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Lonely Beach Overview

Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Lonely Beach Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide, หาดท่าน้ำ Despite the fact that Lonely beach is surrounded by a rocky landscape, there still are decent stretch of sandy beach, where you can arrange an unforgettable holiday on Koh Chang island.

Lonely beach currently still offers a cheap and relaxing stay in Koh Chang, a perfect place for those who are on a low budget and wants to avoid dominating the crowd.
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How to Get to Lonely beach

How to Get to Lonely beach Lonely beach is located in the southern part of Koh Chang's west coast and is separated from Kai Bae Beach a large hill covered with evergreen rain forest and the southern boundary abuts on Bai Lan Bay.

In fact, the beautiful beach is just steps away from the main road of the island and in 50 minutes by taxi from Centrepoint pier. The price per trip 150 Bath. If you move on the road from the north, you will enjoy fantastic views of the Lonely Bay. In Lonely Beach you can find supermarkets, tattoo studios, bars, Internet cafes and dive shops.

If coming in Lonely from north by motorbike - be careful, in this area of the island road is too risky for ride on Koh Chang.

The Beach

Lonely beach More than a decade ago, the attractiveness of Lonely beach for foreigners was that this little bay was a small sandy beach, a handful of bamboo huts and to get here you could only walk on the path leading from Kai Bae hills. One set of budget bungalows at the far south end of the beach - The Tree House became famous among the tourist fraternity and the success of the old resort, has resulted in a collection of their kind born nearby. In the 'Lonely' beach, which was once the "stone of Paradise," has become a rapidly developing, and old travelers now do not recognize this shore. Lonely beach, also has a Thai name - Had Tha Nam, but it is unlikely that any farang stay here is really interested in this.

Lonely beach, located on the rocky side at the southern end is similar to the other Koh Chang beaches and the best place for swimming and activities on the beach is located in the northern part of the bay. The beach area between Nature Beach Resort and Siam Beach Resort are covered with white powdery sand, while the south has to offer only rocky beaches.

Along the beaches there is a path connecting the Siam Hut and Seaflower. This path is used as a much shorter way to the beach, staying in the busy Lonely village. The route cuts through a small virgin soil, on a pedestrian bridge over a narrow river, and then through the bushes 100 meters. This path is quite simple and really saves you a lot of time compared to walking on the road. However, at night it is necessary to be careful, especially while drunk, as were cases of robbery of tourists, both men and women.

Lonely beach Facilities

Lonely beach Facilities Don't expect too much service from this beach. However, visitors can easily find a handful of Internet cafes, ATMs, shops, travel agencies and tailors located near Koh Chang main road. The beach itself has a normal concentration of restaurants, beach chairs and beach towels which offers beachfront hotels and resorts for their guests.

If you're not a guest, please be a towel or mat is all you need for sunbathing. The northern part of the beach, opposite Siam Beach Resort is replete with shady places under the spreading trees. Toilets can be found in beachsidel restaurants and bars.

Beach Vendors

Lonely beach shopping Well, did they not even on Lonely beach! Beach vendors appear here only during the high season. Polite 'Mai Au' is all that is needed, what would you be left alone.

If you suddenly need to buy something, contrary Bhumiyama Resort, right on the beach under the bright umbrellas will find a small beach bazaar. Shawls, sarongs, badminton rackets, soccer balls, mats, ornaments, inflatable toys, drinks and other trinkets.


Lonely Beach Restaurants

Lonely Beach Restaurants Food and drinks on the beach, you can get at the restaurants of these hotels: Bhumiyama Resort, Siam Beach Resort, Nature Beach resort and Siam Hut. Last one oriented budget visitors would be preferable and cheaper. While travel to Lonely village you will find a wider variety of food, you can also buy pizza, sandwiches and fresh fruit here.


Lonely beach Activities

Lonely beach Activities Kayaks can be rented at Siam Beach resort or Bhumiyama Resort and and go into the sea voyage to nearby islands: Koh Man Nai and Koh Man Nok. Both resorts have outdoor swimming pools surrounded by vegetation, massage parlors and here you can buy the tours.

On the beach, opposite Nature beach resort a volleyball net is set. Towards evening the beach is quite wide to organize football tournaments. If you are interested in what is in Lonely beach under water - try snorkeling at the far northern end of the beach and, preferably, in a calm windless weather.

