Baan Tai Beach Shopping, What to Buy and Where to Shop in Baan Tai Beach
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Baan Tai Beach Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Baan Tai Beach

Thong Sala Shopping - What to Buy and Where to Shop in Thong SalaShopping in Baan Tai beach does not open up new horizons for visitors. The main Baan Tai road is full of seafood restaurants and bars, clubs and tattoo studious, 7-eleven minimarts and massage shops, pharmacies and dental clinics. Nevertheless Koh Phangan is evolving and there are already three supermarkets Big C, Big A and the first ‘cash and carry’ Makro in Baan Tai area.

However, Baan Tai has a few art gallery, the homemart, fish shops, silver jewelry outlets, Hammock store, as well as local shops selling name-brand copies, handicrafts, textile, kitchenware and healthfood.
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Moontribe Boutique

Moontribe Boutique Moontribe is one of islands's most notable fashion boutique. The store on Baan Tai main road, west of 7-eleven, boasts import and retail men & women clothing and fashion accessoires. Glamourous tropical collections feature ethnic and chic designs of Tribal, Urban Street and Trance Wear brands.

Moontribe Progressive Fashion Store also features renowned Western Brands such as: Shaman, Miss Be, Psylo, High, Aspire, Kurage Eye and Buddhaful. The designs express a personal sense of elegance and glamour, combined with mixes of colour and texture, created with different types of garments.

hours: daily from 10:00 20:00
location: on Baan Tai main road, 500m east of 7-eleven
Tel: 08 4442 1142 or 0878 872147

Thong Sala Walking Street

Thong Sala Walking Street Thongsala Walking Street is easily the most popular shopping experience in Koh Phangan. A vibrant spectrum of art, crafts, music and food with handmade quality goods and souvenirs that echo the spirit of Southern Thailand every saturday afternoon from 4pm. The old high street not far Pantip Food Market and ferry pier, know in Thong Sala as Taladkao road becomes a bustling walking street bazaar and as one of the most popular locals and tourist attractions in the town, it does get busy.

Opening Hours: Best time to go is after 17:00
Location: Taladkao road, near the main ferry pier, Thong Sala town


Makro Koh Phangan

Thong Sala Walking StreetMakro Cash & Carry is a pretty good store for quality special food, baking ingredients, canned food, bottled drinks, cleaning products, some electronics, kitchen tools and office stuff. It specialises in supplying highly specific frozen and chilled meat, seafood, poultry, seasonings, etc. There are fruit foodstuffs and the side dish, too. They also have a lot more like a lot of kinds of cheeses and a lot of types of meat that you cannot find anywhere else. Try to check the bakery on the left hand side as you enter the shop. Here you'll find a French baguette, croissants, European style sliced bread, donuts, cakes, rolls, burger baps and other bakery products caters towards tourist tastes. In the refrigerated part, you can find a lot of cooking creams and milk, tubs of yogurt and types of butter so that's good. If you are the long-staying resident, it's a good thought to buy beer and mineral water here. However, there is many suitcase and the bag here, too. If you need a suitcase because souvenirs increased head to this store. The good news - Now, this wholesale department store not requires a member card for all purchases in Makro.

At Makro they list everything excluding VAT and under that, in small print, the actual price you'd have to pay. When you do the taxes for your business every quarter, you can apply for a tax rebate on all your purchases (at Makro).

opening hours:
08:00 - 23:00
location: on the main road, west end of Baan Tai

Big C

Thong Sala Walking StreetBig C is a ubiquitous green-and-red shopping mall found throughout Thailand and now in Koh Phangan Isalnd. The kernel of this warehouse-sized building is the actual Big C supermarket that sells such exotica as washing machines, electronic goods, fresh and preserved food, cheap clothing, basic children’s toys and such. Big C's satellite shops and food outlets are much more interesting. Try Bata, Boots, KT Optic, World Time, Dunkin Donuts – all these stores sell exactly the same goods as in the West – only at marked down prices. Hungry shoppers can eat at the Food Park, the mall’s food court.

opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00
location: on the main raod, Baan Tai

Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus thongsala Most of the major supermarkets in Thailand, except for necessary products has a collection of satellite shops and Tesco Lotus in Thong Sala is no exception. Here you can test your eyesight and buy glasses in Top Charoen Optical, choose your favorite CD and DVD with music or movies in Media Network, to stock up on medicines and toiletries in the pharmacy, as well as to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack at a local cafe. Outside You'll find no less than six ATM-s and several shops selling clothing.

opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00
location: Thong Sala center

Indy Island Store

Indy Island Store How do you think, that you can buy in Koh Phangan paying 50Bath only? Handicrafts from all over Thailand, colorful and fashionable bags of mountain tribes, toys, fashion and bright accessories for FMP, t-shirts, candles and more, sold in the open in October 2010 INDY Island shop for 50 Baht. The shop owner adheres to the concept of providing visitors to the island of high quality products with low prices. "We want to offer everyone who visits Thailand, something special that can serve as a good reminder about the conduct of a great vacation on a tropical island," he says.

opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00
location: on Thongsala outskirts, the road towards Baan Tai beach, opposite 7/11
Tel: 08 5323 9311

Big A Supermarket

Big A Supermarket With a prime roadside location directly opposite Ban Tai market, Big A is the first supermarket on Koh Phangan. The big shop meets you with wide glass show-windows filled with a large alcohol selection. There is a wide range of faults, whisky, wines, beer, both local and imported, cigarettes, soft drinks and even French champagne. The goods are sold wholesale and at retail. Not the cheapest place in Koh Phangan, Big A has lots of of dry products also and the island’s best range of cooked meats and cheeses.

opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00
location: Baan Tai main street

Hammock Lovers Gallery

Hammock Lovers Gallery Colourful, convenient and original - Gallery of fans of hammocks (Hammock Lovers Gallery) - experience in itself. The house - shop full of each size and forms, easy hammocks, unimaginable models, alongside with other accessories, such as clever bags for hippie and on sale even are available parachutes, and trailing chairs. In our hammocks you will feel like, as on a cloud , advertises the goods the friendly owner, Mr. Moon. Reflecting on it, there is a uncontrollable desire to get just in case a parachute...

hours: from 09:00 21:00
Place: Baan Kai main road, before turning to Thong Nai Pan beach

Limpipong Kitchenware

Located nex door to Homemart just before entering the Thong Sala, you will see this place that sells a wide variety of kitchenware. They offering plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pots, pans and most other kitchen accessories. Items are not expensive and very good quality. Limpipong also sells the island’s best range of spices and dried pulses. If you Indian vegetarian food lover this is the place to go and buy your lentils, beans and spices. It is also good for Italian food ingredients.

opening hours:
09:00 - 21:00
location: befor entering Thong Sala

Nopporn Pharmacy

Nopporn PharmacyThis pharmacy stocks a good variety of medications, toiletries and sun creams and sun burn remedies, as well as first aid supplies. If you need a particular type of medicine you can order it here.

opening hours:
09:00 - 22:00
location: Baan Tai main road (acroos The Lounge restaurant) before turning to Thong Nai Pan beach

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