What to Do at Night in Koh Chang, Koh Chang Nightlife
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What to Do at Night in Koh Chang

Koh Chang Nightlife Guide

What to Do at Night in Koh Chang, Koh Chang Nightlife Most Koh Chang beaches has sufficient resource nightlife and hot spots from a convenient café, cool pubs, and ending with the bright beach and beer bars. Some hotels have good facilities for evening entertainment of its guests with karaoke, lounge bars and restaurants with live music and evening shows, quizzes or night movie session.

Will this pull game with a group of friends, watch sport TV or just enjoying the atmosphere (with drinks of course), night life with its funny adventures under the starry tropical sky is memorable. Many cafes and bars have pool tables, bar games, TV screens with cable TV and darts. Beach bars are also deemed to be not less popular nightlife hot spots, which in addition to electricity usually are highlighted by daily and bright fire show.

If you are looking for place to have a fun after dark in Koh Chang, White Sand Beach is undoubtedly the best choice where you will find a wide range of bars, restaurants, pubs with sports TV, live music and beer bars. For fans of the more dissolute night life there is a place called "Little Pattaya, small bars cluster located in the southern end of the beach, before the road starts to climb up and packed with beer bars and cute girls waiting for your attention.
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Karaoke Bars in Koh Chang

Satisfy your inner ego and loudly sing your favorite tunes in bars and karaoke rooms offer expensive hotels and resorts on the popular beaches of the island, like White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach and Lonely Beach.

Although some hotels do not have a large selection of Western songs, trying to sing in the Thai language can be quite interesting - a perfect night of entertainment for the whole family.

Internet Cafes in Koh Chang

Usually with Internet access service cafe in Koh Chang is a great place where you can cool off, check e-mail, learn what is happening in the world, eating this pie with blueberries or cheesecake and squeezed it a favorite blend of coffee. Most of the cafes also offer a wide selection of books and magazines, and some are open until late. Most recommended - Papa''s Deli in Kai Bea beach where you can enjoy the wonderful cakes, cookies, croissants and cakes.

Pubs in Koh Chang

Pubs in Koh Chang Popular brand hangout for most people, the pubs in Koh Chang and around the world offer a wide selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages, as well as regular menu consisting of spisy and not very appetizers, burgers with different toppings and fish with fried potatoes. Expect to see dart boards, wide screens with the latest sports news, pool tables and sometimes live music. The most famous on the island - Paddy's Palms, the first Irish pub located in White Sand beach and it serves imported beer - Guinness and Kilkenny. Many pubs also have a restaurant (or vice versa) as a great place for all family where a good meal or at night - drunk seriously.

Bars in Koh Chang

Bars in Koh Chang Bars in Koh Chang can be divided into three different categories.
First - roadside bars, usually located on the side of main road near each beach. These night spots offer cheap cocktails and beer and some also have a nice selection of local and international snacks. Next category is pubs with cheap cocktails, beers and other drinks like whiskey and vodka, but cute females usually serving clients in the venues. This is a good place for relax and kill time with a drink or another, especially if you are alone and looking for a girl company or companion-adherent. A large number of beer bars can be found nearly every beach. The most popular are located in the southern end of White Sand beach (also known as the ‘little Pattaya' - known for all the obvious reasons) and in the heart of Kai Bae village.

And without a doubt the most popular of all three categories is the beach bars where guests often offer low chairs or mats laid out right on the sand. Beach bars are extremely well-known and popular as a synonym Koh Chang nightlife. Here under the starry tropical sky everything is great and pleasant live music and all kinds of delicious drinks and exciting fire show, which is usually every night.

Van bars in Koh Chang

Van bars in Koh Chang One of the new fashion trend that are becoming so popular in Thailand are van bars. Small vans full-size, revised in mobile pubs, performed with a full bar, music stereo system and even stools.

Some even have sliding roofs and light-sound systems. The most common place where you can find a similar invention - front Koh Chang Kacha Resort and Spa on roadside.

Reggae Bars in Koh Chang

Reggae Bars in Koh Chang Thailand has a fairly high percentage rastafarians impressionists, as in most cities and on islands where You can easily find places covered some reggae bars where people come when they want to chill out .

Spots ‘Little Jamaica' in Koh Chang showing look pretty cool clusters reggae bars with bohemian vibes, due to which this place is so famous and popular. Expect a lot of dread-locks, the repertoire of Bob Marley's often live music and great chill out.
opening hours: from dusk till dawn
location: all over the island

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