One of the most popular forms of activities in Lonely beach is feeding the monkeys, sassy herd which will be waiting for you near Koh Chang main road, just south of Siam Hut. Macaques have firmly lured bananas, burgers and sandwiches and in this place waiting for the next handout, daily grazing all the flock, creating on the roadway problems for traffic.


Where to Stay in Lonely beach

Where to Stay in Lonely beach Lonely Beach is still cheap in some places, there is still fun, but now face is the fact that the beach is now no shortage of loneliness. But on the other hand, who could tell of his adventures? Where you could enjoy a daily night parties? Where would You like to chat in Facebook, all the while enjoying coffee with whipped cream and banana pancakes? And where would you buy a ticket to Koh Phangan or Bangkok?

Lonely beach attraction is now renovated 3 star Bhumiyama Resort, occupying the primary location in the southern end of the beach. In the north, a quiet end nestled Siam Beach Resort which in a few short years has successfully passed the stage from cheap huts to semi-luxury resort. Now it boasts a luxurious hotel rooms and luxurious villas, far from poor bungalows, which stood here until 2006. However, if you decide to find affordable accomodation in Lonely beach, on the hillside offers bungalows with air conditioning approximately 1000 Bath/night, including facilities and conveniences designed for all guests Siam Beach Resort.

In fact the beach occupied by four hotels - the above Bhumiyama and Siam Beach for anyone who wants a comfortable stay, Nature Beach with a pretty good but badly packaged air conditioning bungalows and Siam Hut resort of huts, where it seems time has stopped. Siam Hut one of the few places on the beach, which anyone who has visited the island a decade ago, just remember this picture. No repairs or reconstruction cannot be a word and the only things that have changed in all this time were electric lamps. Siam Hut cheap and quiet, Nature Beach is more quiet and clean.

Where to Stay in Lonely beach If you plan to stay south of Siam Hut, you must remember that the beach is not here and bungalows built along the roadside, among the coconut trees in two steps from stone shoreline devoid of sand. If you decide to stay near cheap beer-bars, traditional tattoo studios and enclave of banana pancakes, you will find that the old Treehouse now gone. The only spot of the previous years is the restaurant where former glory recall some details of the construction, and the place itself consists of a collection of cottages - now called ‘Seaflower Resort'. Pink, concrete bungalows with fan and AC are in the midst of the garden. If you are not worried about the color of the architecture, then this is a good place to stay, given that the rooms by the sea will be more preferable.

Sunset Huts and Jae Gun Hut, following the Seaflower offer quite cozy concrete bungalows which of course does not go over the more northern places of the beach. In far southern end of the rocky shore, Paradise Cottages also offers pretty good, more quiet, medium-sized bungalows. Warapura resort, halfway between Jae Gun and Paradise offers the best accommodation in the area. The bungalow is not aimed at first-year students, but are more suited to the older generation of travelers who still loves to party and who appreciates a clean, comfortable place to lounge with a small amount of beer and comfort. Individually furnished and decorated rooms in Worapura resort, with the luxury of AC, flat TV, wi-fi, hot water, especially in demand in the high season. The resort also has a swimming pool and an excellent beachfront restaurant.

Where to Stay in Lonely beach Roadside Lonely areas, south of the sandy beach are the largest commercial growth due to cheap rent on the land. And if you are going to stay in this place, among all the bars and clubs - get ready to fall asleep the morning. Here on a limited area in a large number of concentrated small restaurants, cafes, bars, tattoo parlors, diving centres and shops. Tattoo apparently is the main business in this part of the village, as a Lonely beach has its own cluster of tattoo studios, with about half a dozen artists. Most prefer to do a bamboo tattoo, if You want to get more traditional and less painful result. Look at the Green Tattoo, where the main master named Kieow (Green in Thai language), makes some very nice, unique bamboo tattoo. Around this site you will find a large choice of budget accommodation evolving standards, from Kachapura if You prefer hangouts but need the air conditioning to Magic Garden wooden huts, as well as Oasis and Little Eden offers cheap bungalows on a hillside, overlooking a rocky beach and away from the madness village chaos.

After a sleepless night it would be nice to rejuvenate yourself and bring order to the physical form in BB Gym. A lot of gymnastic equipment, plus daily Yoga classes, after which you can enjoy a cocktail next door at Margharitaville bar. You deserve it. And finally, if You are a woman and want to spin the romance with a Thai boy from a bar, some local dread or a member of a fire show - you too... should not have big problems.


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