Koh Chang Seafood, What to Eat in Koh Chang, เกาะช้าง
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Koh Chang Seafood

What to Eat in Koh Chang

Koh Chang Seafood, What to Eat in Koh Chang, เกาะช้าง One of the reasons why a lot of people again and again choose Koh Chang as their holiday destination - the local food and fresh seafood available on the island in countless number. The diversity of dishes is huge, but one kind of food does not play such a big role in Koh Chang Thai-international culinary culture, as seafood.

Of course, the locals spending on the island all the time, endlessly enjoyed the seafood, ever since all this started and can easily live alone, only through a seafoos, if they want...
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Daily Seafood Menu

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Breakfast:
Khanom Chin (thin, like spaghetti, rice noodles) with Tub-Tim fish (also known as red snapper) with special sauce.

Kuai Tiew Pla (noodle soup with fish) or Khao-Phad-Bpu (fried rice with crab).

Tom Yam Gung with a rice (sweet and sour spicy soup with prawns) + fried vegetables with squid.

Thai tradition of use in the kitchen seafood is all-pervasive. You will find seafood, in almost every type of cuisine: snacks, curries, roasts, soups and sauces, as with rice and noodles. Don't worry, not all of them are cooked with pepper. In fact, most is not spicy, which is why You almost always get in addition to your food different flavors or sauces.

Regular Menu

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Walking along the Koh Chang beaches or any of the other popular areas of the island, You need to stumble on seafood restaurants with the facade of the huge trays of colored ice, which is lined with fish, lobsters, prawns, crabs or clams, sparkling gloss disclosed in the shells, or a huge glass tanks of live seafood, and only waiting for dinner - but only this time your dinner.
Dinner just select only those instances that they want to eat. In addition, most restaurants have picture menus, allowing customers to see the appearance of the finished dish, that is "what You see is what You eat", is a simple and fun way.
Prices for seafood usually begin by weight (fish do not count), and change according to what at this time is the most available. But on average, the majority of the cost of seafood, start with minimum 150-200 watts.

What to order

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Many restaurants set in front of the entrance window in the shape of a small boat with crumbling ice which has already laid out ready meals and their components, requiring only heat treatment:

• Pla-Muek-Yang-Kluea (BBQ squid with salt and pepper)
• Hoi-Meng-Po-Op-Moo-Din (fried mussels with lemon grass and herbs)
• Thod-Moon-Kung (deep fried shrimp tempura with sauce of tamarind)
• Tom-Yam-Thale (sweet and sour spicy soup with seafood - shrimp, squid and fish)
• Bpu-Pad-Pong (fried crab meat with yellow curry)
• Pla Muek Pad Prik (squid, fried with garlic, onion and green pepper)
• Pla Lad-Prik (crispy fish fillet, adorned from above three kinds of sauces - spicy, sweet and sour)
• Ho-Mok-Pla (finely chopped fish fillet with curry, steamed, and served in individual pots made of banana lita)
• Yum-Khai-Mengda (spicy salad with eggs of the horseshoe crab)

Where is Best Cooked Seafood

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  Impossible to list every seafood restaurants in Koh Chang. But for you, one address, which can offer the widest range of fresh, local seafood, high quality directly from the South China sea:

Ruanthai Sea Food restaurant is open daily at the pier, on the right side in Bang Bao bay. In addition to fresh seafood, this restaurant specializes in local cuisine Koh Chang. The restaurant is open seven days a week, from 10:00 until 23:00.

Seafood Restaurants in Koh Chang

Ко Чанг Морепродукты Отдых Рестораны Бар Пляж Тайланд Еда на Ко Чанг Отдых Пляжи  The Nong Bua Seafood restaurant in White Sand beach, opened a long time ago and is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Koh Chang serving local seafood.

Phu-Talay Seafood restaurant in Klong Phrao beach, located in the place where the river empties into the sea, offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes, including authentic Thai dishes and international cuisine;

Sea Breeze Riverside restaurant in Klong Phrao beach,

Top 10 Thai Food

Top 10 Thai Food A small introduction in Thai cuisine. From Phuket to Chiang Mai the abundance of its exotic flavors and aromas makes Thai food the most coveted of all international cuisines. Because walking around Koh Chang constantly reminds about it these aromas and tastes apparently inexhaustible. But this does not mean that you should start with juicy pieces of fried pork on a skewer or fire 'Tom Yum' cup.


Thai Food First Time in Koh Chang

Thai Food First Time in Koh Chang The most of our people heard about Thai food thanks availability of Thai restaurants at home. Others have never tried the food, but have heard of its excellent reputation from their friends, loved pungent tastes and not wishing to admit other cusines.

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