Maya Bay, Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide
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Maya Bay

Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide
Maya Bay is stunningly beautiful, protected lagoon on three sides 100-meter high limestone cliffs. In the bay there are some beaches in mostly small and some appear only at low tide. Main beach 200 meters long and covered with silky soft white sand, has underwater colorful corals, which is the habitat of brightly colored tropical fish. The water in the bay all year round crystal clear and the whole Maya Bay is one big reef.

Maya Bay has become a major tourist attraction after the release "The Beach" movie in 1999. Up to this point was no less famous, but now millions of people from around the world flocked to Phi Phi look at this beauty, surrounded on three sides by a hundred-meter bizarre cliffs.

To visit this heavenly place only in the period from November to may because during the other months of the year big waves make the entrance is dangerous for boats.

Good advice: because the place is so beautiful and popular that during the day here apple has nowhere to fall and despite the fact that the bay is isolated here daily is parked for more than 30 speed-boats and longtailed-boats getting hundreds of travelers and snorkeling tours. So if you really want to see all this beauty and to avoid human crowds, try to visit the lagoon early in the morning or after 16:00.


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The Beach

ОТЕЛИ ПХИ ПХИ ОТДЫХ ОТЕЛИ КРАБИ НА ПХИ ПХИ  ЗАБРОНИРОВАТЬ ОТЕЛЬ ПХИ ПХИ PHI PHI HOTELS&RESORTS KRABI HOTELS The book 'the Beach' written by Alex Garland quickly became a bestseller and has sold millions of copies. This is a story about young travellers who have dropped out of society and left to live in a hidden lagoon of southern Thailand. The Fox film company bought the rights to the book and then began to look for actors and a place to shoot. Maya bay was perfect.
Fox decided that the perfect beach needed some improvements in the form of palm trees and a smaller amount of vegetation on the banks and redesigned the beach under your scenario matches the stereotype of Hollywood. Before this, environmentalists warned the company that the removal of vegetation will increase the risk of erosion of the sand and that delicate natural ecosystem after filming will not be able to recover. But the filmmakers weren't convinced and vegetation was re-planted after the shooting of the film and to support maritime dunes were equipped with special bamboo fences.

A year later, during high tides and storms dune is destroyed, the sand from the beach stack down and killed the coral close to shore. Fox tried to do something but to no avail and the debate is still ongoing whether there was damage due to the reconstruction of the beach or many argue that the re-established vegetation 'has not put down roots'.
Shooting took place in 1999 and 'the Beach' was one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2000.
The movie is cited by many tourists as inspiration for their trip to Thailand.


Maya bay A small shack behind the beach selling drinks and snacks. Still further, behind the beach there are toilets.

There are no restaurants\bars, and if you constantly feel hungry, take food with you. To make a fire is prohibited but there is a permanent place for BBQ.

Maya bay Activities

Maya bay Activities Snorkeling is excellent throughout the waters of the bay, large underwater boulders inlaid bright coral in the middle of it a large number of live bright tropical fish. Water visibility is excellent. Many tour operators from Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi - offer here snorkeling tours.

Also very popular to discover coastal waters by kayak. Travel agency on Phi Phi Don recently began to advertise camping on 'the Beach', the drink is usually part of the fun. Currently camping is permitted only at night.

Gettint to Maya bay

ОТЕЛИ ПХИ ПХИ ОТДЫХ ОТЕЛИ КРАБИ НА ПХИ ПХИ  ЗАБРОНИРОВАТЬ ОТЕЛЬ ПХИ ПХИ PHI PHI HOTELS&RESORTS KRABI HOTELS You can rent a longtail boat in Phi Phi Don for half-day: price is approximately 1500 Bath, you can bargain for 1200 Bath, full-day price is about 2,000 Bath, the number of passengers does not exceed four. Speedboat is 3,500 bath\half day or 6,000 bath\day maximum of 6 people.

You can also buy combined tours, performed by boats, ferries or speed-boats, which included a visit to Maya Bay. The price of these tours typically from 450 -1,000 Bath, depending on the boat and the duration of the tour. From Phuket and Krabi such excursions run daily.

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