Usefull Tips to Phi Phi, Information for Travellers
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Usefull Tips to Phi Phi

Information for Travellers

Banks | Credit Cards | ATM

Good to know for you: To get or change money you can in Tonsai village where there are some banks that open in the evening. There you can exchange travelers cheques for cash. By the way in Thailand for American Express give you more money than cash. ATMs are located on many street corners.

Banking is not available on the east coast and you should change the required amount in Tonsai village.
Banknotes of Thailand presents the amounts: 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20 Bath.
Payment cards: Master card and Visa, are accepted in many places.
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Electricity on Phi Phi

220 volt as the European standard and Asian, the latter mainly in the low-cost resorts. You can buy an adapter at the shop and notice that many rooms in hotels have only one or two electrical outlets.

Medicine on Phi Phi

In Tonsai west is a newly built hospital where to go in case of minor health problems. In extremely difficult cases, can be evacuated to Phuket.

Pharmacies on Phi Phi

Common everywhere in Tonsai village and are usually open until late.

Tourist police on Phi Phi

Is 500 metres from the pier in Tonsai village, on the road towards West beach. Usually there know how to speak English.

Shops on Phi Phi

Most of the local shops and mini markets are managed by local families, and usually start around 08:00 and close between 21:00-23:00. 7\11 open 24/24 hours.
Souvenir shops are open from 10:00 - 22:00.
Dive centres usually close at 21:00.

Post service

You can use the local post office to send a postcard or receive a letter. For more complex postal operations it is better to head Phuket main post office or Krabi.

Telephone communication

On the island there are public phones. One is located at the pier. Most travel agencies offer to make calls, both local and abroad for a small fee. For mobile phones it is better to buy a local SIM card from 12CALL (Thai GSM). You can call on throughout Thailand.


Satellite TV, CNN , BBC and more, you can look in many hotels. Many bars offer daily sport broadcast.

Internet on Phi Phi

On Koh Phi Phi island there are many Internet cafes and most of the hotels offers its guests free wi-fi in the lobby and in the rooms.

Useful tips for travelling to Phi Phi


Always be polite

Try to remain calm in conflict situations. Remember that the pace of life in Thailand is much slower, so adjust to local environments. Your negative emotions, will be considered as weakness of your character and the loss of face in the eyes of others.

Dress appropriately

On the Islands, especially on Phi Phi dress code is very informal but will be appreciated for quality restaurants at luxoruis hotels. While traveling especially on the boat the better to hide their skin from the sun, because they can burn it in a very short time!

The Wai

In general, Thai people don't shake hands they do wai. The palms are joined together and attached to the chest or any part of the face. Although most Thais will often greet you in this way, you don't have to answer to everyone, especially to people of lower social status, your smile and nod of the head will suffice. But if you meet in an official setting, your wai will be appreciated. Handshake western way in some cases also acceptable.

Tips on Phi Phi

There is no need to give tips to the left and right all in a row. In the local restaurants is not accepted, although it will be appreciated, if you suddenly become generous for a hundred baht.
Buddhists believe that the head is sacred and the feet are the lowest part of the body. Try not to point at people with your feet or to touch the head of the Thais.

To the Thai Royal family are treated with great respect so try not to make any adverse or rude remarks in his address.

Although you don't go to jail Thais are sunbathing topless by the humiliation of their culture. While this bathing accepted in tourist areas like Pattaya, Phi Phi it can attract unwanted attention. Admit it but not welcome. Some hotels even have the appropriate notice.

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