Klong Kloi Beach Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
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Klong Kloi Beach Overview

Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Klong Kloi Beach Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide Many years ago, Klong Kloi beach was a sleepy village with a few local fishermen huts and today these houses are standing on the shore, surrounded by beachfront restaurants and small hotels. For a long time Klong Kloi beach was outside the tourist radar, as most visitors were interested in only Bang Bao village where the excess could eat seafood and shopping, then going back to Koh Chang western beaches.

Local taxi drivers rarely visited this beach is protected from stormy weather and fearless travelers by a rented motorbike were the only visitors pristine beach with panoramic views of the islands south of Koh Chang, including Koh Way island and Koh Klum island.
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How to Get to Klong Kloi beach

How to Get to Klong Kloi beach Klong Kloi beach located on Koh Chang south coast is one kilometre from Bang Bao village.

Follow to Bang Bao bay, after the village continue straight, past the new apartment and after about a kilometer you will see Klong Kloi beach. On left side near the road you will see parking place filled (in season) motorbike. Park your iron horse and by new concrete bridge head to sandy beach.

Today you can get Klong Kloi beach was quite simple - it began to walk taxi. By car you have to drive further and the road will lead you to the beach, but will have to move through coconut plantations.

From Klong Kloi beach main road starts to climb a steep hill and wind around the back of the beach. Ride a motorbike in this way will test your engine, brakes and nerves. Along the way you will also meet some good view of the mountain jungle. After just over a kilometre You will appear before those that would be expensive in Salakphet bay and a little further to the right - a well-marked primer leading to the rear of the resorts located in Klong Kloi.

Some maps really illustrate the way around the island, and the area of Klong Kloi beach to Salakphet bay. In fact, this route exists only in the imagination of the cartographer. A few years ago, work began on the creation of a 10 km section is intended only for motorbikes and bicycles. But the money ran out long before the project was half completed.

From left side for about a kilometer, You will notice the beginning of the road before you hit the gate Koh Chang Boat Chalet (Aunchanalee Resort or Grand Lagoon). It is possible to pass not more than one kilometer, although sections of the path is riddled with ruts with gravel and dirt, until You reach a section which was washed away by the rains in August 2005. It is possible to go by foot, across the river and follow the forest road on the opposite shore, but there are no signs and more likely to get lost. The good news is that in 2010 when budgeting, don't forget about this unfinished building, and road construction, as it is expected, will soon begin. The bad news is that three years have passed, and nothing happened to the dead point.

The Beach

Klong Kloi beach Beautiful and long Klong Kloi beach covered with coconut palms and rare Casuarina trees stretches of wide sandy line from east to west. The place is very well maintained, shady, with soft sand, sun and turquoise surf. On the shore there are restaurants and bars and to choose a place under the sun is not so difficult. The beach facing the south, so here all day you can sunbathe, relax from which it is possible under umbrella or tree shadow, especially densely occupied eastern part of the beach. Koh Chang Marine National park status means that there are no jet skis and speed boats; the fact is so refreshing that You will be hard to find in a more quiet location. Despite being very popular, the beach is never crowded and sun loungers are usually enough for everyone.

The beach than any other on the island has the best sea views, as it is facing south giving its guests will see Koh Chang nearby islands such as Koh Klum, Koh Wai, Koh Mak and on a clear day from here it is visible even Koh Kood.

Speaking further, it should be noted that if You plan to visit Koh Chang during the rainy season and to enjoy a beach holiday, then Klong Kloi beach will be the best choice because the beach is protected from the monsoon. Bang Bao peninsula provides good protection from the strong south-west and west winds, breaking currents and strong waves breaking on Koh Chang's west coast. Unlike other beaches, Klong Kloi sea more calm this time of year.

