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Loh Dalum Beach Nightlife

Where to Go at Night in Loh Dalum Beach

Loh Dalum Beach Nightlife, Where to Go at Night in Loh Dalum Beach There are the only hot spot in Loh Dalum beach where bars and nightlife venues are concentrated. This is eastern end of the beach. When you on Loh Dalum beach - chill, chill, chill. Fire dances attract tourists to the beach bars like moths attracted to the bright light of electric lamp.

Loh Dalum one way or another was on Phi Phi - place for beach parties. In fact, every night you will hear loud dance music coming from bars located in the eastern part of the Loh Dalum beach and sometimes they last until dawn.

And if you are staying in this place Loh Dalum is near the beach - be prepared not to sleep every night so You have been warned. However, it is good to know that despite all the night music-the fiery chaos the state bars cleans in the morning its own beach and during the day Loh Dalum again takes pristine appearance. Loh Dalum beach starts to come alive around midnight and decided to go to a party early is not quite right,'s yours. More anti-mosquito spray and you can start having fun.
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Ibiza bar

Ibiza bar Ibiza is a random bar. In the distance, fire acrobats skillfully manipulate the fire surrounding the whirlpools music drill night air and professional punters stretched out on the pillows. You can do some counting eaten and drunk in Ibiza but it's pretty boring stuff.

It is best to go to one of the neighboring restaurants and return here later in the night when the start of a long, crazy dancing on the sand.
location: Loh Dalum beach
opening hours: from 12:00 - late

Stones Bar and Resto

Stones Bar and Resto Candles on the sand, Thai pillows Mon on which you lean, cooled beer and house-music from sound system ... this is a common scene in Stones bar. Neon-lit pool table, hiding around the bar where bay run out multi-colored laser beams. Stones approve short and heavy wooden furniture that is popular on this beach and not disdain bamboo tables and chairs.

One of the biggest bars on Loh Dalum beach, Stones Bar and Resto starts to have fun rather late and then staff turns into a DJ who runs warm drinks crowd. The place is very friendly and despite the fact that atmosphere will not promote proper digestion here you can dine. With fluorescent 'cave' and wooden décor, Stones bar really has a beach feeling and when it starts fire show - the place looks pretty impressive. Experts say that night hot spot is open around the clock - they are not kidding: professional punters come here when all had gone to bed.
location: Eastern end of Loh Dalum beach
opening hours: from 12:00 - late

Beach Bar

?????, ???????, ???????, Krabi, Thailand, ?????? ????? ? ?????, ????? ?????, ????? ? ?????, ???? ?????, ???? ? ?????, ??????? ?????????? ? ?????,  ??????? ?????, ????????, ????? ????-?????, ???, ?????? ????, ????, ????? ? ????? ?????, ??????? ?????, ?? ????? This is where things become a bit complicated: the beach bar is located under a large and spreading Banyan tree. But the venue is located in Loh Dalum and not in Tonsai. And if you make an appointment it is best to find out the location bar as a similar feature on the opposite beach.

Beach bar brighter and more illuminated than its neighbors. Here in addition to drinks, you can order pretty decent food. Decorative lamps, hanging on the branches add a romantic mood to a pretty crowded place.
location: Loh Dalum beach
opening hours: 09:00 - late

Slinky bar

Slinky bar One of the biggest outdoor bar racks on Loh Dalum, Slinky bar even has an entrance! With a temporary stage and complex lighting, you will find a guitarist, luring people early in the evening as well as special prices on drinks as the night promotion. A few bar stools and a large plasma video screen make the place much more adaptable than its nearest neighbors, the atmosphere in which is no different from Slinky.

Daily, Slinky holds hot beach party with free body painting, a lot of drinking and that is quite close to a 24 hour store if You are desperately hungry. Beer is relatively cheap, but the music is on a loop, which means that You will dance to the same tune ...every hour..a few nights.
location: center Loh Dalum beach
opening hours: 16:00 - late

Chill Out Bar

Chill Out Bar The name of the bar corresponds exactly to its destination and people come to Chill Out, to get chill. With the same management that Cliff Bar in Mama Residence's, Chill Out bar is the place to spit at all, stretch out on the pillows and a clock count the falling meteorites in the indigo sky.

Opening hours: 12:00 - late
Location: Eastern end of Loh Dalum beach

Apache beach-bar

Apache beach-bar This is the first bar that you hit when you get in Loh Dalum from Tonsai east and about as typical as other beach spots: loud music is a bit predictable and throughout low lights. The clientele is mixed Western-Thai, relaxing atmosphere until the clock does not begin to get to 23:00. Expect the ubiquitous fire dancers, terrible music beats, night dating and plenty of booze. Apache beach-bar consists of a simple installation with sports on her TV screen.

Outside on the sand, white plastic chairs surrounded by wooden 'stage' on which sports and firing their eyebrows, starting from 20:30 - fire dancers.
location: Loh Dalum beach
opening hours: 17:00 - late

Sunflower bar

Sunflower bar Occasional live music, a constant chilled feeling, all in a nautical theme, Sunflower goes on and on, sometimes until dawn. Because the place is located almost at the end of the beach - bar has an exceptional success.

The sunflower is also a premium spot to watch a sunset.
location: at the end of Loh Dalum beach
opening hours: from 12:00 - late

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