Baan Tai Beach Restaurants, Where and What to Eat in Baan Tai Beach
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Baan Tai Beach Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in Baan Tai Beach

Baan Tai Beach Restaurants, Where and What to Eat in Baan Tai BeachBaan Tai Beach is a favorite destination for party-goers to stay. Within immediate walking distance of the beach, newcomers will see along the main road a various types of eating venues, big and small, old and new with a decidedly casual atmosphere. Baan Tai hotels also is full of good options for dining out. These beachside restaurants may not be the fanciest of places but the view from them is hard to beat and they make a great spot to have a snack or watch the sunset. Other choice to eat is Thonsala within 5 min to ride with a huge range of restaurants to browse out.

The cuisine is not limited to only Thai and seafood but it covers good range of international tastes including the French, Mexican, Italian, a fast food, Russian and Vegetarian fare. Such places include Bamboo Bistrot, Ando Loco, Friends, Fish at Thips, Sara's Kitchen, Fisherman's bar and restaurant, Outlaws Saloon and much more.
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Fisherman's bar-restaurant

Fisherman's bar-restaurant Built in a unique style Fisherman's placed on a large fishing boat on the beach near Baa Tai pier, opposite Dr Deng Dental Home. The restaurant serves a wide selection of fresh seafood and Thai dishes cooked by a qualified chef Lek. Popular dishes include: Crab with yellow curry, according to the ancient recipe, barbecue Barracuda with salad, olive oil, large selection of sauces and different kinds of rice. Also offer homemade pies with fish, BBQ pork ribs with sweet sauce and much more, not less tasty. All food is washed down with cocktails, cold beer and wine. The menu also has a good range of desserts.

hours: daily from 13:00 – till late
menu: seafoods /Thai/ BBQ
Place: Baan Tai, opposite Dr Deng Dental Home clinic
Thong Sala Night Food market Set in the heart of town, Pantip Night Food Market in Thong Sala - explosion of colors, aromas, a delightful fried fish, quenelles, carri, vegetables, fruits and is much more than pies. Here the cheerful atmosphere, with the vendors thrown by jokes with steady customers always reigns, offering them free samples of thai food and a place behind the central table where you can take pleasure in tasty food easy. Try food of north-east Thailand (Isaan) or a fried catfish and a roast chicken. It also is cheaply and tasty.

hours: daily from 16:00 – 23:00
location: Thong Sala town center


Outlaws Saloon

Outlaws Saloon Catering to the American crowd, this is an wild-west themed beer and burger joint. It has drinks deals and promotions. The food is good and the portions are American sized, and Outlaws sometimes hosts bands. The live music is excellent but not too loud to have a conversation and the drink prices are very reasonable.

hours: from 18:00 – till late
Place: Baan Tai beach

Bamboo Bistrot

Bamboo Bistrot Located on the main road, Bamboo Bistrot is a nice place to enjoy a good variety of traditional French cusine including steaks, seafood, and a special Thai menu with friendly service at very reasonable prices. Recommended dishes are langue de boeuf, tortellini with mushroom and cream sauce, poulet basque, and duck breast with potatoes and veggies. Bamboo Bistrot also offers guest rooms, a book shop and free Wifi.

hours: from 10:00 – 23:00
Place: the main road between Thonsala and Baan Tai
menu: French/Thai
Tel: 08 0526 9077

White Rabbit Pub

White Rabbit Pub A local favourite, especially for a Sunday lunch session, White Rabbit offers good old-style English pub grub in Baan Tai. The place is fitted out for private parties including weddings and birthday celebrations. White Rabbit is also well known for its all-day breakfast. Other pub fare includes fish and chips, mussels, bacon and clam chowder, steak and mushroom pie.

