Long Beach Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
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Long Beach Overview

Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Long Beach Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide Sun, sand, pristine beaches, clear waters of Thailand gulf, the charm of the tropics, few eco-attractions and remote location on Koh Chang are the main things you need to know about Long Beach. Ultimately what attracts tourists to this part of the island is unparalleled sense of privacy that can save this country.

Located at the end of the serpentine rock, hugging the slopes of the Koh Chang south-east coast and rolling at the end of the dirt road (6 km from the village of Salak Phet), Long Beach is one of the few well-preserved Koh Chang beaches.
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How to Get to Long beach

How to Get to Long beach Long beach is 6 kilometers from the nearest Salak Phet village. This place is a concrete road in places broken and destroyed by landslides. However this only way has much to offer, including view point with breathtaking views of Salak Phet bay and Koh Chang nearby Islands.

For a few miles to Long beach concrete road abruptly turns into a dirt road that is fraught with many dangerous sites, so move with increased care!

The Beach

The Beach If You are an avid fan of pristine tropical beaches, preferring to enjoy classic holiday: sun, sea, sand and warm clear waters, Long Beach you will try not to disappoint. Add to this the stunning nature in the backdrop of lush green forests and You will get a clear picture of this place.

Bay in the shape of crescent and 500 m long very beautiful and very quiet. The shore is flat and during low tide go to sea for about 50 m, but still great for swimming. Along the shore aligned coconut palms and trees quite a lot of shady places where you can retire. At the southern end there is a large dead coral reef.

Long Beach Facilities

Long Beach Facilities From all facilities offered in Long Beach you will need a mat or large towel and saving shadow. Beach looking towards south-west and sun of this abound in all day. The sea is quite shallow with no stones. In the southern end of the beach lies crushed coral reef is a great place for sea shells collectors. Around the headland is another small beach, which is reachable on the same road. There is also a memorial dedicated to the sea battle off the coast of Koh Chang.

Long Beach Restaurants

Long Beach Restaurants Because in the area there are no food vendors, restaurants and a bar in one person seems to be the only source of food and drinks in Long beach is Tree House restaurant located at north end of the beach. Thai kitchen proven over the years is cooled by sea breezes and complemented by superb views of the Bay. Here you can buy beer and drinks.

Long beach Activities

Long beach Activities Relax on the beach and enjoy the surrounding views. If you are feeling really energetic, you can try to leave on time saving shadow, and walk to Tree House beach bar-restaurant where to continue active recreation described in the first row, but with a bottle of cold beer in his hand.

Activities in Long beach is to swim, chill out in a hammock, socializing, talking, yoga and the like. You can rent a kayak for research Long beach area or go to snorkeling in the Northern part of the Bay.


Where to Stay in Long beach

Where to Stay in Long beachBefore, it was Long Beach Resort - budget hotel with huts, decorating the northern end of the beach. The place was crammed with popular Treehouse Huts with similar housing in Lonely beach and renamed as the new Treehouse. Three years later Zion Bungalows set / gift shop, at the far southern end of the beach, and later, on the hillside just above the beach, you receive a handful of simple huts, called Long Beach Resort, Long Beach Bungalows or even LB Hotel, assuming that you have installed the sign on the road is not designed for the construction site, which was located next to the huts, and 2 meters from the restaurant.


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