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Khai Mook Beach Shopping

Where to Shop in Khai Mook Beach

КО ЧАНГ_КОХ ЧАНГ_ОСТРОВ КО ЧАНГ_KOH CHANG_KOH CHANG ISLAND_KOH CHANG HOTELS Khai Mook beach has a small number of shops where you can buy clothes , flip-flops, souvenirs and handicrafts, you only need to wait for the evening. For big shopping head to White Sand beach or Bang Bao village.

On the main road, just south Koh Chang Resotel the right can be seen a few shops, one is Dive Supply sells equipment for diving. This is the first specialty shop on Koh Chang offers all the famous brands of diving equipment . Nearby post office and you can also rent a cheap mailbox. There is also a print shop and cheap internet cafes and if you want to make a photocopy , business cards or print documents, everything is done here.
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Koh Chang Foodland Deli

КО ЧАНГ_КОХ ЧАНГ_ОСТРОВ КО ЧАНГ_KOH CHANG_KOH CHANG ISLAND_KOH CHANG HOTELS Khai Mook around so many convenient places where right next to the sea , you can arrange a great dinner and buying pre delicious food. The closest grocery store is located opposite Paddy's Palm Resort. Here you will find fresh bread and croissants, snacks , pickles , cut , something from the deli, canned goods, imported German beers, wines and spirits . In general, all products are imported from Germany. The shop is located to the right of the entrance to Top Resort and is open until 21:00.

Tesco Lotus Supermarket

Tesco Lotus Supermarket Tesco Lotus -known name among foreign holidaymakers - selling everything from food and drinks to household goods and electronics. A single-storey supermarket car park at its core built in Khai Mook beach recently - the largest on Koh Chang island. Particularly noteworthy department ready meals , fruit and beverage prices are several times lower than the tourist .

And if you're staying for a long time in this part of the island - Tesco is the best option .
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 23:00
Location : on Koh Chang main road, to the right of Koh Chang Resotel

What to Buy in White Sand beach

What to Buy in White Sand beach Need an extra pair of shorts or sunglasses? Forget the cream for sun protection? You should not worry about all this if you are staying at White Sand beach. Most of the shops sells a wide selection of goods beach themes: bikini, shorts, hats, sunglasses, all for snorkeling, flip-flops and sarongs, to mention only a few.

Great selection of gifts, souvenirs and trifles, paintings depicting the Buddha in a variety of poses, woodcarving, spa cosmetics and even carpets and rugs - everything is on sale.

Where to Shop in White Sand beach

остров Ко Чанг, Тайланд, Koh Chang, Чанг, Таиланд, отель на Ко Чанге, отели Ко Чанг, отдых на Ко Чанг, фото Ко Чанг, туры на Ко Чанг, дешевые авиабилеты,  острова, ресторан, ко чанг фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Чанг, медовый месяц, на Ко чанг Here are a few places which are worth your visit - Portobello and Klin Mali. Portobello has two shops, one located right next to Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa is another branch in front of the same hotel. These chic little boutiques stand out from the other outlets blazing in the darkness of the huge neon billboards.
Portobello is a family run business, managed more than four years, which offers a carefully selected range of handicraft products. Feature stores a unique collection of lamps, a wide selection of beautiful paper lamps, handmade and gorgeous jewelry made from silver, precious and semi-precious stones. This store is definitely worth a visit. The main items for sale are lamps which produce only on Koh Chang. These lamps are made of a sturdy steel base, round paper shade created from natural materials. The lamps are produced in a huge variety of shapes, colors and structures. In addition, here you can buy items from genuine Thai silk.

Klin Mali near Ban Phu Resort has a small, but unique collection of silver rings, handmade bracelets and necklaces. The items that you will not see in other places of the island are made by professional designers, who if necessary will create products for personal design.

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