Thai Food First Time, Discover Thai Food in Koh Chang, เกาะช้าง
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Thai Food First Time

Discover Thai Food in Koh Chang

Thai Food First Time, Discover Thai Food in Koh Chang, เกาะช้าง The most of our people heard about Thai food thanks availability of Thai restaurants at home. Others have never tried the food, but have heard of its excellent reputation from their friends, loved pungent tastes and not wishing to admit other cusines.

We offer beginners to learn some Thai food, which we hope will give You a pleasant and tasty start.
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Thai Breakfast

Thai Breakfast Koh Chang island as tiurist world destination has a wide food range in Thailand, but nevertheless a variety of Thai cuisine is still here favorite food. Let's start the day right with breakfast.

Khao Tom - rice soup, with the addition of various kinds of meat and other tasty morsels, and sometimes eggs. Healthy, and not too heavy for the stomach food is one of the most popular dishes for Thais in the beginning of the day. However, if Khao Tom will seem too boring, Koh Chang has much more to offer, such as:

Pancakes (Roti) and Massaman carri - - dish with a touch of Malaysia and India, which consists of two elements: the roti Indian bread and a small bowl with curry, cooked with beef, chicken or lamb. In addition, the dish is usually served with a fried egg. The Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  entire set, along with a drink will cost you around 50 Bath. The most famous restaurant in Koh Chang serving this dish - India Hut in White Sand beach. It is managed by a family, culinary venue makes money on food for more than 10 years offering secret curry recipe, passed down through the generations. The restaurant is open daily from 08:00 to 23:00;

Dim Sum originating from Cantonese cuisine, are the Breakfast is probably the most fun; kind of Chinese tapa. Dim Sum restaurants serve a wide variety of different dishes, all in small parts, usually sufficient to bite off a couple of times, everything is packed in small bamboo boxes, although some restaurants serve this food in small pots. Many of the food are composed as a main component, pork.

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Khanom Chin - regular meals on the whole territory of Thailand with huge varieties of ingredients, but the basis is khanom chin or soft rice noodles. This food is usually served with curry and almost always comes with a side dish, nagromozhdenie fresh or roasted vegetables. Many cooks also add boiled egg here. Koh Chang is not unusual in this and You can get khanom chin already at 05:00, although most Thais don't usually eat this food for breakfast. The dish will cost You from 10 to 20, Bath, including vegetables. In Koh Chang, on almost every street corner there are eateries serving this dish. The main thing is to find one that attracts the biggest crowds.

Thai Lunch

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Deciding to eat on Koh Chang, forget the burgers, sandwiches and other fast food; Thailand has to offer food that is cooked as fast, but is much more nutritious, tasty and healthy for your body and mind. Here we must admit that at this point there is a serious problem before which during the lunch break, fold even Thai office employees is a huge selection of food! Where to go? What to eat? Here are some popular suggestions: Kuai Tiew (noodle soup), Pad Thai (Thai fried rice noodles rice with shrimp), Pad Krappau Nuea (fried beef with Basil leaves), Pad See Yu (noodles in soy sauce), or Khao Pad (fried rice with choice of meat or seafood).
All these dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, and cooking time takes about 5 minutes. The price for lunch, including a drink, will cost approximately 50-60 Bath.
Another dish that you must try while on Koh Chang Khao Niew Gai Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Yang (sticky rice with BBQ chicken). Some restaurants that rule Thais from northeastern Thailand specialize in this dish, put that in your mouth is better hands is the best guarantee ease.
Most people have never encountered sticky rice prior to their arrival in Thailand, so first work out. Sticky rice is as follows: break off a small piece, the size of a large walnut, crumple it in your hand, then make a thumb in the middle of the recess - and here's your spoon ready. Scoop this spoon garnish and holding the same thumb this side dish (which he would not have fallen away from the rice), send all the contents in his mouth. Definitely a fun meal and very delightful.