hours: from 18:00 – till late
menu: pub
Place: near Baan Tai pier, the main road

In Love Restaurant & Bar

In Love Seafood Restaurant In Love is one of the best looking open-air, sea view restaurants in Koh Phangan. A perfect place with a bar and swimming pool for romantic dining or a special night out, its menu consists of very well presented Thai seafood & international dishes with an excellent wine and cocktails list. In Love hosts a live music performance every night. Breakfast and set lunches are reasonable but afternoon and evening dining is slightly expensive. If don't know what to order, try their the herb fried fish and pepper stir fried crab or a mixed BBQ fish. Staff really friendly + free wi-fi.

hours: daily from 17:00 - till midnight
Place: at Talad Kao Rd
Tel: 09 9002 8757

The Blue Parrot

The Blue Parrot A friendly resort-based restaurant and pizzeria that has been going for some time now, The Blue Parrot has an agreeable atmosphere and beachside location. Menu offers a wide range of dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner but their speciality is pizzas that have become a firm favorite with both residents and tourist alike. Also serves Thai food.

: daily from 08:00 - 22:00
menu: pizza, Thai and Western; download
Place: at Blue Parrot Beach Resort and Restaurant
Tel: 077 238777

Fish at Thips

Fish at Thips Koh Phangan Fish at Thips offers more choices for visitors who are looking for a cool place to dine in Baan Tai. With beachfront location and big bamboo structure under a natural grass roof, Fish at Thips is an authentic Thai seafood restaurant. Situated just ten metres from the beach all diners can expect Samui views and some of the most spectacular sunsets with their meal while breezes flows easily – a perfect design for Koh Phangan’s tropical weather. Owned by Thip (who also runs My Wok & Me Cooking School ), Fish at Thips caters fresh seafood delivered by local fisherman to the restaurant every day.

The menu consists of predominantly Thai, seafood, local Phangan dishes and international fare. There is a small wine list features red, wite and rose wines in Fish at Thips as well as fruity cocktails. Expect free wi-fi and some jazzy music here.

hours: from 07:00 – till the midnight
menu: Thai, seafood
Locaton: right on the beach on opposite Baan Tai resort and 7-eleven
Tel: 08 7893 3804

Ando Loco Restaurant

Ando Loco Popular with local expats, Ando Loco is Mexican restaurant and bar mid size cleverly lit and offers authentic Tex-Mex food by “tourist prices”. Vegetarian section and a huge range of bread rolls, flat corn tortillas, chichimene, salsa, and any other mexican titbits, the restaurant starts to fill up in the evening and it's no wonder why. Free pool table, great American chef and owner in one person and quite laid back atmosphere. Ando Loco is one of the most notable restaurants in Baan Tai and Thong Sala area.

Weird or crazy fad is that, if You visit this place 4 times or more, you'll enjoy a 10% discount for all next lunches and dinners.
opening hours: from 13:00 - 22:30, closed on Tuesdays
menu: Mexican/Thai
location: 500 meters south of Thong Sala 0n the wai to Baan Tai beach
Tel: +66 (0) 857917600

Food Factory

Food Factory The only place on the island where within the next 24 hours you can eat well, Food Factory there's no greasy spoon, because food-court is run by the same people that give cooking classes on Koh Phangan and have the fast food outlet in Haad Rin beach. Food Factory is strategically located near bars with girls, near Baan Tai village and has a large TV screens, bright lighting, the location of the curb and a large selection of food. Expect the highest quality burgers and pizzas, as well as various promotions in relation to drinks, the prices here are lower than usual, and on some days it bought you add a second bottle for free! Usually TV showing major sporting events.
hours of operation: 24/7

Baan Tai village, main road, slightly south of Thong Sala town
menu: fast-food

The Lounge

The Lounge A British, the Lounge's original owner, is still doing most of the work in the kitchen which offers a good quality European dishes including hand cut chips, rib-eye steak, a variety of sandwiches and an all day English Breakfast at reasonable prices. The Lounge is also well known for its improbable BBQ buffet whith free salad bar from 18:00, so you're sure to find something that whets your appetite. Happy Hour from 17:00 to 20:00 when cocktails for only 100 Baht. Friendly staff, great atmosphere, great for families and good food.

opening hours: 08:00 - 22:00, daily
menu: western,Thai, sandwiches, English Breakfast
location: near Orchard House, Baan Tai
Tel: 084 9232879

Sara's Kitchen

Sara's Kitchen With a plastic table and chairs, this roadside eatery serves up traditional Thai fare, seafood, alongside breakfast and international favourites. Cleanly, brightly and tidy, Sara's Kitchen is one of the most well-known and well-liked restaurants in Baan Tai beach area. If you are not quite sure what to order, just simply check out many of the food photos (poster size) display in front of the restaurant.

