Bailan Beach Nightlife, Where to Go at Night in Bai Lan Beach, - ใบลาน บีช, เมอร์เคียว เกาะช้างไฮด์อเวย์, เกาะช้าง ใบลาน บีชรีสอร์ท
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Bailan Beach Nightlife

Where to Go at Night in Bai Lan Beach

Bailan Beach Nightlife, Where to Go at Night in Bai Lan Beach, - ใบลาน บีช, เมอร์เคียว เกาะช้างไฮด์อเวย์, เกาะช้าง ใบลาน บีชรีสอร์ทBailan beach nightlife rages not as noisy as in the north of Koh Chang island but here enough hot spots where after dark can be good fun and spend a nice night. This beer bars, discos, music events and have become popular in recent years - the full moon party - Full Moon party and the Half Moon Party.

Just a few steps from the beach, you will find the old night spots, and newly built - modern, attracting you to her bright light torches and great live music.

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Where to Go at Night in Bailan beach

Where to Go at Night in Bailan beach Bailan beach nightlife has some very positive things for which there should go. It is compact, interesting, young and bright as well as in contrast to many other tourist places in this part of the island - it is not really running. Most pubs and bars located on the beach and along the main road and very easy to find. At 00:00 or sooner turned off the music, but mostly many bars stay open until last clients. As an alternative, you can head to the neighboring Lonely bech, where there is a wider range of nightlife.

If you want to be nice to spend the night in Bailan village have some dens ranging from small reggae bar to Tarzan Island restaurant which entertains its customers live music every night. Or for example the nearby Jungle Garden, which has a few pull tables and chairs in a quiet tropical garden setting. Here make great cocktails and western snacks, which firmly established for this place's reputation as the best bar for meetings, socializing and relaxing in the night time in Baylan Beach. Starting with the 2013 season, has opened a new Filin Cocktail House bar becoming a neighbor with Jungle Garden. In fact, all the good nightlife in Baylan are separated by no more than 50 meters, so you can leisurely flow from one bar to another ..
Koh Chang Nightlife Hot Spots
Koh Chang Nightlife Hot SpotsIf you are looking for a place to have fun or night party after sunset in Koh Chang, then White Sand Beach is undoubtedly the best choice offering a wide range of bars, restaurants, pubs, sports TV, live music and beer bars. For fans of the more dissolute places, there are beer bars with girls near Chang Buri resort and a place called Little Pattaya, a small cluster of bars located in Khai Mook before the road starts to climb up and Packed bars and cute girls waiting for your attention.

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