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Phi Phi Thai Food

What to Eat on Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Thai Food, What to Eat on Phi Phi Islands Thai food is fast gaining a reputation as one of the world famous and most delicious and creative dishes. The variety of dishes - from fast cooked noodles during lunch to spicy salads, soups and curry seasoned with various ingredients, like coconut milk, lemon grass and short, you should try...

Thai cuisine of each region depending on local components has its own unique features. Southern Thailand is known for fiery curries and fish dishes. Surrounded by the Andaman sea and the gulf of Siam this area of the Kingdom is not experiencing a shortage of fish, shrimp, lobsters and crabs. Seafood, usually fried, serves grilled or boiled, feeding with various sauces and spices. Phi Phi is an ideal place for such a tasting.
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Rice dishes

Rice dishes Thailand produces some of the best rice in the world. Always offering acute and unsalted dishes, kitchen creates the perfect balance of high temperatures many Thai dishes. When the mouths begin to burn, experienced consumers leave the water alone and extinguish the fire with the rice. Rice is a great partner to any Thai food. If you do not eat noodles the best substitute for bread will always be rice.

Khao Mok Gai - Muslim dish consisting of fried chicken, rice with saffron, mixed with ginger and slightly roasted garlic. Initially, not spicy, served with extra sweet hot sauce.

Khao Man Gai is likewise top of the dish, but used white rice, and dark sauce consists of soy sauce, ginger, chili pepper, sugar and vinegar. Rice cooked in broth, in which the cooked chicken. Served with a small bowl of broth and sauce. Usually restaurants offering this cushnie wins clients for life.

The fish is always fresh and always served with rice. Try the fish in three flavors (sweet, sour, and spicy), BBQ, fried or with garlic and ginger.

Khao Pad - easy solution when you can't decide what to order. Thai version of this Asian food uses rice and is usually supplemented with chicken, egg, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. The dish is very simple, cooked rice mixed with already prepared the above mixture, and within a few minutes fried. Is already on the table standard: nam pla, nam som (vinegar), sugar and pepper.


ОТЕЛИ ПХИ ПХИ ОТДЫХ ОТЕЛИ КРАБИ НА ПХИ ПХИ  ЗАБРОНИРОВАТЬ ОТЕЛЬ ПХИ ПХИ PHI PHI HOTELS&RESORTS KRABI HOTELS Phad Thai is the visiting card of the country. Noodles fried with shrimp, chicken or tofu with vegetables, roasted peanuts and is accompanied by condiments, like the sour pickle, chili pepper, sugar, and limu.
Khanom Cheen popular Chinese breakfast of white rice noodles, with spicy fish curry and served with a plate filled with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits.
Kuay Tiew: what is this dish of noodles or soup? Actually both. And is prepared in various ways, including many kinds of noodles, and various components, but the big plus is cooked very quickly, about 5 minutes. The broth is filled with a set of noodles chicken, pork, duck, beef, sprouted beans and vegetables. Very tasty...


Useful aromatic qualities gives the presence of ginger, leaves, Magnolia, lemon grass and coriander. There are many recipes Tom Yam including excellent vegetarian version.
Tom Kha Gai is one of the versions of Tom Yam, with the addition of chicken instead of shrimp and a small amount of coconut milk.

Thai Salads

Thai Salads Som Tam (green papaya salad), also known by the name of ‘Papaya pok-pok'. Pok Pok - mean sounds coming from the kitchen while preparing salad. All ingredients: chopped papaya, tomato, roasted peanuts, several kinds of raw vegetables, pepper, parsley, dried shrimp or salted crab - lovers in a mortar, to a certain consistency. Served with sticky rice and fried chicken. This spicy salad came from the north-east of Thailand. And now it is a national favorite. The salad is very tasty and very spicy; before you place an order, ask the chef pepper according to your taste.

Yam Tha-Le (seafood salad) be prepared with sliced greens, onions, carrots and pieces of squid and shrimp. Then pours hot and sour sauce and served cold.


