Koh Chang Elephant Trekking, Koh Chang Activities
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Koh Chang Elephant Trekking

Koh Chang Activities

Koh Chang Elephant Trekking, Koh Chang Activities One of the best activities on Koh Chang is elephant trekking and this is an experience you must try. To get a lot of impressions and show something really new - it's a double bonus! You have a simple solution to explore the nature of Koh Chang island - let the elephant will be your guide and vehicle.

Spend time at one of the waterfalls of the island, plunging into the cool fresh water after trekking through the jungle. Elephant campings in Koh Chang are with the support and control of the Fund Asian elephants, which aims to improve the maintenance and preservation of Asian elephants.
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Koh Chang Elephant Trekking, Koh Chang ActivitiesThe island has six elephant campings offering a trekking. Two campings located near Koh Chang main road in Klong Prao, one on the way from the main road to Klong Plu waterfall and others in Kai Bae beach.

Get a glimpse of the other side of Koh Chang island is mountainous jungle, real farmers and local business people living and working in the jungle and fields. Day tours to see the environment of the island, the culture and lifestyle of people you can buy from tour operators, everywhere on the island.

Tours focused on small groups and offer elephant trekking, visits to rubber plantations, waterfalls, schools and churches. Trekking on elephants are recommended for children older than 8 years and you will also have the opportunity to be photographed with the elephant.

Price for Elephant trekking - adults 700 Bath/hour, children 350 Bath/hour
Trekking With a bathing elephants - adults 1300 Bath/2hour, children 700 Bath/2hour

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