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White Sand Beach Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach Restaurants, Dining, Where and What to Eat in White Sand Beach, เกาะช้าง In White Sand beach in no way a shortage of good restaurants. Koh Chang main road is a wide selection of cuisine - Thai, Italian, Indian and many others. Local food can also be found in many restaurants located along the roadside. Be sure to try the "Kai Moon" ( chicken BBQ on skewer), Som-Tam-Bpu (green papaya salad with crabs) and Phad-Thai-Kung (fried noodles with shrimp).

To get the full enjoyment out of food on Koh Chang enjoy your dinner on the beach by candlelight, under the sounds of the rolling waves in one of the many seafood restaurants that have the most hotels and resorts in White Sand beach.
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What to Eat in White Sand beach

What to Eat in White Sand beach In White Sand beach the variety of food and cuisines impresses even the most experienced gourmets - whether it's pizza or fresh bread from the wood oven, burgers, hot Indian curries, seafood or ‘som tam' (spicy green papaya salad). The average price for a food 60-80 Bath.

Street food is generally safe to eat and is most recommended for those looking for the true flavors of Thai cuisine. Well, if you want to invent your own sandwich, many familiar ingredients can be found in most convenient stores - 7\11 and Tesco Lotus express, or markets.

Where to Eat in White Sand beach

Where to Eat in White Sand beach Discovery place in White Sand beach where you can have a hearty fill your stomach will require zero effort as most hotels and resorts have a wide range of restaurants offering both local and international cuisine. Something tastier and cheaper, like the delightful and popular local favorites, like ‘som tam' (spicy papaya salad), ‘tom yam gung' (spicy sweet and sour soup with shrimp), and ‘phad thai' (fried noodles with a wide range of different components, as dried shrimp and tofu) can be found in the bustling markets and small restaurants fill both sides of Koh Chang main road. Almost every hotel or resort has its own restaurant and bar on the beach which means that in the evening, the main street looks pretty deserted until holidaymakers fill their bellies.

Other culinary attractions in White Sand beach is 'Oodies Place', right by the road north of Cookies and popular for many years among tourists a place where they play live music and serve excellent steaks. If you want to eat steak in silence you will need a Texas Steakhouse or Buffalo Bill's (both owned by scandinavian). In Buffalo Bill's has now set a mechanical bull where each waiting for his piece of meat can try to force as a rider. And if you just want to enjoy a cheap Thai food in a clean and comfortable restaurant at the curb, visit two small restaurant located opposite Banpu Resort (names I do not remember). Both offer menus in english, and while it serves mainly Thai dishes, as well as do some European food.

Head further south, past the beer bars and climb the hill. Here you will find the island's only Irish pub. 'Paddy's Palms' owner Irishman, you can see a green appearance, dark wood inside, leather sofas and antique photographs. And if you're a fan of Guinness or Kilkenny feel free to come without warning. The food is also pretty good, chips and curry sauce from time to time makes a good substitute for seafood meal. Night in Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, Best Garden Resort, Ban Pu Koh Chang and some of the other hotels offer dinner under the starry tropical sky, the luxury seafood BBQ on the beach surrounded by coconut trees.

Street food in White Sand beach

Street food in White Sand beach Before sunset a short stretch of White Sand beach main road, a little to the north of Koh Chang Kacha Resort turns into street food market. The external side of the road is filled with vendors of ready-made food and drinks. Kebabs of chicken and pork, BBQ seafood, Thai salads and snacks, sweets, boiled corn, exotic fruits, beverages, prepared dishes of noodles, sticky rice with mango and much more, can be found here in the evening at very low prices.

The food here only sell, without tables and chairs there. All vendors are friendly and always willing to tell you that it is better to choose.
opening hours: 17:30 - late
location: main road to the North of Koh Chang Kacha Resort and Spa
menu: street food

Sabay bar

Sabay bar Located кшпре after Cookies Hotel, Sabay bar and restaurant is the epicenter of nightlife in White Sand beach. Skillfully designed scenery, night shows and concerts and of course wonderful food, seasoned with sea breezes. Here it is better to come after sunset to enjoy everything that can give you a White Sand beach.

