Bang Bao Bay Restaurants, Where and What to Eat in Bang Bao Bay, บางเบา เกาะช้างใต้
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Bang Bao Bay Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in Bang Bao Bay

Bang Bao Bay Restaurants, Where and What to Eat in Bang Bao Bay, บางเบา เกาะช้างใต้ If you by a twist of fate ended up in Bang Bao bay, a visit to one of the many fish restaurants along the long pier. A huge selection of seafood, from shrimp and tiny shells, and ending with a delicious lobster and oysters, which are always fresh.

If you doubt the quality of the goods, many restaurants have a huge aquariums that swim and crawl your ingredients for future meals - you just need to come and poke your finger in favourite instance, then buy a cold beer and enjoy the cool breezes on the veranda of the restaurant, enjoying the sea views....
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What to Eat in Bang Bao

What to Eat in Bang Bao The main culinary trends, which adheres to most restaurants in Bang Bao village - seafood and dishes from them. During the day, here are drawn numerous fishing schooners full of fish, lobsters, crabs, oysters, shrimp and other marine delicacies.

But this does not mean that we do not know how to cook some food: fine dining, international food or simple burgers, Bang Bao has it all, plus zenith of culinary excellence - fish chips...

Where to Eat in Bang Bao

Where to Eat in Bang Bao Bang Bao village is the lively heart of Koh Chang island. In its alleys and nooks you will find interesting and fascinating combination of traditional Thai and everything else, based on a notorious tourist. On the pier for dinner begin at 17:30 and sometimes continue until midnight. There are bars and restaurants for all tastes and inclinations, and true art visit culinary schools is finding your place.

If your budget does not allow you to eat seafood, visit one of the many eateries that begin to grow along the pier, but if you travel by purchasing a tour as part of organized leisure activities to the extent possible, choose a seafood restaurant. A cheap place for breakfast - The Bay, serving extremely edible food, for the price of 60-70 Bath for dish and keep overweight labrador named 'See-Fah' who loves nothing like jumping into the sea for sticks, entertaining his tricks guests. Ruen Thai Seafood restaurant appreciated by many who knows what's what in the fresh sea crabs, shrimp and fish as the best place in Bangbao where you can eat seafood. This is not the most advertised and advanced place, but if you're not a specialist, you will not be able to find food tastes better and for less money.

At the other end of the pier serves western cuisine, attracting solely foreign visitors hungry for fruit shakers, good atmosphere and snacks. Buddha View is another great place for dining. Thai and Western menu, great atmosphere, plus the unforgettable sunsets. There make the perfect cocktails.

Nirvana Restaurant

остров Ко Чанг, Тайланд, Koh Chang, Чанг, Таиланд, отель на Ко Чанге, отели Ко Чанг, отдых на Ко Чанг, фото Ко Чанг, туры на Ко Чанг, дешевые авиабилеты,  острова, ресторан, ко чанг фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Чанг, медовый месяц, на Ко чанг For gourmets, a large selection of wonderful food in a beautiful Tantra restaurant in the middle of the turquoise waters of Koh Chang island at Nirvana Resort which is considered one of the best on the island. Located over water, Tantra Restaurant serves Thai and international dishes, as well as a wine and cocktail menu. The poolside bar offers refreshments and Wi-Fi. Many dishes are made from imported Australian and new Zealand beef.
Prices are high.

location: Nirvana resort

Buddha View Restaurant

Buddha View Restaurant The restaurant is located on a private pier, which offers stunning sea views. Menu of Thai and international dishes.
A very popular place for dinner at sunset. The prices are reasonable.

location: Bang Bao pier

Chow Lay Seafood

Chow Lay Seafood Located in Bang Bao pier, Chow Lay restaurant stands on bamboo stilts, the dining room is designed in a traditional rustic style, offering the finest and freshest seafood on the island. The restaurant is equipped with large tanks of water where you can choose your favourite sample fish, lobster or crab.

location: Bang Bao pier

Ruanthai Seafood

Ruanthai Seafood This restaurant is set on the right hand side Bang Bao pier, which offers beautiful views of the bay. Want a romantic dinner? This place just for this! With excellent service and a great menu of seafood, as well as a good selection of wines.

location: Bang Bao pier

Ukao Unam restaurant

Ukao Unam restaurant A small roadside restaurant located opposite Alysia Spring resort at the entrance to Bang Bao pier, their appearance - you will not say anything. Hidden in the shade of magnificent foliage Ukao Unam is in Bangbao favorite place dinner for local football fans. The restaurant's interior is decorated with posters and pennants teams in world football League, including Chelsea and Manchester United. As for the kitchen - a large selection of popular Thai food at very affordable prices.

location: Bang Bao village
Koh Chang Seafood
Seafood on Koh Chang island One of the reasons why most of the travellers again and again choose Koh Chang as their holidays is that these people prefer local food available on the island in large numbers. The variety of dishes is huge, but one kind of food, does not play such a big role in Thai-international culinary culture of Koh Chang as seafood...


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