Bailan Beach Overview,  Koh Chang Beaches Guide, Bailan Beach Resort, 5 star Mercure Hideaway Resort, อ่าวใบลาน
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Bailan Beach Overview

Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Bailan Beach Overview,  Koh Chang Beaches Guide, Bailan Beach Resort, 5 star Mercure Hideaway Resort, อ่าวใบลาน Once Bailan beach was the least developed area of the island on Koh Chang's west coast. The lack of white powdery material on the shore then meant that in those days there was the usual mad rush for the purchase of land and construction of resorts.

But over time things changed and today it is noted here that the growth of small resorts is still mainly focused on budget tourists, and in the southern part appeared 5 star Mercure Hideaway Resort.
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How to Get to Bailan beach

How to Get to Bailan beach Bailan beach is located on the west coast in the southern part of Koh Chang Island. The bay is an hour by taxi from Centrepoint pier. The price for one-way trip is 150 Bath per person

The main road along the beach with both sides filled with hotels, resorts, rare shops, restaurants and bars. In addition the local village you will find the police station, ATM, herbal sauna and numerous massage parlours.

The Beach

The Beach Bai Lan The beach itself about a kilometer long very beautiful. At low tide you can see how local residents and construction workers gather in shallow water molluscs and crabs. Bailan bay in many places still covered with mangrove trees, although the owners of some of the resorts have decided that it will become more attractive to visitors if the trees to be cut down. In 2003 it was possible to observe dolphins frolicking in the southern part. Now, this phenomenon will not see often.

In the past there was no beach and at low tide the shore radiated rock lunar landscape. However, surprisingly can make somel breakwaters and thousands tons of sand. As if by magic, one resort had a nice little beach. But during a strong ebb before you see dirty, rocky mess that still exists in this part of the bay. This is a good place if you want to relax by the pool, but not so good when things relate to opposite sides in a radius of 50 meters.

Over the past five years half a dozen new budget bungalows grew up along the beach and roadside. Some are copies of straw huts, but most of them are really cute bungalows - mainly wood and surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Target visitors of these places travelers who prefer a little more comfort than ordinary shack, plus a quiet place to sleep. But since this Koh Chang area not sees a lot of visitors outside of the peak months, here in contrast to the Lonely beach you can always find a good home for little money.

Bailan beach Facilities

Bailan beach FacilitiesIn Bailan beach sun sunbeds and beach chairs available in hotels and resorts and is usually only for their guests. For trying to hire these facilities from you require a fee. Along the beach there are several bars and restaurants.

Despite the existing development of the area is the place at the moment is still a lot better than Lonely beach creating all conditions for visiting Herbal sauna, idleness in a hammock and read a book. Bungalows which there existed until recently had a low quality of service and designed for travelers who appreciate peace and quiet and for fans of the daily night parties ending in the early morning. This in turn meant that the main road through Bailan village saw no real development and therefore quiet place still retains the position of local flavor secluded south of Lonely Beach just 20 minutes walk.

Bailan beach Restaurants

Bailan beach Restaurants Because in the area there are no beach food vendors, restaurants and cafes along the shore seems to be the only source of food and drinks in Bai Lan. If you have a certain dislike for street food - dishes from restaurants nearby probably will be your best choice.

However, many eateries and ready meals can be detected along the side of Koh Chang main road. Not only that, these cutlery offer delicious food they are also very cheap. Simple sandwiches, their components and snacks can easily find a mini-market selling both local and imported food products.


Bailan beach Activities

Bailan beach ActivitiesRelax on the beach and enjoy the surrounding views. If you're feeling energetic enough, you can try to get out of the hammock and easy walk to the nearest beach bar where further leisure, described in the first line. but with a delicious drink in hand. If, after such activities you do not feel better - feel free to head to the island popular herbal sauna, located in Bailan village. You can also make a variety of massages and the same again to go to the bar serving excellent fresh juices and shakers. Sauna is open from 15:00 - 21:00. Price for visiting: 250 all more independent from the time of use. Price for sauna + 2 massages - 350 Bath.

Well, after regeneration can toss his blood a little adrenaline and for some time to become Tarzan, going to an amusement Tree Top Adventure Park located just beside Mercure Hideaway ....

After the eco-adventures you can go to one of the massage parlors which is so rich Bailan beach. It seems that the people who live here only eat, drink and take massages, whose services can be found at every step. Competition is high, and the result is a rather low price compared to the rest of Koh Chang island.