Klong Kloi beach Facilities

Klong Kloi beach Facilities Along Klong Kloi beach there are only a handful of places to stay on the beach, but the beach every year becomes more popular and more and more travelers come here during high season, large crowds, on a day when the lines of the chairs in front of bars and restaurants closest to the main road remain full from mid-morning until late afternoon. Rent sunbeds costs 50 Bath or take a towel - free space on the sand. About the sun in mind the geographical beach location - it illuminates the place all day, so take care of your skin, burn instantly!

If you prefer natural shade, just walk down the beach 200 meters, where the shade of the trees you will find a bit more peace and quiet. Toilets can be found at beach bars and restaurants for a small fee.

Klong Kloi beach Restaurants

Klong Kloi beach Restaurants The first beach bars and restaurants have opened here in 2007 and for several years has served visitors with drinks, massage and food. Look at Klong Kloi Kitchen restaurant serving excellent Thai food or popular Lion Bar with a large selection of beverages, including cold beer and mellow reggae tunes.

Related Happy Bar with live music. Between Bangbao and Klong Kloi is a tiny beach called Sai Noi. Here You will find four small reggae beach bars, a couple of which you must be agreeable. These flimsy wooden shacks - back to the olden days, when tourism started to learn these beaches.


Klong Kloi beach Attractions

Klong Kloi beach Attractions Far, the most eastern end of the beach was once the location of the most beautiful lagoons in the island, which was destroyed including coral reef, resulting in the construction of a new beach and the largest hotel in Koh Chang, Koh Chang Boat Chalet (aka Aunchanalee Resort or Grand Lagoon). If you follow down the road leading to Klong Kloi beach, You in the end will be the front entrance of the hotel, where the guard will politely ask you to leave if You don't remind him that you are a guest or whatever you want to pay 100 Bath to go inside and take a walk around the resort.

This kind of 5 stars resorts, notably flashed in the Thai media in november 2003. Quite a long story, but basically a resort owned by Thai billionaire, who ignored all sensible advice, which he gave engineers and builders for the construction of the resort of his dreams. Local residents have paid small sums of money in order to continue the construction and the scandal has finally reached the top, when high-ranking officials of the National Park landed here by helicopter to see the face of iniquity.

However, this is a very fancy resort and interesting sight, but when buying a ticket you can get a bike or beer at the beach pirate bar. Your eyes will appear floating swimming pool and a huge ship, which was converted into a hotel, but it was very dark inside the mold, and eerily quiet, elegant, carpeted corridors, will remind You about the movie-the horrors of the early 1980's. Magnificent view from the roof, and there's also a nice little waterfall. Other highlights include the lifeboat from the oil tanker, which satul the American coast in the 80's.

Another attraction of this part of Koh Chang is a small Khiri Phet waterfall. It is reachable on the road beginning on the left after entering the gate Koh Chang Boat Chalet.


Klong Kloi beach Activities

Klong Kloi beach Activities No matter what you like to do, you are guaranteed that you will find suitable form of activities in Klong Kloi beach. A wide range of activities from simple idleness on the sand, soaking tropical sun, kayaking, reading a good book in paperback, relaxing in the hammock, a fun picnic and other diverse and fun sports.

Alternatively, you can swim in the sea, go fishing, get a massage, or simply walking along the beach to find sea shells (especially at low tide) are some of the most ways to spend your precious time.


Klong Kloi beach Hotels - Where to Stay

остров Ко Чанг, Тайланд, Koh Chang, Чанг, Таиланд, отель на Ко Чанге, отели Ко Чанг, отдых на Ко Чанг, фото Ко Чанг, туры на Ко Чанг, дешевые авиабилеты,  острова, ресторан, ко чанг фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Чанг, медовый месяц, на Ко чангThanks to the growing popularity of Klong Kloi beach on the shore appeared few hotels. Now there are four good places where you can stay for any period.

The luxury choice in Klong Kloi beach is Chaipura resort, and also Chivapuri Beach Resort who is isolated in the far eastern end of the beach. Accommodation is in spacious Thai style villas + nice beachfront swimming pool. Further walk to the east along the stretch of undeveloped beach will take you to a Tropical Beach Resort with a collection of simple bungalows with AC.


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