ОТЕЛИ ПХИ ПХИ ОТДЫХ ОТЕЛИ КРАБИ НА ПХИ ПХИ  ЗАБРОНИРОВАТЬ ОТЕЛЬ ПХИ ПХИ PHI PHI HOTELS&RESORTS KRABI HOTELS Thais traditionally finished eating by fruits and the region of the Andaman sea has a great selection of exotic fruits grown in local fields. From a friend - orange, pineapple, banana, apple and papaya - up eye-popping rambutans, mangosteens, lam yai (longan), ngo, and durians. Price and ripe tropical fruits are amazing.
Durian unconditionally - the king of tropical fruits, but many find it not smell at all so to say to the table and most of the hotel in general is forbidden to bring it without appropriate packaging.
Mango is the national fruit is delicious but is available only in the period between january and june.
One last note, mango also helps to extinguish the fire, in some particularly spicy Thai food.



ОТЕЛИ ПХИ ПХИ ОТДЫХ ОТЕЛИ КРАБИ НА ПХИ ПХИ  ЗАБРОНИРОВАТЬ ОТЕЛЬ ПХИ ПХИ PHI PHI HOTELS&RESORTS KRABI HOTELS Ingredients like coconut and vegetables such as beans, or pumpkin inventively used in Asian cooking accompanying it all planed ice, coconut milk and palm syrup.

Especially popular ripe mango with sticky rice, which is considered the best dessert (kao-nyeo-ma-muang). Eaten after a meal or as a smart snack.

International Food

пляж Тонсай, Tonsai beach, Остров Пхи Пхи, Koh Phi Phi Island, Краби, Южный Таиланд, Тайланд, Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель на Пхи Пхи, отели Пхи Пхи, отдых на Пхи Пхи, фото Пхи Пхи, туры на Пхи Пхи, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Краби, ресторан, пхи пхи фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле Пхи Пхи, медовый месяц на Пхи Пхи Thais very quickly adapt when it comes to making food from other countries and with the growth of the tourism industry learn the best knowledge of European cuisine.

In restaurants, lux-hotels, you won't be disappointed in your choice. But don't expect to find a wide selection and the same quality western food at a local restaurant on the road or on the beach. The taste is definitely different from what you are used to.


ОТЕЛИ ПХИ ПХИ ОТДЫХ ОТЕЛИ КРАБИ НА ПХИ ПХИ  ЗАБРОНИРОВАТЬ ОТЕЛЬ ПХИ ПХИ PHI PHI HOTELS&RESORTS KRABI HOTELS Beer is great for Thai food. Local beers include varieties such as Chang, Singha and Leo. International brands including casual American beers are also available. Thai people are very fond of beer and drink it exclusively with ice.
Wine is relatively expensive. Good wine can be found in hotels and upscale restaurants.
The abundance of juicy and fresh fruit in Thailand creates all ways for making wonderful fruit juices. From favorites you can mark freshly squeezed tangerine juice, chilled coconut juice and fresh bananas or pineapple.
Better to drink water only from bottles. Many small Thai restaurants have tables jugs of water; may not be worried - water taken from a large bottle and completely safe.

Helpfull Tips

1. Thai people do not eat with chopsticks, with the exception of some courses (usually of Chinese origin). They eat with a spoon and fork (fork put in a spoon), particularly effective with rice.

2. The phrase "Mai Phet" means not spicy. Very useful phrase, when You order Thai food.

Thai Food History

Thai Food History Thai cuisine is a mixture of proven centuries of Eastern and Western influences, which after some time reunited to form something unique to Thailand. Whether the food is fiery spicy, or sweet and sour, Thai cuisine cares about harmony and balance in taste and texture of food.

In the past, many Thais lived near the water - and this has a severe impact on cooking. Fish, shellfish, herbs and grasses were the main ingredients. Meat was rarely used and never cut in chunks instead dish apostles rags and threads herbs and spices. Later, traditional methods of cooking stew, bake, or steamed added Chinese methods of cooking and deep fried.

Starting from the 17th century were absorbed Indian, Dutch, French and Japanese influences, which gave a Thai touch. Portuguese missionaries in the late 1600s was introduced to Thais with the chili peppers from South America, though perhaps no one could imagine how popular they would become.

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