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Salak Phet Bay Overview

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Salak Phet Bay,Travel Guide for Salak Phet Bay Salak Phet bay you will find in south-east of Koh Chang island and its dimensions are 3 km in length and from 1.5 to 2.5 km wide. In a picturesque bay surrounded by mountains three small islands lie - Koh Mapring island, Koh Phrao Nai and Koh Phrao Nok. There are three villages there: Ban Rong Than, Ban Salak Phet and Ban Chek Bae. Hoses of the islanders are right in the bay on stilts and residents live by fishing and farming, growing coconuts and rubber.

On the roadside of 500 metres North of Ban Salak Phet village is a small hospital which is open from 08.30 - 16.30. Nearby you will find the police station.

To south-east from Salak Phet village there are two beaches: Long Beach and another beach smaller with Naval Shrine in honor of victims the naval battles 1941. Approximately 2 km north-east from Ban Salak Phet in the depths of the forest, Khiri Phet Waterfall is located, the top of it offer stunning bay's views.

Getting to Salak Phet Bay can on Koh Chang main road via est coast by taxi. The best way to see this beautiful bay is to rent a motorbike, stock up Koh Chang map and go on a personal journey. By motorbike ride south along Koh Chang East coast and will get Salak Phet Bay.
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How to Get to Salak Phet Bay

Salak Phet Bay,Travel Guide for Salak Phet BayHire a reliable motorbike to ride around the island and follow to the south along Koh Chang East coast and will soon you get Salak Phet bay. As Bangbao, Salak Phet village fishing too. Unlike Bangbao, the way of local life was not destroyed or changed, this applies to diving schools, shops, seafood restaurants and souvenir shops. There are several nice hotels and plus a small Marina that is pretty much the beginning of comercializacao this area. The marina called Koh Chang Marina, was created by Sunsail Yacht Charter and was built in October 2007.

Name Salakphet have as the bulf itself and the only village. A large area of land on the shores covered with mangrove trees. In Salakphet village you can rent a boat to explore this area. Approaching the bay you will find only half of the village, other houses and buildings of local residents are located along mangrove channels. Salak Phet fishing village was founded about 30 years ago. Fishing port flourished. It was the commercial center of Koh Chang, but the time has passed and now there is quite a sleepy backwater. However, you can still see several large fishing boats moored at the pier in Rong village.
Salak Phet Bay,Travel Guide for Salak Phet BayTo get to the heart of the village, ignore a road sign to Salakphet Seafood and continue moving right. Follow the road past the Wat Salak Phet and forth on a single-track road with a concrete floor. Eventually you will reach a little bridge that you can cross by motorbike, if you have a car parking here and continue by foot. To return to main road go back, past the temple and then follow the turn in the direction from Salakphet Seafood or you can cut way up the narrow road beginning near Telecom tower.
Salak Phet Bay,Travel Guide for Salak Phet BayMangrove trees in Salak Phet bay are another Koh Chang attraction. In the midst of mangrove thickets leads specially constructed learning trail, with viewpoints and interpretive displays. Here are the nurseries for the cultivation of mangrove trees, which are home to many species of reptiles, including amphibians, birds and fish, as well as protect the coast from storms, as if living wall. After actively explorering through Salakphet you can now go to Baan Rong village located in western part of the bay. The curve in the road leads along few miles, passing the beginning of the still unfinished road to Bang Bao and then ends at Salakphet Seafood restaurant. On the way you will find signs leading to small resorts and hotels. Note the lack of garbage along the roads, in contrast to Koh Chang's west coast. The fact that live here are the native inhabitants of the island who regularly care about a clean environment.
On the way to Salakphet you will find pointers to the waterfalls: Klong Neung waterfall and Khiriphet waterfall. Both through the jungle, coconut groves and fruit plantations are dirt roads. Access to a small Klong Neung waterfall will require you a lot of effort, you need to go 400 meters on slippery trail. To Khiriphet waterfall you will find more easy walk and after walking you can cool off in some basins created by thу falls. Visiting to waterfalls is free.
Leave your motorbike near the entrance to Salakpohet Seafood restaurant and stroll through the small pier with beautiful views of the serpentine extending deep into Koh Chang and nearby islands located to south - Koh Lao Ya and Koh Wai. From parking area starts walking path that leads down along the shore. If you are fond of sailing at the end of the pier you can find Deiter, the German owner who runs the local yacht club. Here you can rent a hotel room also.

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