Where to Stay in Bailan beach

Hotels that there existed until recently were not high quality of service and is meant for travelers who appreciate peace and quiet and for lovers of everyday night parties ending in the early morning. This in turn meant that the road through Bailan saw no real development, and therefore quiet village still retains the position of local flavor, secluded south of Lonely Beach is just a 20-minute walk. But recent years have seen a boom in small Comercial center Bai Lan beach, and the village is now along the main road, even a few grown-storey buildings

Moving to the South of Lonely beach is the first hotel which will get you on the path will be Bailan Bay Resort. Obviously you can see only restaurant located on the hill as bungalows hidden behind a swimming pool surrounded by greenery. Convenient road will lead you to the bungalows which are quite simple, but are in a great location on the waterfront. No annoying sound but the rustle of the waves at short beach. Small tip is a good viewpoint giving panoramic views Bailan bay up to Lonely beach.

Standing nearby, with a slightly larger number of plush but still good - The Mangrove resort. Design hut with a very simple but nicely designed architecture hugging the hillside that leads down to the restaurant and a small beach. This is one of those places that does not need advertisement and attracts buyers verbal recommendations.

Along the small beach in front of Bailan Beach Resort features bungalows with fan and AC, plus a swimming pool with fountains. A long time ago it was very popular, peaceful place. At roadside is Kwaimaipar Resort trying to lure customers with a wooden theme huts and is aimed at people who prefer organic food. A little expensive for this cheese, however guests they have. Opposite is St Tropez, a handful of bungalows with fan, plus bar-restaurant. Next is Tarzan Island - large roadside restaurant with a range of new wooden bungalows scattered in the hilly slope. Another place to look - Jungle Garden which was the first great restaurant and they have built a new bungalows and opened only Hammocks Shop on the island, where do the goods are handmade from a small village in Northern Thailand. Even if you are not going to stay with them, be sure to visit this colourful shop.

остров Ко Чанг, Тайланд, Koh Chang, Чанг, Таиланд, отель на Ко Чанге, отели Ко Чанг, отдых на Ко Чанг, фото Ко Чанг, туры на Ко Чанг, дешевые авиабилеты,  острова, ресторан, ко чанг фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Чанг, медовый месяц, на Ко чанг First, lane in the centre of the village will lead You to the Green View which has more cute and nice wooden bungalows surrounded by tropical gardens and then to Janet Green Cottages owned by Thai pop-star, where the rooms are equipped with unilaterally and AC and also have a small pool just enough to cool off a bit. The design is aimed at Thai visitors and not for farangs who do not know who is the owner. Vanalee Resort seems to be more attracted to Russian travelers and Gu''s Bay in my opinion is the best budget resort in Bailan beach, because it has a pool, large garden, sea and a superb restaurant with a bar. Rounding in the collection of resorts is Bailan Hut offering 'interesting' prefab house with AC right at the beach and more traditional bungalows a little behind. Here you will also find a great restaurant with delicious and inexpensive food. Returning to the main road and passing to the south a hundred meters you will approach the Whitehouse Resort. They have a pretty nice bungalows, very nice pool right by the sea. In the rear, near the parking lot there are cheaper rooms in the hotel block, but because the resort is usually quiet, you will be able to find accommodation near the beach even in high season. Whitehouse Resort has a small beach, which seems to be formed from the sand, coming from a neighbor - Mercure Hideaway...

Mercure - resort owned by a shipping company but managed first by Dusit group and now here Mercure. 5 star property aims to compete with the best Koh Chang Hotels - Panviman resort, The EmeraldCove and The Dewa. The resort itself - apparently not something that can be called attractive, built of concrete and concrete again with a bit of greenery and open space which is a parking lot. However, guests can expect a decent 5 star service, super-speed internet access, modern design rooms and picturesque beach during high tide.

Along Koh Chang main road stretches Bailan village where there is a cluster of small restaurants and is home to several local families, who like many residents of Koh Chang is now turned their homes into small apartments and found that foreign tourists prefer for breakfast pop-corn and pizza instead of rice and Thai curries.

It is also worth mentioning Bailan Herbal Sauna, the first herbal sauna on the island and the only building in style 'samana'. Here still doing a great palette of herbal teas and massages guaranteeing you a burst of energy, enough to survive on the feet coming night participating in a crazy night party. In Bailan beach affects the number of massage parlors. Highlights Joy & Ya because the place is in a nice wooden structure on the inner side of the main road. Others crammed into a smaller darker rooms. A hundred meters to the South is the Rock Inn, restaurant and bungalows with views on the Mercure Hideaway, the last place that will fly by before You leave Bailan beach.


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