Koh Chang Viewpoints, Koh Chang Attractions
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Koh Chang Viewpoints

Koh Chang Attractions

Koh Chang Viewpoints, Koh Chang Attractions Koh Chang has the views that would make any artist to take up an easel and brush, hoping to create a grandiose picture. The most interesting thing, you don't need to travel across the country to find those views, all points are within the island, whether on the sunset, views of the 360 degrees of the south island, the prospect from the top of Khao Salak Phet or glimpses of lush tropical vegetation, all within a half hour drive. All you need is a car or a motorbike. Here for you some of the best Koh Chang viewpoints.
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Kai Bae Viewpoint

Kai Bae Viewpoint Koh Chang Kai Bae viewpont is the most popular and frequently visited viewpoint on Koh Chang island. Place is located on the hillside between Kai Bae beach and Lonely beach, just over 4 stars Sea View Resort & Spa. There is a large sign - 'Kai Bae View Point' and also has a large parking lot, toilet, sellers of food, drinks and ice cream. The viewpoint has two levels. The first level is always crowded and this place offers some of the most stunning sea views and nearby Islands, including the closest Koh Man Nai island is a popular destination for kayaking and snorkeling. The second level to be slightly higher, you need to climb the steps. Visitors are smaller, but the sea views limited tall trees. Kai Bae Viewpoint - the perfect spot to watch a sunset on Koh Chang.

opening hours: 24H
location: near Koh Chang main road, between Lonely beach and Kai Bae beach

Phra-Tam-Nak Viewpoint

Phra-Tam-Nak Viewpoint Koh Chang Phra Tamnak viewpoint located on a hill located on Koh Chang's west coast, opposite Koh Chang International Clinic in the southern part of White Sand beach. Upstairs are stages where you will find a small white pavilion, naval gun keenly looking at the sea and spectacular views. Inside the building there is a statue of the famous Thai Navigator and Admiral of the Navy forces.

Around the pavilion a few scattered tables and benches. In the absence of any signs by english is a place rarely visited by foreign tourists.
location: southern end of White Sand beach, in front Koh Chang International Clinic

White Sand Beach Viewpoint

White Sand Beach Viewpoint Koh Chang White Sand beach viewpoint one of the most popular viewpoints on Koh Chang Island. The point is located right next to the road before descending from Ao Sapparod bay to White Sand beach. It offers stunning views of the whole "white beach" until Khai Mook beach. Currently the road near this place has expanded creating enough space for parking, however, don't expect the food and drinks here.

location: roadside between Ao Sapparod bay and White Sand beach

Chai Chet Resort Viewpoint

Chai Chet Resort Viewpoint Want to look at Chai Chet beach from a height - head to Chai Chet Resort where beside hotel on a rocky headland is small viewpoint offers good views of Chai Chet bay and Klong Prao beach. Chai Chet viewpoint is a huge rock to climb up you can use wooden ladders. Usually this place is very popular with sundowners and upper area is limited.

location: beside Chai Chet resort, on a rocky tip

Salak Phet Viewpoint

Salak Phet Viewpoint That would be reached in Salak Phet bay you will need to be done the hard way along Koh Chang east coast and next to Long Beach. Salak Phet viewpoint is located near the road between Salak Phet fishing village and Long beach, right over Koh Chang Karang Bay Wiew Resort. The point is equipped with parking and a small shop selling drinks and snacks.

From this places panoramic views of Salak Phet bay and Salak Kok bay, and islands lying to the south of Koh Chang. In good weather you can see Koh Lao islands, Koh Wai island and Koh Mak island.

location: roadside, between Salak Phet village and Long beach.

Viewpoint at Nirvana Resort

Salak Phet Viewpoint This viewpoint is nothing like Sunset desk bar located next to Nirvana resort in Bang Bao bay. In the most southern point of Koh Chang island can be reached by wooden planks laid along the rocks. At the end of the path is Sun desk bar is the perfect place for sunset. Typically the point starts to come alive after 05:00 p.m. and here are drawn sundowners to enjoy the sea views and delicious drinks.

location: Nirvana resort
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