Try fresh barracuda steak with herbs and rice, or just order laab moo or minced pork (it can also be chicken or beef too) with ground rice and chilli, and panaeng curry with beef. They are delicious.

opening hours
: for breakfast, lunch and dinner
menu: Thai and Western
location: the mai road south of Thong Sala

Memory Restaurant and Bar

Memory Restaurant and Bar A typical Thai-style open-sided restaurant with views of Baan Tai's main road to the side. The eatery serves ABF, English breakfast and sandwiches among other things, the Thai menu features spicy khao phad, soups, noodles, beef salad, seafood salad, tom kha seafood (spicy coconut soup with seafood) and fried pork with oyster sauce. For dessert, try banana & honey crepe.

opening hours: from 08:00 - 22:30
menu: Thai, seafood and Western
location: реу roadside between Thong Sala and Baan Tai beach

Amazon Cafe

Amazon Cafe No need for an introduction... Amazon Cafe is a branch of a popular coffee shop chain that frequently accompanies with gasoline stations. Here you'll find various types of coffee and nibbles as well as free wifi. Air-con and comfortable but nothing more.

opening hours
: from 08:00 - 22:00 daily
menu: coffee
location: Baan Tai beach

100 Islands Coffee Bar

100 Islands Coffee Bar Falling under the categorization of family café, The 1000 Islands is a cosy and friendly cafe & bar in the European style just opposite Koh Phangan high school. With a contemporary structure, varied menu and staff members smiley, 1000 Islands serves all day breakfast, Belgian waffles, a diverse choices of cake, shakes and smoothies, espresso beverages, sandwiches and of course Thai food in a very nice design indoor (AirCon) and alfresco garden setting. Free wi-fi is available.

opening hours: from 08:030 - 22:00
menu: Thai & Western & Bakery
location: on the main road of Baan Tai beach
Tel: +66 (0)8 1599 2230

Krua Supan

Krua Supan Have You ever seen traditional Thai barbecue named Moo-Ga-Ta? Krua Supan in Baan Tai is one of the best restaurants on Koh Phangan that features this gastronomic invention also known as Hot Pan BBQ. The venue doesn’t look very inviting with the plastic tables and chairs but offers a brilliant banquet of tastes and aromas of Thai food at very low prices. Try their Krua Supan BBQ Buffet - All You Can Eat!

All kinds of meat, fish and vegetables on choice at 140 Bath only. After stocked fry your meat and fish on top of the BBQ and cook the vegetables in the water on the side. You could get unlimited food for your barbecue. You can get some rice or noodles with it. They also have Thai curry to eat with your barbecued food and you can order chicken with cashewnuts, vegetables and rice as well as other Thai favorite dishes here. Come and try this traditional Thai dining experience.

opening hours: from 08:030 - 22:00
menu: Thai BBQ
location: Moo 1, Baan Tai Road, Baan Tai, Koh Phangan
Tel: +66 (0)8 1599 2230


Thong Sala Food Market
Big C Food Market
Thong Sala Food MarketThong Sala Food market, also known as Pantip Food Center is located in the heart of Thongsala and this is the best place to discover Thai food in Koh Phangan. Colorful Bazaar of local food, snacks and drinks is beginning to revive in the late afternoon Read more... Big C Food MarketSimilar to the famous Thong Sala Night Food Market and Walking Street, Big C Food Market is, on a smaller scale, held in Baan Tai beach area. Big C food market, like Pantip food market in Thong Sala town, starts late afternoon when the heat of the day Read more...

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