Haad Chao Phao Beach Nightlife, What to Do at Night in Haad Chao Phao Beach
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Haad Chao Phao Beach Nightlife

What to Do at Night in Haad Chao Phao Beach

Haad Chao Phao Beach Nightlife, What to Do at Night in Haad Chao Phao BeachVisitors should note that while Haad Chao Phao beach is home to a few Koh Phangan's nightlife hot spots, it is not what the area is centered around. It does however provide an alternative to Thong Sala. Most places turn their lights off before 02:00 but prior to that, they offer the chance to enjoy a BBQ seafood diner with few drinks in inviting surroundings.

Pool lovers are in luck as are darts players with the handful of beer bars that exist within the area offering standard pub activities, including live sport TV. Home to a reasonably concentration of budget resorts visitors can also expect to find a few good beachside drinking venues.
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Charly bar

Charly bar Charly's bar is located in the Northern part of Haad Chao Phao near the road, next Sea Garden 2 resort. The appearance of this reggae bar you nothing will tell, but the main action is inside. In the evening, this place attracts crowds of fans of Bob Marley and people wishing good evening in a friendly atmosphere. Pool table, antique leather furniture, a large model of the airplane beneath the ceiling, tropical paintings on the walls, a cosy bar and a veranda to chill out on where Thai soft cushions, you can enjoy the tropical night, and good music are the general arguments to go here.

hours: с 17:00 - до поздна
place: the entrance from the main road, next to Sea Garden II restaurant, Chao Phao beach

Moon Set Party at Pirates bar

Moon Set Party Pirates BarIf you stay in Haad Chao Phao beach on Koh Phangan west coast for hot night fun head to Moon Set Party Pirates Bar is located in a small cove with a good music and spreading the moonlight. The Moon Set Party at the Pirate Bar hold usually 3 days before and after FMP in amazing setting with a backdrop of shear rock clifts. The most of being in Pirates Bar is absolutely fabulous! The beach party with international DJs set in the rocks and plays barely exclusively Techno Trance & House music and outdoor dancing arenas, as one drink 20 cups of non-alcoholic alternatives such as Singha Beer Chang Archa or how the bright full moon.

hours: с 16:30 - till late
location: the southern end of Haad Chao Phao beach, right on the beach

The Heaven Bar

The Heaven BarThough it is less active than the Pirates bar scene, the beachside line has a few good bars to offer. The well-known The Heaven is a cozy and friendly bar very close to the beach that features cool music, a good list of sunset drinks/cocktails, and friendly people, especially the owner. Every evening expect Beach BBQ seafood in The Haven bar with great choice of fresh fish, squid, oysters, king prawns and crabs. BBQ's menu also has duck, marinated chicken wings and pork ribs. The Each order is 150 Bath and ask the owner about their jacket potatoes. The drinks menu also consists from local and imported beer, red and white South African wine, buckets, soft drink and shakes. Happy hour 17:00 -19:00 whith cocktails 130 Bath only. It's a good place to get local inside information & gossip.

hours: 14:00 - till late
location: at Seaflower Resort, Haad Chao Phao beach
menu: Beach BBQ/bar

Belgium Beer Bar

Belgium Beer Bar Belgium Beer Bar (BBB) could be described as a large bar with a good restaurant is located in Haad Chao Phao beach near Blue Ocean Garden Resort. Serving Belgian dishes and with a beer selection that would be the envy of most Brussels-based bars, things most certainly are not done by halves here.

Spacious and clean dining room of Belgium Beer Bar with four tables and comfortable chairs is cooled by ceiling fans and air conditioning is an ideal refuge from the heat of the day. Belgium Beer's menu features great selection of Belgian beers. Amongst the many bottled treats on offer are Rochefort, Trappist, Chimay, Westmalle, Orval, Duval, La Chouffe, Sweet and Cider Beer, and Pauwel Kwak. As for draught beer, Stella Artois and both light and dark Hoegaarden are served on tap. To complement these delicious beers try the famous mussels with garlic cream or Thai style abbey cheese croquets served with Belgian fries. With a plate of steamed mussels in front of you and a glass of Duval to hand you’ll experience the real Belgium in the heart of Koh Phangan.

hours: daily from 08:00-22:00
location: Haad Chao Phao beachfront, near Blue Ocean Garden resort
menu: Belgium beer/Belgium food
Tel: 077 349113 or 08 4837 2738

La Dolce Vita Ristorante & Lounge Beach Bar

La Dolce Vita  Ristorante & Lounge Beach Bar La Dolce Vita translates into English as ‘sweet life’ but in reality, this Italian ristorante & lounge beach Bar in Haad Chao Phao is a much bigger affair than that. La Dolce Vita with a prime beachside location is the signature restaurant of Blue Ocean Garden Resort. The dining venue catering authentic Italian and Traditional Thai dishes, fresh fish and seafood, appetizers, salads and desserts wtih a great wine list.

Mixed Vegetables Tempura, bruschetta or Tuna Salad are a good start. For the main meal order spaghetti Carbonara or homemade ravioli with spinach & ricotta. La Dolce Vita's menu consists of 20 types of pizza and six kinds of pasta. Wash down the meal can with Italian homemade winewhite, rosé or red wine serves by glass, carafe (50cl) and bottles. For dessert, highly recommended Tiramisu with real mascarpone cheese or
Panna Cotta served with homemade strawberry jam or chocolate syrup.

: 11:00 - 23:00
location: at Blue Ocean Garden Resort, right on the beach
menu: Italian/Thai/Mediterranean
Tel: +66 (0)87 0862697

Viewpoint Lounge & Bar

Viewpoint Lounge & Bar Viewpoint Lounge & Bar at The Sunset Hill resort with stunning panoramic ocean views, relax music and friendly staff serves superb coffee, creative cocktails and wines amongst other drinks. The Longe's menu has snacks and few meal for breakfast,lunch and dinner. The lounge is also a great spot for enjoying the sunset, having a meeting with drinks and of course the already famous Full Moon Warm Up Party. The venue can also arrange for you a room service for special dinners.

hours: 08:00 - till late
menu: lounge and bar
location: at Sunset Hill Resort
Phone: +66 (0)89-9733205

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