Chang Marine park office. Klong Nonsi is a small waterfall with few cascades. An hour-long walk along the trail 3 km long from Ban Dan Mai village located near Koh Chang Police will lead you to Klong Nonsi falls.
This place is very popular among bird watchers and just people who love hiking. If you are lucky, here you can find rare species of barking deer.
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