Huge selection of seafood and popular western food at reasonable prices, right on the beach.
opening hours: 12:00 - 00:00
location: near Cookies Hotel
menu: Thai/seafood

Chang Faa Seafood

Chang Faa Seafood On the left side, from Pink restaurant enjoys a miniature Chang Faa offering the best masterpieces of Thai cuisine and seafood. Comfortable and clean room is cooled by fans. Despite its modest appearance, there really cook and the place is usually crowded especially during happy hour from 19 to 20:00. At this time, the beer here for 40 Bath and cocktails at 99 Bath. Here you can order a chicken roasted on the coals.

In front of the restaurant set a showcase of ice where you can choose your favourite seafood.
opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: Chang Kao Plaza
menu: Thai/seafood


Pink restaurant A small eatery that attracts its visitors with a huge neon sign. Small room cooled by fans, the depth of which is the wooden bar. In all types of grills, Thai and international food, burgers, sandwiches, fried potatoes, vegetarian salads, several kinds of pasta, fish, steaks, soups and seafood.

All at affordable prices. Located in front of Chan Kao Plaza. If you don't know what to order - try Rad-Na-Gai (wide noodles with chicken in soy sauce with egg)
opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: Chang Kao Plaza
menu: Thai/seafood/grill

Mexico Restaurant

Mexico Restaurant  Koh Chang Bright roadside Mexico restaurant, surrounded by flowers is located to the left from Top Charoen. Painted in warm national color of the Latin American culture with staff dressed in Mexican costumes, the restaurant serves Thai and Mexican food. Room is cooled by fans, tables with clean tablecloths, in the depths of the room there is a bar: beer, cocktails, spirits. Mexico menu for real macho, toasted garlic bread with any fillings; tacos, burritos, fajitas, chimichangas, quesadillas - all with salsa; as well as all kinds of steaks served with fried potatoes and delicious salads.

Average price per dish is 250 Bath! Not too fancy kitchen with the appropriate menu. However this place offers to make a nice break from rice and Italian cuisine.
opening hours: 12:00 - 00:00
location: to the left of Chang Kao Plaza
menu: Mexican/Thai

The Pizza Lagoon - Italian restaurant

The Pizza Lagoon - Italian restaurant Koh Chang Homemade pizzas are cooked in a wood oven, right before your eyes causing strong salivation while you enjoying another glass of wine. Comfortable atmosphere, clean tablecloths, candles on the tables. Menu is Thai, Italian, French cuisine.

Great wine list. Pleasant music. The helpful staff. Be sure to try their pasta and ice cream - just yum.
opening hours: 12:00 - 23:00
location: opposite Koh Chang Lagoon resort
menu: Italian/pizza

Nong Bua Seafood

Nong Bua Seafood For a small presentation about local fast-food visit Ba Mee Nong Bua restaurant where you can sample delicious egg noodles with pork BBQ.

The restaurant also serves seafood, ‘Khao man Gai "(chicken with rice, which was cooked in chicken broth), ‘Khao mu Daeng' (BBQ pork and rice), as well as a wide selection of Thai food served here as generally in most places with boiled rice.
opening hours: 08:00 - 23:00
location: across the road, opposite Banpu Koh Chang Hotel
menu: Thai/seafood

La Dolche Vita

La Dolche Vita Koh Chang The restaurant, located in Chang Kao Plaza offers a wide selection of Italian cuisine with views located opposite The Rock bar. In all types of pastas, pizzas, salads, seafood, tiramisu and a few coffees. There is a good wine list. Be sure to try the homemade pasta and ice cream.
Small and cozy room, lined with flowers, nicely lit, paintings on the walls and for some reason the TV. The prices are reasonable.
opening hours: 09:00 - 23:00
location: Chang Kao Plaza
menu: Italian/Thai

India Hut

India Hut If you missed Indian cuisine try to look in India Hut restaurant. In the menu you can taste food cooked in an Indian clay oven.

Enjoy traditional Indian meal created from real Indian food and spices. It is also a great place for meetings and relaxation, especially after a hot beach.
opening hours: 08:00 - 23:00
location: on the main road, opposite Koh Chang Grand View resort
menu: Indian

Monkeys Bar-Restaurant

Monkeys Bar-Restaurant Standing next to Alina Grande Hotel, Monkeys bar-restaurant looks quite attractive. Neat wooden tables, white tablecloths, soft lighting inside, many of the paintings on the walls, in front of the restaurant's parking. The menu of classic Thai food, seafood and popular international dishes. There is a large wine list.

