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Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling

The Best Places for Snorkeling around Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands Snorkeling, The Best Places for Snorkeling on Phi Phi Islands For the uninitiated - Phi Phi Islands snorkeling is like a journey into the world of fantasy. Even experienced divers agree with this. Here is really a luxurious and striking coral reefs which are the habitat of colorful marine life.

During the hogh tides, available many places, such as Monkey Bay where corals live just below the sea level and brightly colored flocks of fish swarming around you like flies.

Hin Klang is located in the open sea, although it's not as deep as expected; you don't have to play the role of aboriginal trying to raise it from the seabed pearl shells simply float on water surface and enjoy the beautiful views of the underwater world.

Phi Phi Leh island has some sites for snorkeling around Koh Phi Phi Don is a lot of good riffs, Bamboo island, the list goes on... the tour operators will provide you with the necessary equipment - fins, mask, snorkel and life jacket. If you brought the tour price can be slightly reduced.
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Maya Bay

Maya Bay snorkeling Maya bay has exceptionally clear water although you can only get there in the period from November to may. See here for example an octopus or a Moray eel is no difficulty, not to mention the smaller fish.

Stunning corals and reef fish inhabit the waters by the thousands. This fact is celebrated by all who arrives on snorkeling tours. The side closest to the entrance is the best for snorkeling, himself a Bay filled with boats. Maya bay is best to visit with a day tour and preferably early morning or late afternoon.


Pi Leh Bay

Pi Leh Bay snorkeling Pi Leh bay is located on the opposite side of the island, opposite to Maya Bay. This is a long Bay surrounded by 100 metre cliffs rather shallow and access to it only by boat. At low tide it does not dry out and at the back part is a very small beach.

The best time for snorkeling during high tides. As an alternative to in front of the entrance to the bay is a good coral reef to enjoy which is better in the morning, after lunch all this area is in the shade.

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island phi phi Stunning small Bamboo Island, just 500 meters in diameter is 5 kilometers North of Koh Phi Phi Don, offering its guests around the perimeter, picturesque beaches and coral reefs.

Excellent place for snorkeling, as the extensive reefs and around fairly not deep, but the beaches there! Each day there offer day tours but in spite of this island is not too crowded. Here's another excellent place to use masks and snorkels.

Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island snorkeling around phi phi Mosquito Island is next to Bamboo Island but is less crowded because of the lack of these beaches.

The snorkeling is decent enough along the eastern side and in view of the fact that corals are at great depths, this place is mostly visited by divers.

Hin Klang reef

Hin Klang reef  diving and snorkeling Hin Klang extensive coral reef in the form of a huge underwater rock lying under water, and is completely covered with hard and soft coral gardens.

The rock, located 2 kilometers from Laem Tong Beach, has dimensions: 90 meters long and 60 meters wide. As you approach you don't know that it's coming but wow, it's there all right.
Crystal-clear water, a large number of fish and colorful corals, this is one of the best snorkeling places in southern Thailand and probably the best place around Phi Phi.

Shark Point and Long beach

Shark Point and Long beach snorkeling on phi phi Long Beach is perhaps the best snorkeling site on Koh Phi Phi, meaning direct access to the beach. You don't have to swim very far to enjoy the colorful fish and underwater world. An additional 200 metres from the beach, there is a rock called Shark point which is slightly above the surface.
In this place you can meet reef sharks ranging in size from 40 cm to 1.2 meters. During the day when around the beach many boats sharks difficult to see, but in the morning until 09:00 and after 17:00 these predators is quite normal here.

Strong waves from may to october, this place is dangerous environments, so it is best to go here in a very calm days and preferably with a tour.

Tonsai West beach

Tonsai West beach snorkeling In this part of Tonsai bay right near the rocks under the water is a good coral reef inhabited by colorful marine life.

A great way to explore it is to rent a kayak, get everything you need for snorkeling and boldly go exploring along the way coral reefs and small beaches, one of which is Monkey beach lies just 500 metres from Tonsai bay.

Koh Phi Phi Don east coast

Koh Phi Phi Don east coast snorkeling Here is an extensive coral reef starts at about 100 meters from the beach and along the entire east coast of Phi Phi Island.

During low tide on this reef can even hike watching the small fish and other marine life that live among the coral. And the best places to snorkel are in the northern and southern ends of the bay.

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