Street Food and Food Vendors in Koh Chang,  Koh Chang Restaurants & Dining, เกาะช้าง
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Street Food and Vendors in Koh Chang

Koh Chang Restaurants & Dining

Street Food and Food Vendors in Koh Chang,  Koh Chang Restaurants & Dining, เกาะช้าง Koh Chang is very famous island due to the abundance of fresh seafood quickly gained a reputation as an excellent place where you can indulge in gluttony in some very picturesque restaurants.

Places for dining range from food stalls to restaurants with air-conditioned, open-air restaurants with sea views or branded fast-food outlets. You never get hungry!
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Fruits Vendors

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Fresh fruit is widely offered by street vendors, strolling with his cart along the streets in search of customers. Packaging with chopped fruit, usually lie on the ice inside the glass box display cases. You just have to poke your finger in your chosen pineapple or mango. Along with some fruit, you will be offered in addition a small packet of sugar or pepper - Thais love to eat fresh fruits with the addition of any spices!

Motorbike cars

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Most self-respecting street vendors have a kitchen attached to the motorbike. They usually have a favorite place where during the day or night cook, bringing along a few plastic tables and chairs for the convenience of customers. Depending on the type of cuisine, the car can be equipped with grilled on charcoal, hot skillet and topped with all the necessary components and ingredients hanging around the kitchen with laces, and giving the vehicle a view of the christmas tree. These motokuni can offer more than just snacks, and usually they cook essential foods, attracting many clients in a day.

Pancakes and Squids

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Also from mobile vendors, You will find dried squid, pancakes with bananas, prepared right before your eyes, served with condensed milk, coconut cream and bright paper pack. As is fried bananas, taro and sweet potatoes, cool desserts, made from a mixture of corn, red beans, noodles, coconut milk, sweets from coke oven chips, fried pancakes with various fillings, fried chicken and pork, Chinese dumplings made from rice flour with sweet or sour intestines, pork, BBQ chicken or beef, cooked on charcoal and served with peanut sauce and pickled vegetables.

Rattan baskets

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  The most simple of vendors carry their goods on the rocker with baskets of rattan. They You can buy fried bananas, sweet potatoes or boiled corn, fried eggs (with shell), roasted peanuts, BBQ chicken, meatballs on skewers (Luk chin), garlic sausage, sticky rice mixed with banana, coconut milk and red beans and wrapped in banana leaf. Some even have a tiny electric stove to cook tiny coconut puddings! Usually these sellers hang out at the bottom of the street, avoiding the crowds, walk along the shore or squatting along the sidewalks, waiting for customers.

Stainless Steel Stalls

The next step to progress is a mobile vrendor with stainless steel cart on wheels that you can push or pull themselves along the way. They You can find a large assortment of natural ice cream. The cart is equipped with stainless steel container packed with dry ice to keep inside the ice cold. Often You will hear them before you see, because they use a small hand bell to attract attention. Popular flavors include coconut ice cream, sometimes decorate beans, red beans and colored noodles. You can also get flavored ice cream, for example - the durian. Delicacy is sold in small chunks, impaled on sticks, or in a waffle cup. Some cabins even offer ice cream in bread sandwich, decorated on top with chocolate.

Street Food in Koh Chang

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Day or night, You will see them everywhere. Along the beach, on the roadside, in the markets and in other crowded places. The hawkers (some permanent, some temporary) offer an incredible range of food, from fruit, to spicy salads. These cabins can sometimes inspire fears of cleanliness and hygiene, but most clients find them quite comfortable and incredibly cheap. Some of the food products offered by such vendors not available in standard restaurants or brand of fast food eateries, offering you only the chance to try some unique food and if Thai residents happy to eat this food - why would you not try it? Most of these stalls, You can get a huge variety of food, which includes Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Where to Find Street Food in Koh Chang

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Quite often You will encounter clusters of these vendors and each location will offer something different to the customer could pick and choose from a wide variety of cabins and a real feel of the banquet only 40-50 Bath, consisting of eggs or soup rice noodles, containing beef, chicken, pork, or fish balls, ground beef or seafood, vegetables or tofu; stir-fried noodles with chicken, shrimp or pork, vegetables, and eggs; Thai style sukiyaki; roasted vegetables with or without tofu or meat; sticky rice with chicken and broth; red pork or duck with rice, stewed pork with pickles and boiled eggs on rice; food from the north-east Thailand - papaya salad, salad of mango, hot chicken, salads, beef or pork, roast pork or beef, served with sticky rice; Briyani chicken soup; mango and sticky rice; great variety of fruits; and much, much more..
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