Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
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Klong Son Bay

Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang Beaches Guide Klong Son Bay, approximately 1.5 km in width, where the southern part stretched for 2 miles and the Northern part 3 km in length located on the North-East of Koh Chang tip. The bay had many names. Thailand travel maps called him Klong Son Bay, the locals were listed in the guidebooks as Chang Noi Beach and Thai Travel Magazine gave him the names of the Son Bay or Premwadee Beach. (Premwadee had also the name of a hotel in northern part of the bay).

Two small islet located at both ends Kong Son Bay, Koh Chang Noi in the north-west and Koh Mapring in the south-west. The Gulf itself is very shallow, especially at low tides when you need to go a few hundred meters to reach the depths comfortable for swimming. But on the other hand it's a great place for kayaking and for games young children.
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Picturesque lagoon klong sonPicturesque lagoon is a popular destination for fishermen, as is well protected from strong winds during the monsoon. Ban Klong Son village stretched across the Bay. The initial part of which is located directly on the Gulf, partly built in the sea on stilts and is mainly inhabited by fishermen. The newer part of the village is located near the road as well as many buildings built along the river and in the valley stretching to the South-East. About local Wat Klong Son temple school is located in the village as there is a hospital (Tel. 09/888 02 41 hours: 08.30 - 16.30). The hospital is located 400 metres outside the village towards the Bay.

To Ban Khlong Son can be reached from the pier is a 15 min taxi ride for 50 Bath. The only attraction of the Bay is a picturesque valley which runs from the centre. Take a walk deep into her, turning off the main road near the 7/11 and soon you will be in the Jungle Way Bungalows and Baan Kwan Chang elephant camp. Jungle Way resort is an alternative for travelers wanting to get fashioned Lonely Beach in the heart of the jungle, and Baan Kwan Chang elephant one sanovnikov on the island, well worth a visit.

Friendly, unobtrusive staff, quiet location in a valley surrounded by rainforest and fruit trees, room for rent, all this is a great place to not only feed the elephants and Pets, but also to travel the mountain forest on the back of a giant.
In recent times, this road is popular with those who like to travel, riding a bike, though in the end she is still not completed until the end and in the rainy season can be very slippery. Try a ride here between may and September, there's a lot of fruit: Pomelo, Durian, Rambutan, Longan, Mangosteen, Jack Fruit....


Klong Son bay hotels

Klong Son bay hotels Very few people stay in Klong Son bay. Now this beach on Koh Chang island became a private property developer who built here a luxury Villa Siam Royal View. Great place....but unfortunately that would have to be here, or need to buy a Villa or stay in a luxurious Spa Aiyapura Resort located in the southern part of the bay.

In the southern area is Aiyapura resort. They made a small artificial beach beside the hotel, and the local SPA is recognized as one of the best in Koh Chang island. In this area you will find a small Klong Son fishing village, without restaurants offering seafood or souvenir shops, and only a tiny pier where you can watch locals doing their normal everyday work. Klong Son village is home for many islanders. There are only a few shops, a school, a Buddhist temple, a few cozy little bungalow built from teak wood for long term rent and a some places where they sell plants. Therefore, Klong Son never applied for a tourist card. That is probably the only village on the west coast without tailors and gift shops.
Klong Son bay map
Klong Son bay mapOur interactive detailed Koh Chang maps showing all hotels, their exact location on the island, as well as the surrounding roads, restaurants, bars, attractions and useful landmarks. Koh Chang Maps is the fastest way to choosing your vacation spot in Koh Chang island.


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