The restaurant's menu includes more than 100 dishes, affecting regional food all over Thailand . If you have a favorite Thai dish, you are guaranteed that it will prepare for you.
opening hours: 08:00 - 23:00
location: on the right side from the Alina Grande Hotel
menu: Thai/Western/seafood

15 Palms Bar and Restaurant

15 Palms Bar and Restaurant 15 Palms beach bar and restaurant, all day offers a great choice of both Thai and Western food, full English breakfast, kid's menu and free wifi. Meals can be enjoyed right on the beach, picking your toes in the soft sand.

Free transfer service to Paddy's Palms Irish Pub and back.
opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: on the beach, to the south of KC Grand Resort and Spa
menu: Thai/Western/seafood

Paddy's Palms

Paddy's Palms  koh chang Recently renovated Paddy's Palms is located on the inner side of White Sand beach main road.

The menu has a huge variety of European and Thai options with classic pub food like braised lamb with onions and potatoes, "shepherd's" pie and beef in Guinness beer.
opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: in the southern part of the beach, near Plaloma Cliff resort
menu: pub/Western/Thai

Invito Restaurant

Invito Restaurant  koh chang With a good reputation is the best Italian restaurant on the island, Invito is located at the southern end of main road near Koh Chang Hut Hotel. Offering the best in traditional Italian cuisine, the restaurant has a charming terrace with sea views, tables lit by candles and an extensive wine selection.

Menu selected from all provinces of Italy. In addition the restaurant also serves vegetarian food, various pies and cookies.
opening hours: 06:30 - 23:30
location: on the internal side of main road, right from Paddy's Palms
menu: Thai/Western
tel: 084 345 5035

Paul's German Restaurant

Paul's German Restaurant koh chang Typical German venue to find out which you can by clean white facade with a sign Paul's Resturan. Well maintained path leads to the terrace with sea views. Comfortable wooden furniture, tablecloths and paper napkins - all noticeable German pragmatism.

Menu of Thai and Western + daily budget breakfast.
opening hours: 08:00 - 23:00
location: across the road, opposite Paddy's Palm resort
menu: Thai/German/Breakfast


Pattama's koh chang Pattama's is located at the southern end of White Sand beach on the left side of the main road, when travelling south. The restaurant serves high quality and authentic Thai food, some Italian dishes, alcoholic drinks, wine, beer, coffee and teas at reasonable prices. In the morning a delicious European breakfast. Many products imported from Australia.

There is a second floor where you can relax, read newspapers or use free WiFi .In addition to food restaurant offers for rent some rooms and gives Thai cooking class.
opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: on the internal side of the road, right from Paddy's Palms
menu: Thai/Western


Sangtawan koh chang The restaurant located right on the beach serves Thai and European menu, as well as food prepared by the chef-cook individually for special persons.

In addition to the above, you can enjoy a large selection of fresh seafood dishes, which are cooked on the grill.
opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: on the coast, North of Cookies Hotel
menu: Thai/seafood

Lagoon Restaurant

Lagoon Restaurant Great place for dinner, right on the beach under the spreading trees decorated with colorful lights. Probably the largest selection of seafood in White Sand beach, the lowest prices and there is a salad bar, wine selection, fast service and very tasty food.

opening hours: 08:00 - 00:00
location: beachfront near Koh Chang Lagoon Resort
menu: Thai/seafood

Chester's Grill

Standing on the island main road and surrounded by ATMs, a well-known fast-food restaurant does not suffer from lack of visitors. Beef steaks, chicken, ham, topped with special sauce, pepsi-cola, fried potatoes, all sorts of salads - it's all here.

opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00
location: on the internal side of the road, opposite Koh Chang Lagoon Resort
menu: fast food

Som Tam Kai Moon Restaurant

Som Tam Kai Moon Restaurant Somtam Kai Moon gorgeous roadside restaurant serving Thai food from the North-East (Isaan). The main dishes are not difficult to guess the name of the place - ‘som tam' (spicy green papaya salad) and not less popular dish, both local and foreigners - spit-roasted chicken "kai moon ".

Fun, relaxed atmosphere, good place for onlookers who prefer to watch the main road of White Sand beach.
opening hours: 07:30 - 22:00
location: on the main road, opposite Alina Resort
menu: Thai (Isaan)
Koh Chang Seafood
Seafood on Koh Chang island One of the reasons why most of the travellers again and again choose Koh Chang as their holidays is that these people prefer local food available on the island in large numbers. The variety of dishes is huge, but one kind of food, does not play such a big role in Thai-international culinary culture of Koh Chang as seafood...


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