Typical Thai food

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  first choice : Satay Gai (grilled chicken marinated in herbs and honey served with peanut sauce); Pad Pak Ruam (mixed fried vegetables); and Tom Yam Gung (spicy and sweet and sour soup with shrimp).

second choice: Yum Pladuk Fu (spicy salad with fish pladuk - similar to our soma); Penang Nuea (beef with red curry); and Geng Cheut Moo/Tofu soup with pork/tofu).

third choice: Pad Priew Waan Pak (fried vegetables in sweet and sour sauce); Larb Gai (spicy salad with chicken); Tom Ka Thale (sweet and sour soup with coconut milk and seafood).

Thai Dinner

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  The Thai people are no hard and fast rules regarding food, eat in the evening. Many locals prefer a light dinner which usually is in the form of a Cup with a thick and hearty noodles, but for families when they finally get together - dinner main food of the day, so the food can be more complex, many of the dishes and the meal takes more time.
For families or friendly company, dinner, never consists of separate dishes. In the center of the table always install all the available dishes and each puts in his plate that he likes is a great way to please every consumer.
If You order a dinner for a group, we suggest that You chose a certain balance: something is spicy, something sour, it's not a vegetable dish, this is only from meat or fish. You should also include in your order or soup or curry, or both together.

Dining Etiquette

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Because Thai food is mostly presented in the form of finely shredded or chopped pieces, very rare to see on the table knife; usually eat a spoon in her right hand, she is on the left. With a fork put in a spoon...and then you know. In higher society, every dish is served with its own spoon, so if you want something to put yourself on a plate, with the center of the table, use a spoon lying in the same dish. Everyone in the company is bound to have a separate plate with rice. In addition, You will enjoy the food much longer, if they separately try the taste of each dish, instead mix in the dish together all the flavors.
A clean plate is a good example of Thai society, commendable of your chefs and delicious food. While half-eaten food in the center of the table, often hidden in the fridge until the next day, and the food on individual plates are normally discarded, and the majority of Thai people complain about, that's what they say - throw out food in the world, where still many people are starving. So it is advisable to eat what you have on the plate.

How to Choose a good Thai Restaurant

How to Choose a good Thai Restaurant One of the best places where you can find a Thai restaurant in Koh Chang is the island's west coast, as most culinary schools offer menus in multiple languages here. There are such places in White Sand beach, Klong Prao resort in Kai Bae beach. Many of these restaurants also have photo-menu with pictures of the finished dishes than simplifies the selection of food for recruits. Most of the staff speaks English. Purity is more important than fun decorations. You would be surprised in how fantastically delicious food offer inconspicuous-looking table in Thailand. And be sure to follow the crowds; it is always a good sign of delicious food if the restaurant is full - we are here.

Useful Tips

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Don't be afraid of the word "spisy". As with everything, peppers, too, have their "degrees". Depending on your preferences, You can ask to any dish was cooked just a little bit spicy, medium, or sparkling fire. A simple phrase: 'Mai Phet' means not sharp will save you from 'fire'.
Regardless, I suggest your local friends, try to avoid kitchens on wheels. If this is your first experience with Thai food, it is better to have a guarantee that You will get real meals that are not only delicious, but also smell good, and are prepared in hygienic environment.

Top 10 Thai Food

Top 10 Thai Food A small introduction in Thai cuisine. From Phuket to Chiang Mai the abundance of its exotic flavors and aromas makes Thai food the most coveted of all international cuisines. Because walking around Koh Chang constantly reminds about it these aromas and tastes apparently inexhaustible. But this does not mean that you should start with juicy pieces of fried pork on a skewer or fire 'Tom Yum' cup.


Street Food in Koh Chang

Street Food in Koh Chang Koh Chang is very famous island due to the abundance of fresh seafood quickly gained a reputation as an excellent place where you can indulge in gluttony in some very picturesque restaurants. Places for dining range from food stalls to restaurants with air-conditioned, open-air restaurants with sea views or branded fast-food outlets. You never get hungry!

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